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Anyone using generatepress premium theme and are you renewing your license?

Anyone using generatepress premium theme and are you renewing your license?

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Everything Wordpress

Looking for fellow members who are also using GeneratePress Premium theme.

Did you renew your license? I notice the renewal discounts has been decreasing year after yea

Hi Richard,

I renew my Generate Press Premium yearly.

Hi Monica, thank you for your feedback. Would you ever consider upgrading to the Lifetime license, and if so, what are the conditions that you may do so?

Hey Richard,

You're welcome. Yes, I would consider upgrading to the Lifetime license. My condition is the timing. Now is not the right time but I do plan to in the near future. I suppose the real condition is when I'm ready to hire a writer.


I didn't renew my licence and I'm still getting the updates. Occasionally one update doesn't "update" but during the following few days a new update comes out and that one works.

If I ever stop receiving the updates then I'll seriously consider switching to Twenty Twenty-two and creating my own headers and footers using full-site editing.

Thanks Marion! Good to know the updates may still work.

I have a lifetime license.

However if you do not renew, it will not affect your websites. However obviously you will not receive any future updates.

Thanks Abie

No worries and most welcome :)

I do use Premium GP and I will be going for lifetime this year.

Thank you Alexander. May I know what are your consideration to decide to go lifetime this year?

Hey Alex,

How much is the Premium GP lifetime? It's cheaper than yearly automatic?


It is approximately $219. I just paid $169 and change.
But I had renewed my premium subscription for $49 within the last month. They pro rate what you have paid that year with the annual cost.


I just wanted to take advantage of the price

Hi Alex,

Thank you. I'll look at doing the lifetime next year then. Everything I pay is in USD and I'm Canadian and so it adds up.

I do enjoy using the Generate Press Premium (and paying yearly).

Have a blessed weekend,

If you purchase the "Lifetime" license then you wouldn't have to renew every year. And you will always get a notification when there's an update available.

Hi Rowe, thanks for your feedback.

I kind of regret I didn't go for the "Lifetime" license back then. This would be my 3rd year running this year if I renew and I would have so called breakeven in 1-2 years time to average out the yearly cost.

The Lifetime license is going to be $180 now with the discounts.

What holds me back is there doesn't seem to be too much updates on GeneratePress lately?

I think it's a good deal Richard. I got mine on black friday also last year but at slightly higher price.

There have been two recent updates lately.. latest update just this week is version 3.2.4

May I know how much was your Lifetime license last year?

version 3.2.4 is the free version. The Premium version is at 2.2.1. I think there were only 2 Premium version update this year.

oopppss my bad i was looking at my test site.. I have version 2.2.1 for premium version... $219 lifetime

No worries Rowe.

Oic, $219 is the published Black Friday 25% off. Existing member gets another $30 off.

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Need some advise where new post is unable to index?

Need some advise where new post is unable to index?

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Website Development & Programming


I am wondering if anyone can help me out. I have a new post where I couldn't get it to be indexed by Google.

GSC flag Mobile Usability issues:

1. Tex

The “text too small to read” error suggests that the font size of the page is too small for mobile browsing.

When folks visit your website using mobile devices, they have to “pinch to zoom” to view the contents of your site. Google hates sites that do not offer a good user experience.

The second bit, It may mean that the URL displaying the error has touch targets like buttons and links that are too close to each other. And so when the users try to tap on such a button or link, the neighboring elements also get tapped.

Hi Abie, thank you.

I wasn't able to sight font size that is too small for mobile browsing or URL touching targets like buttons. :(

I wish I could find it.

The fix seems relatively simple.
1. Increase your font size, then validate the fix on GSC.
2. If you provide multiple links next to each other, find a way to space them out more or make them larger then validate the fix on GSC.

With the links provided in the error message, check this Mobile-Friendly Test

Also, check this same test on Bing because they will both give different answers:


The most common error for this is due to missing the touchable target of their suggested 48px. If an error comes from a small button, increase the size of that button on mobile or add more padding to it.

Then you also might have this problem. If your site is missing this meta tag in the header:
<meta name="”viewport”" content="”width=device-width," initial-scale="1″">
You can insert that code by installing the plugin: WPcode and using their Header & Footer dialog to insert this tag into the header if it's missing.

After making some fixes, go to the search console and "validate fix". Have a bit of patience here because the time it takes them to validate your fixes will vary.

Hope this helps you!

Hi Tim, thanks for this!

I think I found out that the problem lies in the Wordpress Social Icon block widget that I newly introduced into my post.

I have been using the social icons from a PublishPress Block plugin and was exploring if I can stop using it so that I can deactivate this plugin.

But alas... it seems that the default WordPress social icons isn't good for use... apparently.

After I remove it, GSC is saying it is mobile friendly again.

No.... looks like I was wrong... I retested for Mobile Friendliness on google side, and I got the issue again...

Bing however, is saying my post is mobile friendly all the time.

I have had this message before.
I didn't make any changes but to Google, I said I had and it then got Indexed.

Hello Lisa, been a while since I last chatted with you. Hope you have been well. Thanks for your inputs.

I'm good Richard and you are welcome :-)

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A time management question - what would you do?

A time management question - what would you do?

asked in
Getting Started

A time management question.

When you schedule a time to do something and you actually proceeded to do it, but however, you realize you need more time as you couldn't fin

I used to continue until I finish, and I found that to be terrible for productivity.

Now I work in blocks. Set time for set task. If not finished, doesnt matter...must move on to next thing.

It basically develops a habit. If you carry on until you finish, you get into the habit of NOT sticking to your schedule, because your routine is to just carry on.

Whereas if you develop the habit of being done when you say you'll be done even if the task isn't finished, you'll find you'll be more focussed to get something finished because mentally you've given yourself a deadline.

i would continue and complete the first task and leave a window at the end of the day to analyse the completeness of the task list...
have you not allowed enough time, what took longer than you thought , was it an unrealistic target...
and with the result readjust your estimation of time taken...
as you grow you may need to revisit these and readjust until you hone your time management....
good luck
it is proven that you cannot multitask...
so concentrate on one task and finish it...
developing an idea is different as distraction may allow your unconscious to bring forward a unique way of accomplishing your task that you would not have thought about with conscious thought....

Hi Phil, thank you for your inputs. I feel aligned with your way of completing the first task. I have a task that would take approximately 16 hrs to fully complete each month, sometimes longer and sometimes shorter depending on the analysis time I need to take.

So in between, there are other things that I need to attend to.

And I find your last statement so profound!

So you are saying distraction helps in developing new ideas? I have read about how new ideas come from our subconscious mind but didn't relate to the distraction part.

the main bit for creativity is to not think about it...
you know those thoughts that come out of nowhere...
the ones to the toughies that you can almost solve...
then all of a sudden when you are working on something else ... or watching a film...you find the answer...
so yes your conscious mind needs distracting to allow the subconscious to carry on solving the problem...

Yes! You describe this very well! Thank you.

It depends on the priority of the task. I typically schedule 7 tasks per day and the top 3 of those are the top 3 priorities in that order.

In other words - task number 1 is the most important task of the day and it will get done no matter what, then 2 then 3, and then on down the list.

Any that do not get completed get reevaluated at the end of the day and if still necessary they will be rescheduled for the following day and at a higher priority (most likely).

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell

Hi Ld, thank you for your inputs. In my case, it seems that the most important tasks are usually not completed even though I have prioritised them. It ends up that the more urgent tasks are often completed first.

That is a challenge for us all (including me) - however - it is also a matter of intentional decision making and establishment of new habits.

In my case, I had to figure out a better way to get stuff done because for much of my life I had more than 100 people reporting to me, and failure was NOT an option.

Like all new habits, methods, and procedures - it takes time to make it near automatic. Until then the only way to do it is self-discipline and commitment to daily reinforcement of the new procedures.

Hope that helps you.

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell

Thank you for your sharing.

It is all about building habits and being disciplined, committed to it. So glad to have received so many good points from the community. I have a better idea now and get it in motion. Thanks.

I always schedule and prioritise my tasks for the day. That way i know if i dont quite finish my first task for the day, i will usually stick with it until I finish because i know i had set this as my number 1 priority.

I always set my tasks, schedule and priorities the day before.


I always do my list like you the day before for important things. I was like that at school already . But the problem is to be consistant to follow it. I work on that everyday.
Your a person very organise Apoles64.
Have a good day and take care


Thank you for your inputs, Mark.

alwaus finish first

Thanks Sandra.

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Have a content topic to write but can't find the keyword?

Have a content topic to write but can't find the keyword?

asked in
Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Hi Guys,

I am wondering if anyone may face such a situation before, or whether it is common.

I have a content topic to write but when I tried to search for a suit

Featured Comment

Hey Richard,

A few things to think about:

Firstly, just because you can't find a decent keyword via a keyword tool or even typing the subject into Google doen't mean it isn't worth writing about.

You have to remember that approximately 15% of daily searches made on Google are completely new and have never been searched for before.

When you consider that there are 5.6 billion searches performed a day that means that almost 1 billion searches have never been typed into the search bar before.

This means that you won't find any information about it on ANY keyword tool.

Plus, Google is unlikely to come up with an Autosuggest query.

You've mentioned that you took a physical class where you learned this methodology.

Is the physical class a well-known subject matter?

I don't know, let's say for example that you're talking about a way to slow down your heart and pulse rate through Tai Chi in order to promote internal peace and well-being.

The main subject matter is well-known, but the intricate method is not.

So, my article could be titled something like:

"One of The Greatest Benefits of Tai Chi That You've Never Heard Of Before"

This helps me get a "keyword" into the title that is probably searched for.


For me personally, I would go entirely another way around it.

I would view the fact that you can't find anything suitable via a keyword tool or Google as having NO COMPETITION whatsoever.

So, I would just write the article anyway.

I would have reference within the article to other "popular searched for terms".

Once the article is written I would internally link to the article from a number of other articles on my site.

This would almost guarantee a number one ranking for the methodology that there is no information about online.

Now, I may receive 30 visitors a month for the article, I may receive 100, then again I may receive ZERO visitors to the article for the main search term that I have targeted.

However, I would still create "authority" around this subject matter.

I am the only person to have written about this subject and I am ranking at number one for a specific term.

This can actually lead to Google ranking you for related phrases and keywords found within your content.

So, over a period of months you start to receive traffic for other searched terms from within your content.

If it works it works, if it doesn't it doesn't.

It's only ONE article, lesson learned and move on.

What this means is that perhaps it's a subject that is better written about for non-ranking purposes, e.g. for your email subscribers, articles within social media groups, Medium, forums and communities, etc.

With that being said, if the article does start to receive traffic after a few months this is a good opportunity to write a number of articles around the same topic and then be seen as the outright authority in Google's eyes.

Imagine having 30 articles written around the same topic with absolutely NO COMPETITION at all.

As I say, just write the article and see what happens.

Sometimes we become so restricted by "rules" that we could miss out on something fantastic.

"Google Says", "Jaaxy Says", "Ubersuggest says" - No, I don't care, I'm going to do my own thing and see what happens (any business involves experimenting and taking calculated risks).

I know I've personally written a few hundred articles on various subjects just because Ive fancied writing about them.

They typically don't receive more than 20-30 visitors a month each.

But the point being that if you have a "few hundred" articles only getting 20-30 visitors a month it all adds up.

When you write an article, never think about the now, think about the future (your topic may become popular in the future and you have now created yourself as the authority on this subject before anyone else).


*** Wow! ...

... yes, excellent, fulsome answer, Partha!

Awesome! ...

... and appreciate your numerics e.g. "approximately 15% of daily searches made on Google are completely new and have never been searched for before." (that's where those

Hi Partha,

A million thanks for the enlightenment. Thank you so much for your insights and guidance!

Hello Richard,

I see you have received a lot of excellent advice. May I give you a counterpoint suggestion?

The most important activity, especially when you are just starting out is to write content to help your potential visitors. Don't get hung up on finding the perfect keyword.

If you were searching for what you are offering, what would you enter into the search engines using a short phrase? Then use that.

Proceed to write your article as if you were having a conversation with your customer. Remember, you are not trying to sell them anything. Your objective is to define the problem they are having and show them how the product you are passionate about can help them solve that problem.

Sometimes they don't have a problem. They have a burning desire to own what you have in your niche. Let them know you will be there to clarify any questions they have, even after they purchase whatever it is you are promoting.

The whole purpose is to give your visitors the highest value possible. Don't forget to invite them to return to your website for future articles.

Here is the penny-dropping moment. Even though you don't realize it, your content is filled with keywords that your audience could enter into the search engines, If your content is of high quality, Google will recognize that.

When your website gets filled with more amazing content, Google will consider you an authority in your niche and reward you with growing traffic.

I hope by not focusing on the technicalities I have given you a different way to approach your business.

Much success to you.


Hi Edwin, Thank you so much for this counterpoint.

I have been going in circles and stalling myself from progressing. Will just write.

Hi Richard

The process we first find low completion keywords in relation to our focused niche.

For our choice of keywords, we always do an incognito search on Google before settling on a keyword, to see who appears first page of Google.

Or we may do in Jaaxy tool search analysis


Once we have reviewed the competition and found an angle onto which we can do better than the competition we would then start writing our content.

Isn't that what we would be doing?

However, have you tired the new Alphabet Soup X (beta) tool going forward.

Autosuggestions via Google.

Kyle's webinar I'd try different combinations, check in Google to get refined answers to my dilemma

Let us know how you get on.

I guess for my case, I am not exactly doing affiliate marketing on this one but more of creating content for a methodology that I intend to teach as a course in the future.

Right, thank you for clarifying.

I hope you can work things out. I would still aim to go with Alphabet Soup X - we are really liking the tool

Thank you Richard, appreciate your input.

Hi Abie, yes, I am using the Alphabet Soup X. But the searches I put in are not giving me useful results (not because of the tool).

I'm blessed too to have received inputs from Partha and Edwin. In a nutshell... just write. :p

That's fine Richard, thank you for letting us know.

You still need to do the searches in Google and Jaaxy as I understand from Kyle. But definitely saves time.

And also it is still in its infancy, thus being developed.

Perhaps try searching Google for the topic and see what others have used for titles and Keywords.

Lily 😁🎶

Hi Lily, thanks for your inputs. I have done that but the results are pointing to something different (can take a look at my comment revert to Zoopie below)

It is an interesting problem.

On the one hand - you feel that the subject is worth writing about but you cannot decide on an appropriate keyword for your article.

I would suggest writing the article to see what jumps out at you while you are progressing through it.

Then you can write your introduction/keyword once you have the basic article.

It should help you with ideas.


Hi Alex, thank you. I think it is highly likely that I go with this approach.

You are most welcome. I wish you success with this and everything else.


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Does anyone uses creator studio and having issue lately?

Does anyone uses creator studio and having issue lately?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Hi All,

Is anyone using Creator Studio and having issues lately with crossposting from Instagram to Facebook?

I am having an issue where every time I publish fro

I had the same issue. I have saved this so I can come back to it and check it out later! Thank you all!

Hi Pam, thanks for the feedback. Good to know we have the same issue. Perhaps Facebook has made some changes in Creator Studio. This issue happened to me for about a month.

Hi Richard

May be you need authorize Instagram app first

Below resource may help


This resource can also help, it explains in detail


Hope you are able figure it out.

Hi Abie,

Authorizing the IG app was already done. Thanks for the resource, I had a look but this one only shows the basics.

Thanks for the hootsuite link but that also didn't provide the solution I'm looking for, unfortunately. No worries, thanks Abie.

If not the post token, or reconnecting pages | apps it could be a server issue but I doubt that.

Or a browser issue, have you tried posting from another browser or doing the usual emptying cache refreshing.

yet to try. I can try another browser to test it out. Thanks for this idea

But I can cross-post from Facebook to IG. However, to do that is an extra step to go to Contents Library --> All Published to Crosspost to Instagram.

You may test and let me know.

Does it post with the extra step? If it does, better than nothing till you figure how to do it without.

Yes, there is an extra step. And you are right, I can use this method first until I can figure out something better.

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