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Some of you may have recently seen my request for a certain plugin that I wanted to find.When searching in Wikipedia certain words are marked in blue and if you hover your cursor over that word up pops a description and image.I wanted to add this feature to my Recipe website as a added user experience, and went on the search for a solution.I contacted Wikipedia and they very kindly gave me the source code, but after talking to site support about implementing the said code into my website, they
September 19, 2018
I have just been notified from Uncle G that all 3 of my sites and all versions are now in their Mobile Indexing system. Not sure if I should be hip hip happy or if this is a normal procedure. No matter what, it's good to know that my sites are mobile worthy enough to be indexed and given more exposure.Another thankyou to Wealthy Affiliate for the work they put in to make sure that site speed and security are in place on every site hosted under their umbrella, and the emphasis put on how the wor
September 10, 2018
Wealthy Affiliate has a great selection of tools that come free with the premium membership.One of these is the free SSL certificate. Meaning that any site that is hosted here at Wealthy Affiliate automatically has a SSL secure certificate added to their site.This is a must have with the search engines, otherwise viewers to your site get a message informing them the the site is Unsecure and they should proceed with caution.That is obviously going to deter people from actually accessing your sit
May 10, 2018
It's long been a thought of mine for some time that sidebars are too restrictive.What I mean is that if you have a niche about, let's say Pets, and you are writing a post about Cats, but in the sidebar you have advertising material about every other animal that your niche contains.Now wouldn't it make sense to only have Affiliate links to the actual post you are writing about?So in the Cats post there would only be Links or Ads to do with cats.Make sense to me.With this in mind I have found a p
It seems there may be a little confusion over the terms Indexed and Ranked.If a page/post is indexed then it is showing up in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), and the search engines knows that it exists.If a page/post is ranked, it means that your page/post is listed(Ranked) for a particulr keyword contained with your content.If an article is indexed doesn't mean to say that it is going to immediatly ranked.Hope this clears up any confusion.
Our beloved WA has been taking a bashing lately and with good cause.There seems to be a minority of members that feel they can write a review of another IM product without actually having truly tried and tested the item physically for themselves.How can anyone give an appraisal of anything without having tried the item for themselves?These reviews are being written with the sole purpose of promoting WA, which is fine if you are 100% certain that WA is a better item, but if you haven't had the o
How would you determine the Niche Market of WA.With all the training at hand on the various segments of running an online business, I'm wondering in what category would you place WA.Make money online.Create an online business.Build and monetize a website.Learn to earn at home.Work from home.What category would you put WA in?
February 06, 2018
So here we go 11 months of personal training from the man himself :-)The tasks in hand for me this month are quite minimalistic, as I have already covered the Bootcamp phase 1, but a new Logo header is on the cards and I have come up with the above, comments please. It is mobile friendly :-)As I have already got an established site with 20 pages and 105 posts I am well within the 12 posts for the month, but am going to start counting from Feb1 and am half way through a 12 post series so should
January 22, 2018
For all those would be Super Affiliates- Brace yourself.It's breakfast time in Vancouver Canada - It could be any time now Wait For It !!!
January 10, 2018
Google is now using AI (Artificial Intelligence) as one of it's main ranking algorithms.In fact they say it is the 3rd most important algorithm for ranking purposes.Previously google engineers would test changes to the ranking system and if they found that they improved search results would implement the change.Now RankBrain plays around with the algorithm on its own.Looking at a keyword, RankBrain will increase or decrease the importance of backlinks, the contents freshness, and length, and a