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If I could go back in time and give one piece of advice to myself at the beginning of my affiliate journey, I would have said: Keep it simple, stupid!In other words, don't complicate! Just keep it simple, stupid!I have noticed a blog post the other day here on WA talking about the KISS principle where a member explained how this principle came to existence so I won't' bother you with those details.However, I would like to send the same advice to all people who are just getting started their WA
Did you know that Premium membership increases your chances for success by 10x? That's because, as a Premium member of WA, you get complete access to all the training lessons that will take you from zero to affiliate marketing hero!Not only that but, you also get access to all the best tools (websites, website builder, hosting, keyword tool - Jaaxy, affiliate program research, SiteContent platform)!On top of it, you get access to a HUGE and SUPER-HELPFUL community that is going to hold your bac
Hey guys and gals! Today I made a new sale. It was a sale #300 for the year 2021.Meaning...I'm going to Las Vegas! :DI was looking forward to this moment for quite some time and it's finally here!The timer has changed from counting my sales to saying: Vegas!To be honest, I'm a bit lost for words because I'm still trying to process the accomplishment :)I've been working on my website day after day after day for two years non-stop and I'm happy and grateful for coming this far.The job, however, i
Do you know what is the best approach to creating a super-successful business? Reverse engineering!All super-successful entrepreneurs (online and offline) use the reverse engineering process to build their business in their minds first, and then turn the blueprint into reality.I'm no super-successful entrepreneur, but I used the same formula.And it WORKED!When I was starting out with affiliate marketing and WA, I analyzed a few super-affiliates and their websites to get the big picture first.Th
Wondering whether or not it is possible to make a million dollars with affiliate marketing? Yes! It's more than possible!However, earning million, two, or even three is not an easy task and you need to invest a lot of yourself into your business to reach seven figures.But once again, it's more than possible!And here at WA, you've got access to the exact blueprint for going from zero to four, five, six, and even seven figures!To prove the point, here's one of my favourite WA success stories.Eddy
Is Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership worth it? Should I join a Premium membership? Is Premium going to pay off?YES YES and YES!Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership is more than worth it and if you're on the fence, here are a few reasons why you should stop thinking about it and take ACTION TODAY.And if you do so, my advice (from experience) is to keep moving forward and never look back!1) Wealthy Affiliate Premium Price is a BargainNow, before anyone gets offended, I know that $49 a month is
Imagine you buy a piece of property in the real world for only $14. You spend two years working on the property and now, the property is worth $40K+!Can you imagine this?Well, it's hard to imagine this happening in the "real" world. However, it's more than possible in the online world!So how can you accomplish this in the online world?Buy your own DOMAIN and follow the instructions from the Online Entrepreneur Certification! A new domain is only $15 (new price), but it could be worth much more
Wondering if Wealthy Affiliate training works? Not sure whether or not you can get tons and tons of free traffic to your site through blogging? Do you have doubts about SEO?Well, if that's you then this short post is a must-see!I have started a website in 2018. However, I have really taken action with that site in 2019 (it was sitting dormant for an entire year).From 2019 to 2021, this website has been viewed by 218,000 people from all over the world and has appeared in Google's search over 3 M
Would you say no to $16K in passive income?I certainly wouldn't!I just realized that I made $16K from one website in passive income in 2021 and the year is not over!Meaning, the number could, should, and most definitely will rise to over well over $20K by the end of the year.By the way, I earned this income by promoting WA.This number is far away from my ultimate goal in terms of income from this site.However, when compared to 2020, things are slowly, but safely moving up!2020 was a heavy year
Hey guys and gals, I hope you're having a great weekend!If you are a bit bored, here's a short post about 5 things I love about Wealthy Affiliate. Let's start with the most obvious one...You Can Join & Test the Program for FreeI'm not a cheap person LOL and I would gladly pay a few $100's to get access to a training program that is proven to work.But isn't it better when you can actually join the same proven course for free?Of course!Before joining WA, I spent hundreds of dollars on scams a