WA Success! - 1st Page Of Google In One Day (Even Less.)

Last Update: March 24, 2021

Hey there, guys and gals! I hope that you're all doing great :)

I just wanted to share a short success story with all of you and to prove once again that Wealthy Affiliate rocks!

The main idea behind this training is to teach you how to write blog posts/reviews and rank them on page one of Google and other search engines.

This method is one of the slowest out there, but it's most rewarding in terms of passive income.

See, once you reach the top of Google, that's basically it!

Your post/review will bring you traffic and sales to your site on autopilot. And you just had to write it once! How great is that?

It's awesome! :)

However, from time to time, Google might even reward you with instant rankings!


Here's an example...

I finished one review yesterday. Today, it's already holding #2 for a long-tail keyword!

... #5 for a short-tail keyword!

That's page #1 in less than 24 hours!

So how is this even possible? I mean, what about those stories that it takes months to get page one rankings?

It's true. It takes months to get high rankings.

However, once your site gets older and earns authority with Google, it will from time to time give you instant rankings if the keyword has extremely low competition.

That is why Kyle is teaching you to search for keywords that have at least 30 searches per month and less than 100 QSR (competing websites).

The keyword in the example from the above fits perfectly with this formula...

Plus, my site has a decent authority.

Which is why my post got almost instant first page rankings!

This will rarely happen for a keyword that has a high monthly search volume and over 100 QSR, which is why it is IMPORTANT to focus on those long-tail keywords or Low-Hanging Fruit as Kyle refers to these keywords.

These keywords will lead to more and more of these instant rankings and thus fast traffic and revenue!

Just keep in mind that these keywords are rare, and you still have to keep the quality of your posts high to earn rankings.

And even if you don't find a lot of these keywords, you can and WILL rank for others too!

So if you're in the middle of the training, keep focusing on the lessons, do your keyword research, write awesome content and be patient :)

The bottom line is; Wealthy Affiliate works! Just keep working on it!

That's it for today. Have a great one!

Your friend,


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Kyle Premium Plus
Brilliant, nice work on the rankings. This is certainly a good sign that Google is now viewing your website as an industry authority.

Keep the quality of your content high, keep being engaging, and keep creating content with consistency and you are going to see your rankings and traffic continue to climb.

IvanBroz Premium
Indeed :) Cheers, Kyle!
OCH3943 Premium
Hi Ivan, thanks for sharing. Got a question to tap on your experience if you don't mind.

Does your posts always have the keyword that has good avg and qsr, or sometimes you just simply couldn't find one and proceed anyway to write a post title (therefore keyword) that has avg and traffic <10 type?

I have many times where I couldn't find one so just wondering if I am alone.
IvanBroz Premium
Hey, Richard. You're welcome :)

I'm not picky when it comes to keywords. I try to follow Kyle's formula the best I can, but I will take the opportunity on every keyword.

I do use those that have less than 10 traffic because they are easy to rank for and you never know when the keyword can explode and go from <10 to 10-50-100 searches per month!

Those metrics from Jaaxy are not constant.

So yeah, you're not alone LOL Keep writing great content no matter what metrics you get from Jaaxy. Focus on your users over cold numbers.
OCH3943 Premium
Thank you Ivan
Jessiefido Premium
That's great news Ivan, well done my friend!

Just a couple of quick questions or queries I have here!

Firstly, how old is your site? I ask because what I understand from the training is that doesn't look like a fantastic key word.

The traffic is ok, but not wow, the QSR seems a little high, and the SEO a bit low!

So I imagine you must have a very well established website to be able to rank 2nd on the 1st page in such a short amount of time with these keywords.

I hope I haven't caused any offence by asking this Ivan, certainly not my intention! I'm just intrigued and trying my best to learn from the best!
IvanBroz Premium
Non taken, Jessie :)

My site is three years old. The first year it was dormant because I was working on another project. So it's really active for two years.

The keyword is fantastic, trust me.

100's of these keywords will bring 1000's of clicks per day!

Website traffic is like a river. It starts in small streams at the top of the mountain and ultimately, those small streams join together and form a huge river. My advice is, don't be too picky about your keywords. Even two or three clicks per month are better than zero clicks, right?

The key is to publish consistently to get established, so keep the pedal to the metal :)

Yes, my site is pretty much getting established. That's exactly what I've mentioned in the post as well.

"However, once your site gets older and earns authority with Google, it will from time to time give you instant rankings if the keyword has extremely low competition."

I hope this helps :)
Jessiefido Premium
Great information Ivan, thanks a lot, it helps me a great deal my friend.
Johnpavich Premium
Congrats Ivan !!! Great advice 😎👌
IvanBroz Premium
Cheers, John :D
WilliamFW Premium
That's great! Page 1 is where it's at and something we are all striving for in our writing.
IvanBroz Premium
Looking forward to seeing your posts there too, William :)