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Hi all, my name is Vic. I am in my 40's and have a nice stable job in the transportation industry. I live out Oregon





How do I cancel feedback on my deleted website?

How do I cancel feedback on my deleted website?

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Getting Started

I keep getting feedback for a website (juicenjoy.com) that I sold and is no longer visible in my area of managing websites. Feedback is from WA members that are now confused, c

I think you should submit.a support ticket.for.this.

I have a few google tools questions?

I have a few google tools questions?

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Search Engine Optimization

I have had a site for almost a year now that has almost half the URLS listed as unindexed. Shows only 19 of 29 urls indexed? I have done the fetch thing, but cant figure out wh

Have you tried the fetch and render tool to help get them indexed quickly

I have, as paul said, did i hit submit. Im sure I did but will run some tests later this afternoon and report back.

hi - when you do the fetch do you then press submit afterwards

hmm I believe so... but will double check

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How do I turn off adsense on my website?

How do I turn off adsense on my website?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Its not even my website any more but I cant figure out how to turn it off in my adsense account. please help.

Interesting information!

While it's still running you'll be getting any revenue from it :) Go to Google Search Console and delete the website there. That should stop the ads.

That's what I was thinking. Except I don't know what the new owner is doing but it appears he's getting no traffic and was concerned it might hurt my rep with Adsense?

I have Adsense on some websites with very little traffic. But I'm still getting paid from the ads on my other sites. I don't think it will harm your reputation with Google. But like I said before delete the website from Google Search Console as you don't own it any more.

you can disable it I simply removed it from my site by deleting the code

unfortunately I no longer have admin access. I sold it.

oh you will have to go to the google adsense and disable it there

You can disable it in your adsense account.

Thanks I might try that down the road.

Nope I do not! And not something I thought of when I sold the website..

Do you not still have access to the Wordpress Admin area for the website?

I think the best I can do is contact the new owner and have him remove it.

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So I have a question about google ranking?

So I have a question about google ranking?

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Search Engine Optimization

So I have a question about google ranking. 1 of my websites is about a year old when I wrote the content it never showed up and to this day these competitive words dont seem to

I'm not sure what you mean but google analytics doesn't show keywords anymore. It shows pages (links) you get traffic from.

It shows the number of searches and what page it landed on. It also shows relative position for various key words

Oh dear. I didn't mean Google analytics. I meant Google tools

You can submit the link again using websitelink/postlink. Also link the post to the front page and back, submit sitemap and re-fetch again.

You mention competitive keywords. That may be the problem especially if you can't compete with those who have shown expertise (authority) in your niche' for those competitive keywords. Being a relatively new site it may be best to find "low hanging fruit" keywords (little to no competition) write content based on those low comp keywords and refer to your older, previously written content, that is totally relavant to the new post - using anchor text. That way when the old google bot drops by to devour your content and index it that friendly bot may say "hey this old content is pretty good. I'll re-index it or move it up in SERPs."

Love the idea of anchors to older content. Thx

And what I meant by competitive was they had good numbers like over 100 searches. 200-300 and less than 150 websites with those keywords.

You can always bring a site "back".
Just work on it on a consistent basis - consistency is key; even more than frequency! So keep at it if it's a site with potential!

I think that could be part of it. I have read consistency is better than frequency. I think I'll work on a creating a schedule.

no... did you setup google webmaster tools and analytics

yep I did, and it shows like 6 lines of keywords and out of 19 different posts..

what is your website url.. also this could help

ill check out your link thanks

it looks a great site

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