Saying Amanda ( ) and I like to travel would be a little bit of an understatement. We're essentially living our lives between trips. I wanted to share a few of the photos I've taken from our trips this past year. These are some of my all time favorite pictures.

I didn't start out with this much freedom and flexibility though. I put my time in upfront. I didn't take shortcuts, I took pride in my work, and I never expected something from nothing.

In the end, I'm now getting to live the life I've always wanted. I'm not stuck behind a desk, trapped in a cubicle farm, underneath florescent lighting for the next 40 years of my life.

Here's what our 2015 looked like instead...


January was actually a little slow. (Hell of a way to start of a travelbrag post, yeah?) We were still recovering from the holidays and our biggest trip, of course, was the 2015 WA Affiliate Conference.

Nothing beats getting to press that giant 'Sky Lofts' button and moving to a part of the casino that most people don't even know exist.


February was the real start to our travel year. We were able to take a trip out to San Francisco and drive down the PCH through Big Sur all the way to LA.


In March, we set out for Maui. We were lucky enough to spend two weeks over there. We escaped the harsh cold winter to enjoy the warm Hawaiian sun.

Plus, it's Humpback Whale season. Whales head to Maui to birth their young and teach them all the necessary skills to survive. They breach just off the coast pretty much 24 hours a day. The next picture is by far the best picture I've ever taken.

I don't know if you've ever experienced a 40 ton humpback whale breach 50 feet away from what could only be classified as a raft. Let me tell you, my hands are still shaking from the shot of adrenaline I received.


We spent some time in Washington DC visiting friends and to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom!

April also included our first trip out of the country for the year. A trip to Niagara on the Lake was in order to help a friend celebrate 30. That's Toronto just on the other side of Lake Erie.


May was a busy month. It started with a trip out to West Virginia to meet a red panda.

Followed by a flight down to Puerto Rico.

Then a 7-day cruise around the Caribbean.


This was our quiet month. We needed some time off before the next few months. I did get to partially finish my home office though.


Yosemite was July. I have about 1400 pictures that I could easily share and they're all phenomenal. Instead, I'll stick with the basics and give you Yosemite's iconic tunnel view shot.


Lake Tahoe started out August for us.

Followed by a trip up to Victoria, BC for some poutine.

And we did run into some familiar faces while out there...

And a couple of killer whales.


New England was the target for September. We were able to hit Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island all in one trip.

We had our obligatory lobster roll.

Saw the mansions from the Gilded Age. Here is The Breakers.

And, naturally, went on another whale tour.

And saw a humpback, mouth open wide, gathering some dinner.


Texas was up for October. We flew down to meet Ian. He goes by the username Pribs here at WA and is a familiar face at the affiliate conference each year. The goal of this trip was to watch Texas beat the Sooners. (Success!)

And to absolutely gorge ourselves on every kind of fried food imaginable. (Double success!)


The fall is football season in our house. Every available weekend was spent either on the couch or driving out to catch a game.

And I should be packing for our next trip out to Philadelphia for Thanksgiving, but instead I'm writing this post.


As of right now, our December is wide open. We have no trips planned and it's looking to stay that way as time off from travel is needed at this point. Something may pop-up however and a weekend trip somewhere warm is starting to sound like a good idea now that snow is in the forecast.

Why share all of this?

Outside of wanting to just showcase some of my favorite pictures, I hope this post lends a bit of inspiration your way.

I wasn't in a position to travel like this the first couple years of my business. I pushed through the hard times and worked my ass off. I didn't let failure or even the fear of failure hold me back. I gave myself time to achieve success. I committed to building something that would allow me to live the life I wanted.

And honestly, with the Black Friday deal just around the corner, now is as good a time as any to make that same commitment. Commit to building something great and the life you want.

Here I am, a few years later, with 2016 nearly booked up with exotic travel plans.

I'm quite looking forward to what the future holds.

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beckilisl Premium
Thanks, Steve. These pictures are beautiful, especially the cherry blossoms in D.C. and the whale shots. Do you know how one can copyright their digital photographs? Do you copyright your pictures?
Tasna Premium
Wow! Love the travel pics! Very inspiring! Thanks for the share. I'm a Newbie so it will be an interesting journey ahead.
DanTripaldi Premium
Spectacular Steve! Your site and lessons have been an absolute inspiration to me. Even though I' m only one week in I immediately joined premium on day 3 and can't wait to get my first site launched as I'm finishing up the 1st course . Thanks again Steve for sharing all your experiences. Its been truly an amazing experience.
Incredible! There aren't really words to describe...I hope that one day I'll be the one sharing some great travel photos! Of course, for me this kind of diversity would be more like a span of ten years. I do love travel and dream of going to Italy or anywherer in Europe really. Did you take these photos yourself? Beautiful
tessfuzzell Premium
Amazing! love all the photos.
TianaPedro Premium
Hi Steve!
This was very inspiring and will definitely use this to pursue my dreams. I sometimes let failure stop me from continuing to succeed and hope that will not happen here. Thank you for sharing!
Thanks for reading Tiana!
MikeMartin1 Premium
Hi Steve,

I'm glad you got to travel around the addition to Italy.
The pictures were great, thanks for sharing them.

I agree that it can be very motivational, and is a good idea.

I have been dreaming big for years, and the other things I got involved in didn't work out, but I still have the dreams.

I'm glad you have been successful, and are around to help those of us that have joined recently.

Take care and God bless,
Wow that was fun reading and the pics was desert.. Thanks
GirlFriday71 Premium
Love.. love.. love - thanks Steve for caring and sharing how it's done! Finding those who have achieved genuine success and who are willing to share the steps in the process is a breath of fresh air... and I can see light beyond the tunnel :)
llucas4 Premium
Love the March photo of the Hawaiian Sun. Like I said before this is my dream vacation. And I am looking forward to making it happen with WA.
tjjenkins76 Premium
Loving this!!
OAG Premium
I love, love love love these pictures. My favorite was June because it looks pretty much like what my office would look lie except for the missing Jacuzzi and wine.
My 2nd best was January , i would love to be in those conferences one day.
Thanks for sharing, it was a motivating factor.
vodkacran Premium
Hi Steve,
Phenomenal pictures!
Perhaps you should think about visiting my home state, Alaska.
I lived, ate, drank, vacationed, and worked there for 40+ years.
Many fond memories, and some that we're not so.
Give me a ring sometime and let me know if you want suggestions.
Good luck continuing in your explorations.

RogerHumbke Premium
Love your travel accounts and especially the last 4 Januarys in Vegas! I have lived in 30+ different homes, but have yet to find a significant other who likes it as much. Will be 73 next month and married 5 times because of the Gypsy in my blood. Love your idea of working from a laptop on a cruise ship and plan on seeing you in Vegas in a year or two.
Juniper59 Premium
Stunning photos!! Recognise many of these locations, to travel is the best motivation of all, I've visited the USA with my family on a few occasions travelling from the UK and for me Yosemite, Washington, San Francisco, Key West are amongst my favourites along with the Caribbean - perfect!! I will very much look forward to following you for inspiration - June