Come On Peeps, Please be Honest!

Last Update: February 26, 2018

Our beloved WA has been taking a bashing lately and with good cause.
There seems to be a minority of members that feel they can write a review of another IM product without actually having truly tried and tested the item physically for themselves.
How can anyone give an appraisal of anything without having tried the item for themselves?
These reviews are being written with the sole purpose of promoting WA, which is fine if you are 100% certain that WA is a better item, but if you haven't had the opportunity of physically using the said program how can you give a true and accurate review.
Wealthy Affiliate is built on trust and integrity and for the most part members honour this trait, but for the minority that are writing false information for the sake of their own gain, this is harming the integrity of our wonderful community.
I realise that most of these sites you have to pay up front to join(unlike wealthy affiliate), but that's the name of the game.
So to get a true reflection it is going to cost you money. If you can't afford to buy the commodity, don't write a negative review of something you know nothing about..
You're actions are harming the good name that Kyle and Carson have built up over the last 12/13 years, and also getting more and more bad reviews for Wealthy Affiliate.

If you can't write an honest review, look elsewhere to promote WA.

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DClarke1 Premium
Hey Gordon

Massive point.
Before I started to write my review I had to stop and think of what I was really reviewing at this early stage in the game.
Was I reviewing WA product as a whole or myself and what I am experiencing while using WA platform. I think it is unfair to write a review without the individual knowledge and experience.
I am still in the process of writing me review because I am writing it from my own personal experience, from my high points and low points as a new member of WA.
This review will be posted on my website due to WA is one of my affiliate programs I am advertising on my website and it must be truth and coming from a place of honesty.

Anyway, I must say, great observation and very straight forward, good for you.

Gordon-D Premium
Thank you Debbie
jetrbby80316 Premium
Great points Debbie on Gordon's excellent article. I wrote a similar one today not even knowing this one existed that you might want to read.
Memorylaneuk Premium
I find it difficult to write reviews full stop. I’m not sure what posts you have been reading or what products they are slaying in favour of Wealthy Affiliate.
My personal view is not to slay anything at all. If you say something is rubbish you are telling people they are idiots for buying it... never good. Someone or some people have clearly offended you.
A fair review of good and bad points on the other hand is more my style.
With Grace and Gratitude
emerald860 Premium
I don't believe it's necessary to actually purchase a product in order to give an honest review. There are plenty of people out there who have no problem sharing their opinions on products they have purchased and been disappointed with. I see nothing wrong with sharing that information. Alanna
Gordon-D Premium
Yes I agree but they are their opinions and not yours. If someone wants to write a review on something surely it should be from their own experience.
CraigKnight Premium
Well said....and agreed although I didn't know this was happening.

I don't see the benefit anyway. I am not going to read a review of someone bashing one company only to turn around and sign up for the one they promote. It has a negative effect on me, to be honest.
jetrbby80316 Premium
I agree 100% Gordon, excellent point.
jetrbby80316 Premium
Wow, I just realized I made this short comment 6 months ago, and totally forgot I did!