Toys For Millionaires-High Ticket Affiliate Programs-Any Takers?

Last Update: Mar 21, 2018

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Hi my family. I got a bit T'ed off at the cheapness of Amazon to their affiliates so I started looking for high ticket APs and lookie here what came up!

Aqua Hoverer: Price $1.7 Million/AP commission 8%=$136, 000 Anyone interested?

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Wow. Like selling a piece of real estate....

It really is Thomas!

Wow one would not need to make too many sales at that rate. :)


That's right.



Isn't it?!



That's cool!

I think that's an understatement Sylvia. Smoking hot more like lol!

What's the car in the image? It's pretty nice too!

It is but that's from the million pics of WA. I don't know.

The side of the car says Mercedes Benz. I'll have to ask my fiance. He knows a lot of these cars by site. :D


My reaction exactly Mary lol.

Now that's a commission!

That it is my mentor and friend. When I get my first commission there's a share in it for you.

Ultra "Kewl"!

I need it for my house on the lake!


I'm with you - just wrote a blog about high ticket items promotions!

And you didn't include this one. I doubt there are many with higher commissions lol.

Yes!! Hehe...affiliate link please lol.

Let me try it first so I know what I'm recommending Philip.

Sounds great. Wishing you tons of sales Goran.

If I'm accepted and able to make a sale, so I know it works, I'll be happy to share the link Philip.

Don't think I'm Greedy and holding back. I'm not. There should be enough prospect for all who may be interested. Lol.

Thats great Goran. Yeah, nothing worse then low commissions. I'd rather plant a high ticket piece and sell one a year then make 1000s of sales for a couple of grand.

Right, time to unwind = watching the new Hell Raiser, hope its good. Take care for now Goran.

Couldn't agree more. High tickets or death... or something lol. You too Phil. Go raise some hell.

haha, I did not realize I saw it before. I watched House of Evil - Exorcist based on true events - it was rubbish lol, but least it helped me sleep quickly lol.

Exorcism based on true events lulls you to sleep?! Your mind must be beyond extraordinary Philip!

hehe no not really. For most an alt reality is fantasy. No one who lives escapes 'seeing' 'something' inexplicable, I believe. Or maybe I am a little psychotic haha.

I'm not even sure what reality is. Sometimes I think we oversimplify because it saves us time and headache.

lol That's awesome. I imagine a really great pitch could sell it. I can't wait to hear you succeeded! :)

I'll have to apply and be approved first. Don't think I'm ready for it just yet. Need to rack up a gang of daily visitors.

I need one of those. Where is your affiliate link? lol

Not a bad commission, but in all seriousness people are starting to buy very high ticket items online. They are spending $10,000's on single high ticket items, most of which have affiliate programs.

Is it harder to sell high ticket stuff, absolutely. It is there though and every niche is going to have products/services that you can leverage and recommend (in good will, and ethically) at all price points.

Yes it's true Kyle. I'm not entirely sure that it's more difficult per se to sell a high ticket toy like this. The difficulty probably rests in the fact that there's a limited amount of the crazy rich.

If you can locate them tho, they might well be interested. Money is no issue to many of these guys. It's more a matter of trust.

I once sold 12 Icelandic Horses in one Sweep to Christer Ericsson, you know the Swedish billionaire of Sony/Ericsson. He didn't even ask the price until he brought out his check book lol.

Awesome story!

Surprised he had a cheque book rather than a Bank Executive to look after things!

There is a whole 'nother' world out there!

The sale happened on Iceland. Maybe that's why.

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