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Hello again my friends. I regard myself as quite an unremarkable man. Yet, as a member of this wonderful creation, called man, I am anything but. Mankind ranges from the lowest of the low to the noblest of the noble. If I fit snugly in the middle I'm happy with that.What most awes me about Mankind is its resilience. In that respect I'm no different than the next guy. We're all beyond amazing in our tenacity. Life has crushed me to a pulp and burnt me to ashes, time and time again. Yet like that
My dear family, disaster has struck me down. Things were improving and my energy was slowly growing, with each day on the Keto diet. Then lightning struck. My youngest daughter called me late at night and told me her mother, my former wife Khadija, the forever passion of my life, had died! I knew she was suffering from lungcancer that had metastased. Yet I was beyond devastated. She will be buried the day after tomorrow. Right now, surviving the grief that's shaking me to the core, and trying t
I'm happy to report, my friends, that I'm getting better by the day, much thanks to going on the Keto diet again. Burning stored fat gives me greater and more consistent energy. In addition its deep cleansing my body on a cellular level. It won't be long now before I'm back in the harness.
Hi my friends. I'm currently struck down. Got a general infection that's causing arrhythmia of the heart. Fighting the infection is sapping all my strength right now, but I'll be back with a vengeance, once it's been defeated. All the best. Goran
Twice in as many days you have brought tears of gratitude to my eyes! Your warmth and kindness overwhelms me, you wonderful people! I won't mention any names, as that would take up several pages, and I'd be bound to forget somebody's name. You know, I'm sure, who you are, and how you have melted my heart, with your care and kindness. Kindness is the "Open Sesame" to my heart, and its my greatest ambition to become an extraordinarily kind and gentle person. This is my daily striving, yet,
My friends and family of WA. 11 of my latest posts have come up indexed on Google! 3 of them within 2 days of publishing! My niche is everything Gaited Horses and, lately, I've put more focus on problems that smooth riders (riders of gaited horses) are faced with. I'm seeing results, start to crop up now, and Google appears to be taking notice as well. Today I had 2 articles indexed, one of which I published only yesterday. As you can understand this boosts my confidence very much. That's
Dear Wa family, recently I've experienced a serious bout of self sabotage; you know avoiding doing what is required to achieve success. Being my own shrink I've analysed what could be the cause of such unhealthy behavior. Procrastination is still the worst of it, but I'm even avoiding things I know are crucial to success. I love writing compelling content and know that, in my niche, (Gaited Horses) I'm quite capable of it. Yet I leave it unperfected. Doing the social site chores too is fun. A
Hi my family. I got a bit T'ed off at the cheapness of Amazon to their affiliates so I started looking for high ticket APs and lookie here what came up! Aqua Hoverer: Price $1.7 Million/AP commission 8%=$136, 000 Anyone interested?
Those two questions have been asked by thinking human beings since day 1, I think. How we answer them will determine the course of our lives here on earth. Which is the most vital concept? There is one concept which, to me, is of far greater importance than any other. Which one is yours? Take a minute to think about it my friends.... Do you have an answer? Please remember it and put it in your comments below. Mine is very simple. It's GOODNESS! Striving for greater goodness is at the core of
Being rich has frightened me, due to a camel. Being rich has always frightened me! The Bible and the Quran, both mention the example of the Camel, walking thru the eye of a needle. This means, when a camel is able to enter thru a needles eye, a rich man will be able to enter Paradise. Frightening words indeed to a believer! The other class of wealthyOf course this refers only to a certain category of the rich, the selfish, the heartless who care only for themselves. In my religion there's