365 Days Ago My Life Changed For The Better

Last Update: October 02, 2014

I still remember the day I found Wealthy Affiliate and the excitement that radiated out from me for days and weeks there after. I joined the program as I wanted to learn how to make some money on the side through Online Marketing, but what I found was something so much more than that.


The first thing that WA instilled into me was to follow my passions and to let them lead me to the success that I was looking for. At first this meant choosing a niche that was near and dear to my heart, a site promoting Family Game Night Ideas. This site combined my Family Man passions along with my love of games into one great package.

I am also very passionate about helping others when I am able as I am a big believer in The Golden Rule and Karma. The program here allowed me to do just that as I quickly rose through the ranks, eventually into the Ambassador Program.

Improvements In Other Areas Of My Life

With following my passions I soon found that I was taking what I learned here and applying it to many other areas of my life. It was an amazing part of this journey and I am so thankful for it.

My relations with my family grew stronger then they had ever been. With the site focused on having a game night, we obviously started playing more games together and was able to reap the many benefits of doing so.

Even at work I was able to carry things I was learning here and applying them there to improve not only my sales, but my customer service as well.

Starting My Own Company

A long time friend of mine and I have had an on again off again history of wanting to create our own board game company. We would make great strides and then things would get in the way and it would quickly disappear to the back burner.

When the fires of this idea began to grow earlier this year, I was able to take what I have learned here about website creation and apply it there. Since around May of this year we have ramped up our efforts and made tons of progress, more then ever before. Two weeks ago now, we submitted our paperwork to the State of Pennsylvania to become an official company!

The training that I learned here at Wealthy Affiliate has played an invaluable role in this whole process and I do not believe we would be where we are at today without it. Again, I am truly thankful for everything I have learned here from the training and all of the great members of this community.

What Lies Ahead...

I have had to make some hard choices when it has come to where I have allocated my time in light of all of this. I have been so hyper focused on getting our company up and running that I have had to take a break from working on my Wealthy Affiliate ventures.

While I will be keeping my Game Night site, I will be bringing down my Wealthy Affiliate promotion site. I just do not have the time to focus on all of them and give them the attention that they need. I will be bringing several of the important posts and lessons over from the site to here at Wealthy Affiliate as either a training or blog, depending on the subjects.

Soon I will also be creating our Company's website and am I really looking forward to being able to share that journey with my family here.

My Gratitude

I am so grateful for everything that Wealthy Affiliate has done for my life. It has helped me to grab the bull by the horns and begin a journey that will help me to provide a better life for my family and I.

A great big shout out to Kyle and Carson for putting together this wonderful program! I still recommend it to anyone that I think would benefit from all of the great knowledge available here.

I would also like to thank all of those here that have played a role in my development here. The list is way too long to name individuals, but I am sure that you all know who you are.

Keep working it!

James W D

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kholmes Premium
Awesome, wishing you continued success, congrats! :))
Jaweda2k Premium
Thank you Kim, I certainly appreciate it.
stopscamming Premium
Wow, that's so wonderful, congratulations. You have truly achieved a lot.
Wish you more success.
Jaweda2k Premium
Thank you! It has definitely been a great year and WA has been a huge part of it.
SowAndReap Premium
Hey James, What a difference a year can make. I am so proud of what you achieved in your journey. Thanks for all the help and support you've given me. I wish you and your family many more blessings and more success to you, your company and your site. Games makes families smile and children learn :) All the best to you!
Jaweda2k Premium
It certainly does, doesn't it? Thank you so much. I will keep working at it so I can share my passions with the world and do my part to make it a better place.
katheemis Premium
That is soooo awesome & I am very proud of you. I wish you the best of everything with all of the things that you have going on. Keep working it indeed !! : )
Jaweda2k Premium
Thank you! I will definitely keep working it!
katheemis Premium
You are welcome : )
CarlaIves Premium
Big congratulations to you, James! I can't wait for my first year to pass. It seems like all I have now are questions. I know when the answers get together in my head, SUCCESS will break out! Looking forward to your board game!
Jaweda2k Premium
Thank you much, I really appreciate it. We have three games in the works right now and several more concepts sitting in the wings as well.