Four Years of WA Vegas Trips: My Secret to Getting There.


I've been invited out to the Wealthy Affiliate conference four times now and I pretty much have the 2017 conference invite already wrapped up as well. The other super affiliates have all blogged their experiences and by now, you have a pretty good idea of what went on while we were there.

Instead, I wanted to offer a bit of help so that you can join us next year. The conference will shatter every one of your expectations. It does for me every single year.

There's one piece of advice that I can offer that will help you get there. It's the main reason why I've been invited four times now and why every other super affiliate made the cut and spent their week in Vegas.

Here it is.

My secret tip to get you to Vegas.

(And just some extra anticipation...)

Don't Wait for Something to Happen.

At no point should you be sitting idle waiting for something to happen. The second you stop pushing yourself forward is the second you fall behind someone else.

Don't wait on Google to move your site up in the rankings.

Give them a reason to do so. Publish more content, build your social network, reach out to other bloggers, get links pointed back to your site, publish more content, and then publish some more content.

There's no secret.

It's work.

There are no shortcuts.

Every attendee this year can attest to that.

Super affiliates don't "luck" their way into a Vegas invitation.

They work hard all year round and push themselves to be better constantly. Growing complacent and slowing down will kill your business.

Yes, I am well aware that this is simple and obvious advice. But I know first hand that it works and I have a successful business to prove it.

The Year Ahead

I always like to look forward into the upcoming months with these posts. It allows me to focus my efforts, plan my next moves, and be held accountable for the things I write down. If I publish a goal here, I will need to hit it so I look good for next year's blog post.

Beating Last Years Goals

I had set some small goals with last year's blog post. My wife Amanda and I wanted to travel a bit more. We knocked this one out of the park and spent most of 2015 on the road and on more whale watching tours than I can count. I had wanted to organize my website a bit better. My growth in earnings and visitors confirms that I accomplished this, yet I still know there is work to do. And finally, I wanted to make it back to Vegas to the WA conference, which was easily achieved.

The Redesign of My Site

This is undoubtedly the biggest undertaking I have to face this year. The vision I have for my site begins with changing the theme. My current theme has worked for a few years now, but it's quickly becoming out of date and I'm starting to hit limitations on what I can do with it.

There are always risks when changing the layout of a site. I do have fears as to how Google will perceive it, but I know the only way I can grow is to start making changes.

If I let fear dictate how I run my business, I would have quit years ago.

I Need to Publish More Content

There's a reason why they say content is king. I've made content my primary focus since day one. No tricks, no gimmicks, no shortcuts to higher rankings. Put out quality content and you will succeed. That's the whole "secret" to Internet Marketing. I've said this for years and every successful marketer will back me up.

Right now, I put out 1 new article every weekday for 5 new articles per week. Initially, I want to move up to 10 new articles per week, with a final goal of 20 articles, 4 per day, by the end of the year.

The more content I publish, the bigger my reach. This is the goal we all need to strive for. If you're publishing 1-2 articles per month, you're going to have a real tough time gaining any traction.

Sit down, figure out a posting schedule, and get to work!

More Travel & Vegas Done Right

And, of course, Amanda and I plan to travel even more this year. We have the freedom, flexibility, and time to go anywhere we want. We're going to make the absolute most of it while we can.

Travel plans this year already include Hawaii, Italy, Cabo, & Nashville. But I have a hunch that a few more trips will be thrown into the mix as well.

My goal for Vegas this year is to hit that Rolls Royce & Skyloft package. I've come close the past two years, but still have some work to do. If these beginning months are any indication, I'll be blogging from my own personal Skyloft in a year's time.

Where do you see yourself a year from now?

Make your own goals and feel free to share them in the comments below. The only way you're going to get better is by pushing yourself forward.

No more waiting around.

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Hi, Steve.

Congratulations to accomplish to Vegas. Thank you for sharing your thought through your blog. I would like to learn a lot to publish more and more quality content just like you do. I wish you more success venturing your online business.


Thanks Calvin!

Lol. I ran whale watching last year. Wonder of I saw you. Lol. Congrats, and thanks for the advice. Geoff

If you run out of Maui, Provincetown, or Victoria, it's more than likely considering the number of trips out we took haha

No. They have a long trip before they reach San Diego county.

Congratulations Steve, it is really encouraging what you are saying, I think that sometimes we can over complicate things and almost listen to Google to much! If we just write good content regularly we are on the way to being successful, I believe! It sounds really good what you are doing, may you keep moving forward!


That's really all there is to it. It isn't any more complicated than that!

You have inspired me steve. There was a day 3 years back when I accidentally stumbled upon your site and that's how I am here today at WA. And to-day when I get an inspiration from you I feel happy. My best wishes.

Awesome! Thank you very much for the kind words :)

Thanks! I feel proud of you.

Wonderful Steve,

I am truly inspired and definitely need to step up my approach to writing content.

I am making this statement now as my goal - 2016 is going to be my first full year at WA since I started in June 2015 and I intend to follow your advice and make it to Las Vegas for the next trip and every trip after that as well.

Thank You Steve for sharing with us all the secret to getting there!


Keep the focus on your content Tony. That's what will drive people to WA. Your activity within WA is great and will help people who are already inside, but if you want to make it to Vegas, you need to introduce new people to WA. That's why the focus on your own content is so crucial.

Thank You so much Steve,

I appreciate your wise advice my Friend.


This has helped a lot Steve, Many thanks mate, You are an inspiration.

Cheers Matteo! Thanks for reading.

You are Amazing, Steve. I'm always impressed.

Thanks Meredith! Always happy to hear from you :)

You are so "write" Steve, pun intended. Content is key and I certainly do a lot of it, just not all for one area. But I enjoy it. Just wish there were more hours in a day.

Where do I see myself a year from now? Closer to LV than I was this year. But I'll get there eventually to hang with you guys and gals. I miss going to Vegas every year, at least with WA it would be more fun and less work than what I am used to.

But my new website endeavor is going to be stealing some of the content creation away from my WA site and this new website is the website I have wanted to build since joining WA.

But I am not giving up on my WA site. I really would like to meet all of you and share my craft beer experiences with Nathaneill, Kyle and finally hear Carson's voice. lol

Follow your heart Robert! Success in another niche can open up more doors to WA than you can possibly imagine. You'll get there in time.

20 per week? I just set myself to 2 posts per week. Now I know where I am. Gotta catch you up.

My site is also about to turn 9 years old. I have a little bit of a head start :)

This is an excellent, very inspiring post. Thank you for the information on content. That helps a great deal.

Sure thing Raeanne! Thanks for taking the time to read!

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