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Last Update: Aug 17, 2020

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Comments on your YouTube videos does not only make your videos and channel appear much more active, but it also plays an incredibly important role in how your YT videos and YT channel will rank in YouTube and in Google.

As a WA family why not help each other out in blowing the competition out of the water through YouTube comment exchange here on WA:

So here are the steps:

Step 1: Comment on at least 3 YouTube videos.
Step 2: Post a link to your YouTube video that you need comments on at the very top of this discussion (as a new comment).

Step 3: Very important: You have to watch the video from beginning to end or allow the video to finish playing in the background, otherwise our average view times in YouTube will be hugely affected and will lead to poor rankings within YouTube as audience retention is a very important aspect for YouTube video rank.

Step 4: This should not be a necessary step. However, should you not have your favour returned after your request, please assume that for one reason or another your comment has not been seen. Please private message to request the favour be returned.

Make sure you do not skip step one. It is important and it will lead you to getting more comments on your YouTube video. :) Also please do make sure that your video content you request comments on is original video content. Donwloading other video creators' content and then uploading it to YouTube as your own is not only unethical but also very likely to be in violation of copyright infringement, unless of course you have permission to upload another video creators' content. It goes without saying that this is not the kind of practise that we would like to encourage here.

NB Rule: No solicitation of comments are allowed - this is strictly a comments EXCHANGE thread. Of course you are welcome as a kindness to comment, like and subscribe to anyones video if you have no video for comments exchange to take place. The rule is in regards to solicitation (pestering) others here for comments when they have no videos available for comments exchange to take place. In short, this thread works exactly the same as Kyle's website comments exchange site and the same rules apply.

Note: You can certainly request for subscribes and likes as well, but I would like us to be mindful that not everyone would like the idea of being forced into having to subscribe or to like, even though you liked their videos and subscribed to their channel. We will therefore keep that subjective to a personal choice and I would ask that we respect that. The expectation would be however, if you use this thread, that you will be prepared to at the very least exchange YT video comments.

Further note that YouTube have new privacy features built in for a while now. So what happens is that some people have their YouTube accounts set to private and some have it set to public. This means that when someone that has a private account subscribes to your channel you will see your subscriber tally going up but you will not know who subscribed to you.

So please do keep this in mind when exchanging subscribes here. Just because you cannot physically see someone following you on YouTube does not mean that they have not subscribed to you. If you are in doubt, simply ask the person for proof if you feel that is necessary. How can you prove it to someone? Simple. The subscribe button on their YouTube channel will no longer show red as per my example. See screenshot below.

Those that have their YouTube accounts set to public will show that they are subscribed to you. Many do not even know that their accounts are private as it is private by default when creating a new YouTube account. You physically need to set it to public. This is to allow for more privacy.

Also for those that may be confused about self-promotion that is not allowed on WA. It is different when it comes to a give and take situation where everyone benefits. This is exactly the same as the website comments thread and the website feedback thread created by Kyle, plus Kyle is aware of this YT video thread I created here. Now without further ado, start posting and commenting away! To your YouTube success!

Ps. Here is a screenshot of Kyle's approval of this thread.

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FYI I have commented and watched 3 ppls vids, here is mine below V

I recently made a promotional video going over Wealthy Affiliate, its an honest review breakdown as a college student! , I also made a youtube short to advertise my video better, let me know what yall think!

promo short:

New youtube vid:


Hi everyone. Wow I see it been quite quiet here. I see my last post from a week ago is still at the top haha. I already pretty much commented on everyone's videos that posted recently. I will leave my latest video here and then will be sure to return the favour asap.

My video explains GrooveVideo -

Many thanks and much appreciated!

Kind regards

Hi Schalk, yes it is always quiet here I have noticed. I've just commented and liked your video and letting it run till the end, any of my new crafting vids is ok ;-)

I'm almost at 900 subscribers by the way, hope to have a 1000 by the end of this year;-)

Many thanks, will do so as always :) I wonder if we should not get people that is actually on this thread to try invite people or make people aware again of this thread. Any little bit of help in spreading the message will certainly help.

I just mentioned this is in the chat now and shared the link.

That is excellent. What would you say is your secret? Consistency? Or is it the short videos that is now pushing it for you? Any news/updates on what happened after views exploded on that one shorts videos of yours? Did views explode for you on other shorts afterwards too?

Best wishes!

Well, I only saw your new message when clicking on the "bell" here on the upper right side of WA. So maybe people miss out on them,because it is not showing updates in our mailbox?
Maybe write a blogpost here?

I think in my case it's a matter of consistency and I also can "spam" lots of video's on Facebook groups in my niche. The ones that allow it anyways,some are very strict lol.
Every time I publish a video, I put it on all of my social media channels and write an immediate newsletter to my list.
Ah, that short popular video, no, it was a one-time-only thing ,sadly haha
Thanks and best wishes to you too!


I have already tried this strategy before - already wrote a blog post about it before: I think if everyone here can start writing blog posts about it too then that will be very helpful as I already have a blog post about it and just privately in conversation make others aware.

I just now got someone saying she was not aware in the chat if you have a look there. But we need more exposure.

At some point used to be quite busy here in the past but I struggle to do the YouTube thing and the blogging and a full-time job and decided to focus a bit more on blogging, creating funnels, building me email list etc.

Couple of questions. Do you have any affiliate links in your videos? I don't even think you have? So is your intention to make money from ads exclusively on your YouTube channel?

The reason for asking is that perhaps it is easier if you share videos about being creative on social media than sharing the kind of videos I produce in FB groups etc. as not often but sometimes it seems that some of the FB group owners (despite that I read the rules properly) sees my content as competition and as a result I got a spam complaint (unjustifiably in my eyes) on FB before.

The account is still in good standing but yellow as apparently a violation that gets removed/disappears after 6 months. Due to this I am a bit weary sharing in FB groups haha.

Is a shame about the one-off wonder with YouTube shorts as I was just about to try the strategy. Haha I may still try as it may help me to get videos out more consistently. As you saw the last one like almost 20 minutes long. Could probably have done 6 shorts instead of that one 20 minute video haha.

Short videos can then also be uploaded to TikTok - that helps :)

oh yes, sure, I always forget about that lol

I intend to not just make money with youtube adds, but also:
- more viewers to my website ( all the way above the text in the description, I already mention my website, so that it is visible without them even opening the description). And my website is in my Youtube banner as well.
- It is mentioned again in the instructions in the text below
- sometimes I do add affiliate links (certain glues, materials that I used..) . But I don't place affiliate links on social media. (only once in a while in my own , private FB group, never had any issues with that, just don't overdo it)
- So when I look at google analytics it is worth while to do that, for sure. My top three is from social media channels: Pinterest, my FB group, Youtube. Only then Instagram (which I would have expected more from seeing my niche)
- You could try do shorter ones and thus posts more regurly ;-)
- As we are speaking, I am watching a new class from Roope Kiuttu on Youtube tool called "Tubebuddy", could be something worth having a look at :-)
- I just got Pinterest insights, "idea pins" for my niche are popular there, while I can't link directly to Youtube from interest idea pins, I'm sure they will look for my Youtube channel anyway (see screenshot)

Yes I never post direct affiliate links in social media - just article links and YT videos.

I use VidIQ. VidIQ is similar to YouTube buddy. You can choose one or the other or even use both at the same time should you wish.

Just wrote this short post myself lol, who knows if it helps getting some life back here again ;-)

oh, so I never got reported for spamming my vids in FB groups, and some of them are laaarge. But then again, it is not in the money making niche, so I guess they won't see it as competition I think?

Awesome going out now but will read when back. Many thanks 😊

not much to read, just referring to your 2 posts haha, later!

Probably so. I very much think you are at the mercy of some FB group admins. It all down to their personality and interpretation at times I guess. 😊

That is great. Any publicity for it is great and better than no publicity 😂

I watched ur cool vid, left a comment! best of luck in getting good traffic, you can do it!

Many thanks, Blake! I have watched your video in full, liked, commented and subscribed. Still few subscribers, yet very good views in a very short period of time. Worth learning from the youngsters where they get their traffic from. Would love to learn :) See got 52 FB likes on that video already. Will be interesting to go have a look where exactly you are sharing your videos. Great start! Good luck with your studies too :)

Best wishes!

Ps. And many thanks for the motivation and encouragement :)

Thanks for the awesome response as well, In terms of getting the view I focused on improving my editing abilities over time and making sure I'm straight to the point(at least in the shorts). I still have much to work on but Im pushing forward! I wish all the best in your own success as well!

You are most welcome and many thanks, much appreciated!

Hi Everyone. It's been a long while since I've been on this thread. The reason is earlier this year, I have been diagnosed with cancer, and have been receiving radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments.

I am feeling a little better now, and on days I am all right, I would like to engage more here again.

Also, I have since consolidated my YouTube channels. Now, I focus on only 1 YouTube channel. And I would like to ask for support from all, please?

1. Kindly subscribe to my channel -

I will subscribe back to yours. Just let me know in the comments your YT channel.

2. If you don't mind, kindly watch, like and comment this video -

I will watch, like and comment back on your video of choice. Again, let me know in the comments.

Look forward to all your kind support. And also, look forward to sharing and supporting each other here again.

Thank you all so much.


Subscribed to your channel...

Thank you so much, Mel! :)

Please give me your YT channel, and I will return your kind favor.

Hi Timotheus

I am so sorry to hear that you have been going through such a difficult time but delighted to hear that you are a lot better and that you have the strength and the desire to start working on your online success once again.

As you know, I am already subscribed and will be looking out for your videos in the future to reciprocate.

At the moment I am a bit overhwelmed with way too much going on. In the middle of a house move etc.

Best wishes!

Thank you so much, Schalk.

Please send me the link to your YT channel. I will check if I have subscribed before. If not, I will surely do it now. :)

Please don't be stressed. Yes, sounds like you have a lot going on. Moving house can be very stressful. And also, at the same time, very exciting. Because it is a new beginning. :)

Hi Timotheus,

Strangely enough I know I have always been subscribed to you but I now decided let me double check and for some reason I am no longer, so subscribed once again. Here is my channel:

Ps. Just realised my YouTube cover update is long overdue haha. Need to change that soon.

Oh, it's because you subscribed to my other channels before. And I subscribed to your channel using those channels I had in the past. As mentioned in my post, I am now consolidating all channels into this one. :)

Thanks for your kind subscription. I have also subscribed back to your channel with this channel.

hehe. Yes, good to regularly update the cover photo to be relevant to what is currently going on in your business.

I see. Many thanks, much appreciated! Yes, Timotheus haha, not always that easy to juggle everything. I will for sure have to update some social media covers over the weekend when I have a little bit more time available.

Thanks Mel. I have subscribed back to your YT channel. Nice channel, too. Keep adding videos. You will do well. :)

I subscribed! Feel free to reciprocate!

hello, I have subscribed to your channel, this is mine :
I'm so sorry that you got diagnosed with cancer and I hope you will get better soon :-(
I watched the video in full, liked and commented.
I would love a comment on my latest crafting video, thanks!


Thanks Al. Great channel!

May I ask - which qigong exercise do you recommend for me - I am fighting cancer now with chemotherapy?

Thanks Liz. I have subscribed back, and I have liked and commented on your video -

The items are so cute!!! :)

I'll PM you later tonight..
I'm in PDT

thank you ! :-)

When one is starting out YouTube seems generous with traffic to the shorts videos. This may be reduced depending on the popularity of the niche topic in a subsequent video(s). This is what I suspect from mine.
The link above leads to a video published by Youtube trends related to shorts videos. One info in it is that shorts views doesn't count towards monetisation hours yet. There's also some more useful tips to find out from the video for yourselves. One can still monetise by adding links to other related products in the video description. Its ok to have a mixture of both long and short videos.

Many thanks for this, very helpful info. 😊 I think a good mix is the way to go.

Hi everyone, it has been quite a while (been concentrating on article writing lately). Maybe we can all try to invite some people to participate here just to blow a bit of life into this thread again. :)

Can I please have some likes and comments on my latest created video:

GrooveFunnels - A Complete Online Marketing Solution

Will of course return the favour as always! Will start going through your videos now.

Kind regards

Great video - I have commented and liked and subscribed.

Could you do the same for me here

How my AI writes poems about Wealthy Affiliate



And watched - obviously!!

All done! Returned the favour. Many thanks! Much appreciated!

Kind regards

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