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Last Update: October 21, 2019

Some of you may have recently seen my request for a certain plugin that I wanted to find.
When searching in Wikipedia certain words are marked in blue and if you hover your cursor over that word up pops a description and image.

I wanted to add this feature to my Recipe website as a added user experience, and went on the search for a solution.
I contacted Wikipedia and they very kindly gave me the source code, but after talking to site support about implementing the said code into my website, they said it would be better to contact the theme author.
Trying to get to Generate Press support is like pulling teeth so I abandoned the idea.
Continuing to research this particular feature I came across an article that dicussed exactly that and it mentioned a plugin called "Tooltips".
I downloaded it and I finally found what I was looking for

I am in no way affiliated to this plugin but just thought that others may be as interested as I was in this particular feature

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ecomtom Premium
Looks like a great plug in. Thanks for sharing, Tom
Claudiojuan Premium
Many thanks!
cramervod Premium
Looks interesting thanks for investigating :-)
suzzziq Premium
Thank you,Gordon:) Tooltips sounds like a terrific plugin:) I’ll think I’ll test it out!
Gordon-D Premium
I'm really glad I found it Suzu
megawinner Premium
Thanks for the info!
Gordon-D Premium
You are welcome Florentino