Ready To Be Rich Now-Just Gave Away My Last Euro!

Last Update: Mar 10, 2018

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Being rich has frightened me, due to a camel.

Being rich has always frightened me! The Bible and the Quran, both mention the example of the Camel, walking thru the eye of a needle. This means, when a camel is able to enter thru a needles eye, a rich man will be able to enter Paradise. Frightening words indeed to a believer!

The other class of wealthy

Of course this refers only to a certain category of the rich, the selfish, the heartless who care only for themselves.

In my religion there's an excellent example of the opposite kind, Abu Bakr, the closest friend of our Prophet. He was one of the richest men of his time, yet he died a pauper, having given his last Dinar in charity.

I took a giant stride today!

This is the kind of selflessness I'm striving to achieve. Today I took a giant stride on that path. I gave my Last € to a beggar! This filled me with a deep sense of euphoria!

Why, you ask? Because it finally removed my fear of becoming like the rich men, to whom Paradise will be closed, as is the eye of the needle to a camel!

Happy to give an € and happier to give millions.

It dawned on me; if I can give away my last dime, when desperately poor I can surely give the poor millions, when wealthy! The lofty goals I've set for helping to relieve suffering in this world will become reality. Giving millions will make me as happy as I felt giving away my last Euro.

A heartfelt thanks to Kyle and Carson!

Thank you, from the heart, Kyle and Carson, for setting us all such a great example. I will surely pay it forward, here on WA, and in the world as well! / Warmly / Goran Bockman

Recent Comments


That would be fear to most of us Goran!

Some people are rich and ignorant, they don’t know anything different.

Ignorance is worrying but so many of us are, some just naively.


As human beings we are, at the same time very powerful and Baby helpless.

Some put their hope and trust in destiny, others in God etc. but ultimately we realise that will power alone will not cut it, tho its helpful. Its my belief that, if my intention is pure results will start to flow.

Well said.

Boy oh boy Goran, that's faith in a nut-shell.
Now your cup is empty, trust it will fill to the brim now.
Cheers Jae ☼

Money cup is empty but satisfaction cup is overflowing Jae!

Hope the Euros start flowing soon Goran. -Mark

Working on opening the tap here Mark, it's a little rusty lol.


Heart right back at you Fleeky.

I believe that it is ok to be wealthy. God wants us to prosper. It is about being a wise steward with our money. Luke 12:48 "To whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required."

I agree, it's not wealth per se, it's the selfishness and heartlessness that may accompany the wealth. This is what makes the needle's eye your gate to Paradise.

Wow! Truly amazing step, Goran.
My God bless you with millions so you can help many more.

Thank you for your kind words Eliane. I believe He will now that I've showed Him that l can be selfless.

You can help more people as a rich man than as a beggar indeed Goran

That's my thinking exactly Loes!

Goran, wishing you the best so you can help many with your millions!

From your mouth to God's ear Jesse! Thank you! May your words come true!

You must be a man with a BIG heart. Not many people are willing to do what you have done.

One thing I always believe is that you will never get poorer by giving out even your last penny. The more you give, the more you get. Sounds illogical, but that what many rich men with big heart felt and experienced.

All the best to you.


Thank you Joe. Giving to the poor has always made me happy, but that was always given from my surplus. Today I gave what I could not spare and that's what put euphoria in my heart.

Finally I was able to address the needs of others, before my own. In my book that's a great victory, and one that I now know I can repeat at any time.

I too am a firm believer in "the more you give the more you get". It may not be in this life, but it will be a fact in the next. I do believe I shall soon join that group of rich men Joe! May you be one of them as well.

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