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Hey it's The Allchristie Team.

I'm Larry (scroll down for my wife's bio)
I am an Australian now living in Sandy UT. I made a change from sea level Queensland for the mountains of Utah (great swap) and the local high altitude desert environment that really grows on you. Four seasons instead of my former hot and wet and hot and dry. I live at 4,500 ft ASL experiencing both very hot, dry summers and a winter wonderland of ice and snow.

I have been a double above knee amputee for over 14 years ~ this does not deter me from a search for adventure and new experiences.
I love activity especially with human interaction - I will be in anything that is a challenge.

Mind exploration (from early meditation, self hypnosis for pain relief and life style changes, to experiments with out of body experiences, or my current study of levitation) has been an exciting journey in pushing my limits.
When I dream, I have legs, am barefoot and am always aware of the textures beneath my feet. Comparing my results with others is fascinating.
I enjoy working with others especially in guided meditation, where I work with groups in rehab situations. Counselling with amputees is also rewarding since "I have skin in the game".

My favorite button reads "POSSIBILITY THINKER" . It has provided me with many conversations in my travels. a great ice breaker for the curious.

For written and spoken hypnosis, I favor the word "Imagine..." Possibilities become endless.
I should be happy for you to join me in making the most of your mind, and your hidden abilities. Perhaps you need to order your life, relieve stress, boost confidence, have a positive attitude, change habits that are hindering you or to seek your potential.

Our association may well be what you need.

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And I am Christie,
Good Day! I’m the wife of Larry O’Sullivan, an odd Australian. I was born in Austin, Texas, so I like to say things like Yahoo, Yawl come, Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, don't let that door slam, and wipe your feet before you come in, please. My Mama used to say odd things if I left the door ajar like, "Were you born in the barn?" I had to grow up before I resented that comment. Both she and my grandma were full of phrases.

I love to write. I have several books to be published.and quite a few Chapter Books listing children's stories. I am a good proof-reader. Lately, I am taking my time to write children's stories.

I haven’t been with WA very long. Larry jumped in a few bits ago and is hoping to catch me up with him. He made me a button with ‘Think bigger, No limits-No excuses’, to wear while I continue my WA education.

I learned from my parents to never-never give up. To just take the first step and all the others will follow. I used these principles through University graduation while I raised my family and worked on a 40 acre farm with an acre garden, a 1 ½ acre orchard, honey bees, rabbit and chicken barns, and every animal you can name. I could ride our pig just like a horse. I knew how to put my nose to the grindstone and not play away my days...except for riding the pig.

I am anxious to be nearing that time of life called ‘someday’. I desire to return to oil painting, poetry and even more story writing, finishing projects left undone, trips to visit with family and friends, and getting my hair done at the beauty shop, again.

Not to sound unfulfilled or dozy I have lived a long life full of interesting people and many occasions with possibilities. I grew up on the Old Tucson movie set, back when it was stage coaches, can-can dancers, ‘Sons of the Pioneers’ band, steaks grilled outdoors with cowboy beans, yodelers, whittlers, and fun, fun, fun. I can shock my grandchildren by producing photo evidence that Grandma WAS a can can dancer, and an all round, way out girl.

I plan to live at least another couple of decades, Life in the digital age has so many exciting possibilities, and Larry expects to live forever anyway. I am part of the whirl wind.

I have met a few of you through Chat and plan to meet many more. I’m sure I can share mutual stories about life with you, as we work WA together.

Look me up with your ‘follow’ and share your comments about working the plan to ensure your future.

Yee-haw, now from the "Shadow of the Everlasting Hills", in Sandy, Utah.

Christie Louise
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1. No limits, no excuses

2 7 figures in $US

3 Sleep is an optional extra
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Dec 19, 2016
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allchristie Premium
1. No limits, no excuses

2 7 figures in $US

3 Sleep is an optional extra
mjpd Premium
Set your sights high!
LOL I was just thinking that same thing about the 27 figures. I just looked it up and I think it would be making one quinvigintillion per month. ha
davisdom Premium
Yeah I would love to make 27 figures.
Kyle Premium Plus
Wonderful goals Larry! I look forward to helping you achieve these! Work hard and work through the training here at WA and you will be well on your way to success.

Everything you need to achieve any level of success online is at WA, including the help whenever you need it!
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la1 Premium
Hi Larry & Christie, Welcome to WA thanks for the follow, followed you back. I wish you great success here at WA. If there's anything I can help you out with please ask me. You too are the definition of Over Commer's in life my challenges pale in comparison to yours.
Have a blessed day!
sasplund Premium
Oh my! Just love you both. I really like how you use some positive words to describe your journey. It reflects your values and mindset. Christie - I really was taken with how you said you are waiting for your 'someday'. I say that all the time and while chronologically that is getting closer for me, I actually feel like I am making some progress toward that goal for me and my family. Really look forward to working with you and seeing what we'all can do. I'm from Minnesota so you bet'cha we'll do great.
Thanks for the follow too.
Deb425 Premium
Hi Larry and Christie - what an inspiration you both are! I am interested in similar subjects. I have a WA blog and am starting a Mind blog, so I'm sure we will cross paths here again! Wishing you much success! Thanks for the wonderful uplifting attitude that you bring to us!
tracyq66 Premium
Hiya Larry & Christie, just popped in to say hello & thanks for the follow, have followed you back, great to have you in my network, loved your profiles, you both sound like fun people to get to know and I can see you both love living life to it's fullest, wonderful stuff. I wish you both much success here at WA. Cheers Tracy :)
class1961 Premium
Hi! I live in North Texas born in Pittsburg, TX. Sounds like you are having too much fun in UT:) My uncle lived in Scolfild just South of where you live years ago, very pretty country. Larry, my brother was double amputee also, but it did not slow him down, he got steel legs and walked real well. So, I know you guys have had hard times but you got through it with strong determination. I wish you luck always, and thanks for the follow.
allchristie Premium
When you treat life as a great series of adventures, it is easy to keep going to explore the next one. It's a great world we live in. I have partly explored your home state on several occasions, with so much more to see and do there. Larry