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My name is Garen Arnold. I have been a full-time affiliate marketer for 10+ years. I have 10+ years of SEO and Wordpress experience. I work out of my home in Kansas City, MO.

I’ve put in my 10,000 hours.
I’ve made mistakes.
I’ve never quit.
No one can take that away from me.

The learning curve for affiliate marketing can be very tough. But, if you stick with it, it can be the most rewarding thing you've ever done. I hope to spread my knowledge to the WA community and learn from others here.

Just remember to get involved in niches you like. Otherwise, it will feel like work :)

......and work doesn’t have to suck.
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Money Goals
100,000 year.
250,000 year.
as long as it takes :)
Money I would be happy earning
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Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
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Dec 19, 2016
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GarenArnold Premium
100,000 year.
250,000 year.
as long as it takes :)
BelieveItYes Premium
Fantastic! I wish you all the best of luck and success !! You have everything you need here on WA : endless training, tools and soooo many nice and helpful people. With commitment and dedication I'm sure you can achieve these goals !!! Cheers =)
GarenArnold Premium
I was at 100,000k a year, but made some mistakes in my business. Now, it's time to get back there and some :)
Kyle Premium
These are really awesome goals Garen, I congratulate you on taking the first step in making them. Take action and be persistent towards achieving these. Make it happen.

You have everything that you need here within the community to get there...EVERYTHING! :)
mjpd Premium
Great goals. It is great that you have significant amount of time to invest. Keep working everyday and you will see progress!
Very ambitious goals, but with the tools at WA they can be reached! All the best.
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MMarcus Premium
It's great to have you in my network Garen. Let's keep in touch. I see you have a lot of experience with SEO and other things. Maybe you can help me? I'm planning to offer OM services to small businesses in my town, including SEO and email list building. May I ask you some questions here?
GarenArnold Premium
Yeah, send me a PM if you have any questions.
MMarcus Premium
Awesome! Doing it now
larryeden Premium
I am trying to make a go off it have not had not had any luck yet but I am not quitting there is a barrel of stuff I have to learn along the way , I got the theme and niche done now I have to get the comment done so I can proceed on Iike I said Learning as I go it is very rough
on1sknees Premium
Hi Garen- thank you for following my progress here in the WA community. You have a very impressive track record and I look forward to watching as you progress to your own goals. Since I'm a newbie, and have absolutely nothing under my belt as far as being in an affiliate in a training position, I'm looking forward to picking your brains and following along with what you have to give us beginners. Teaching is the best way to learn. I hope to learn as much from your experiences as I can. Thank you for following my progress. I appreciate it.
E-Udoh Premium

This SSL thing, is this something each WA member has to do individually or that's something that WA can implement on the website they host?

Sorry I just found your question asking people to post their results regarding SSL....so I do not know much about it.

For sure I am going to find more info and will await for your article.
GarenArnold Premium
Each member needs to activate SSL. Here is a tutorial on how to do it:
keithwalters Premium
Thanks for the friendship.I see you have experience im just about to build my site today I might call for help during this journey for some of that expert knowledge if u don't mind .I do hope that all is well with you an your family .I see perseverance and consistency is the key well I'm going to be giving it my all .
Norselark Premium
Thank you for inviting me to follow! I've been here a week now, and there is activity already from the start. This is an amazing and a sincere place! I'm glad I found it, and I am here long-term to learn. My profile will be updated in the coming days and weeks, one step at a time. I live in Oslo, Norway, and I look forward to being inspired by the work of people in this community. I've noticed that you say Good Luck to each other, so I'll say Lykke Til to both of us!

Jan P.
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hi there Garen, thanks for the follow and I'm now following you back.

I agree on the learning curve for affiliate marketing being tough, but as you also said it can definitely be the most rewarding.

Getting that first sale on a website you've created is super exciting, woohoo!


Techjul21 Premium
Hey! Nice to have a WP Pro in the circle.

Not that there is not enough support out there but sometimes,
a bit more popularized explanations could REALLY help.

Wish you Success as a Wealthy Affiliate


Missing popularized explanations is sometimes like the Capital Letters in Uncle Jack's story, a few details can change the whole meaning;
PhilBrewster Premium
Thank you for following me Garen. From your profile and the experiences and knowledge gained, I know I could learn very much from you. I have had a Wordpress account for a number of years, have written several pages and never learned how to take advantage of the system. I also attempted twice with MLM via the Internet with extremely limited success...I lost a whole lot of money. I am impressed with this program due to the focus on extensive training. With help from the program and people like you, I know I will have a very positive outcome.
Leotabasque Premium
Hi Garon, Thank you for adding me to your network of friends here at WA. I am new here and new to online business. I am here to learn. I can see that you yourself have a lot of experience in this field and I look forward to learning from your knowledge and from everyone here in this amazing community of people here at WA!
sylviaO1 Premium
Hi Garen, I have so many messages over the last 2 weeks, I am playing catch up.
Welcome for being Premium. I am as green as they come.lol I am great at networking and marketing on a face to face level, but I gotta tell you I am struggling learning how to connect everything on the internet.

I am sure I will be good at this, as it is kind of what I do now , but I just need to transform it into the internet.
Hope I can reach out to you to some basic questions I am sure, since you have a lot of knowledge, they might be pretty simple to answer.
Keep in touch!
Stephanie33 Premium
Hi Garen, Thanks for the follow and I'll follow you back. I often wonder why experienced and accomplished affiliate marketers would join WA. It seems to me there wouldn't be much you could get out of it and a whole lot more you could give. In any case, I'm glad you're here and I look forward to checking out your websites if you'll share them with us. All the best,
Elcomeau07 Premium
Thanks for the follow and happy new year.

I strongly recommend for you to go premium if you want to achieve your goals quicker..everything they have to offer is valuable and switching to premium was the best thing that happens to me so far.

Here is a post I have made detailing why the premium membership is a good choice when you share the good news on social media.

Wish you the best of luck and if you have any questions I am here to help.
nomonkeygirl Premium
Thank you for the follow. I joined a year ago and left to pursue some other areas of online marketing. Spent a ton of money and so much time. Although I did learn a lot, I am back to actually make a successful online business in 2017.
You sound like you have some experience and you work from home! I look forward to your help and advice.
Happy New Year
Brixton12 Premium
Hey thank's for the follow Garen. It's always good to build a good foundation here at WA and surround myself with people that can provide a good and honest input when I have the questions. I can see that you have definitely been around the block with what I am just starting to get the tip of my toes wet with.

Have a good one
Dmitriy Premium
Hi Garen, thanks for following me - it's nice to meet you here at WA!

I wish you to become an AWESOME online marketer (if you aren't already :) ) and live a life of your dreams!

My greatest passion is video games and I strongly believe that games can influence our lives in a very positive and beneficial way. I'm always ready and willing to discuss the topic, so feel free to contact me anytime, if you're even slightly interested.

Also, if you ever need anything, have questions to ask, thoughts to share or just want to chat – just send me a message and I will try to help as best I can.

Cheers, good luck and see you around!
LastRhino Premium
Hello !
Thank you very much for following me and welcome to the WA community! Be sure to follow all the training that is available on this site and don't be afraid to ask questions. The people in the WA community, myself included, are happy to help you. I am looking forward to sharing ideas and moving forward. Sounds like your a wealth of valuable information. Best of luck to you on your journey to the top.


From <https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/lastrhino>
jimcarlsen65 Premium
Hello Garen. thanks for the follow. It's good to know people who have a lot of experience are here also, besides us beginners. May I sometimes ask advice from you? I read your training on useless comments. I agree 100%. I've been trying to get people to "converse" instead of just leaving a comment. It's hard to get people to participate in that kind of thing though.