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Okay so my anniversary was actually last week and I missed it, but I am a guy I am aloud to miss anniversary dates right? LoL...The Last Year in ReviewSo after taking about a year or so off from actively working here I came back towards the end of last year. When I came back I at first rekindled the 2 sites that I had been working on prior to my break.My Family Game Nights site had been doing well during the break and was still garnering a lot of traffic to it. Just goes to show that when yo
So I have been cruising along with Twitter and my latest site Spiral Revolutions. It has been a very good source of traffic and engagement for me. However, this week I was surprised that I could not follow anyone new as I had hit the Following 5000 cap.Gaining FollowersI had used the technique of following people on a near daily basis to get return followers since I started using Twitter. I would go in find someone that was in a similar niche and follow a few of their followers. It worked g
So I have been working diligently on my newest site, Spiral Revolutions. This is the type of site that I originally wanted to create when I came to WA, but wasn't sure how to go about it at first.Initial ContentI started this site the tail end of December and so far have a dozen posts up with content so far. This has allowed me to begin the monetization process now that I have a solid base to work off of.One thing I learned in the past and that has been just as present this time is finding ne
February 04, 2016
So my hiatus is over and I have been back in action now since about mid way through December. I am happy to report that I am getting back on track and moving ahead at full steam!Old Site is Updated and PrimedOne of the first things I had to do was to get my old Family Game Night Ideas site back up and running. It had sat idle for about a year and unfortunately I missed something with Amazon during that time, so I had to create a new account. Thankfully I was able to capture some of the Chris
The Sun is rising for a new day and this particular day is a great one. Why? Because if you are reading this, then you have the opportunity to change you life!Tis the SeasonWith Christmas upon us right now I got to thinking what is the best gift that I could give to anyone? As I pondered this question I realized that what better gift than to help someone create a better life for themselves...So what is this gift that will change your life? Wealthy Affiliate!I joined Wealthy Affiliate just o
So I am just getting back into things here at WA and just recently blogged about how my one site was still doing very well with traffic. So I had decided to start fixing up that site and updating everything with my affiliates...Just a Taste...I had worked up a new post for the holiday with 5 board games that I had recommended and posted it this week. I had also updated all of my Amazon Affiliate links as well. In the midst of working today I thought I would take a quick break and see how thi
Right around my one year anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate is when my friend and I started our own board game company. While I continued my work here and on my sites for a bit after that, soon the new company became my primary focus and my sites along with WA went to the back burner for a bit.Still Well RankedNow that I am getting back into the swing of things I loaded up Google Analytics the other day and was very surprised to see that my Family Game Night Ideas site was still pulling in a fai
So a couple weeks back right after I got back to work here at Wealthy Affiliate I came across a post from Kyle about the Akismet Plugin and how they were going from free to paid. I was both excited and sad about this post...Why Was I Sad?Well, just as the title of Kyle's post suggested, it was the Dark Side of Greed. It pains me whenever I see obvious mistakes that were made due to a greedy nature. Askismet had protected my site for a long time and now I needed to move on, which meant change
November 10, 2015
As I am easing my way back into things I decided to first work on my Wealthy Affiliate promotion site first. Now I have started making adjustments and even got a post published last week.The AdjustmentsThe first thing I decided to do was to add a static home page and move the posts over to a different menu. The main reason behind this is do to the gap in posts and I wanted that to be a little less obvious to a passer by. I am not sure if I will keep it this way in the long run or if I will s
October 27, 2015
Life truly has been interesting this year, but is it finally getting back to normal? I am not even sure as to where to begin to explain my recent journey through life, but for I thought I should drop a blog here for those that have followed along with me.The 9 to 5...Towards the end of last year I had decided that I needed to start looking for a better 9 to 5 job. I needed better income and a much more sane work environment. I had 6 years of experience now in my field and it was time to put