5 Top Benefits from Writing Content!

Last Update: January 17, 2017

Here's a personal question I want to ask you. Not too personal but your answer will be quite interesting. Let's keep it rhetorical then.

Before joining Wealthy Affiliate, did you love or hate writing? Were you the "I'd rather say it than write it" type of person? I know I leaned toward that frame of mind. Writing was what you did in English class or that my wife did very well.

But here we are, writing posts, blogs, product reviews and all that stuff and developing skills that were lying dormant inside us. How have you benefited from writing content? What changes has it made in you?

Larry Alton, in an article I read on Scoop.It.com, listed some unexpected benefits that come from sitting down and writing content. Sure, it may be easier to get someone else to do it, but the following benefits highlight why Kyle, in so many training videos in our Get Started training, teaches us how and why we should knuckle down and write.

Here is part of Larry Alton's list of benefits (his words in italics):

1. Stress Relief -

"Writing forces you to process your thoughts and feelings, which makes them easier to understand and live with. It’s a critical function of writing that shouldn’t be ignored."

This may seem to be a paradox - I'm stressed, why would I want to write something. Still, any of us who have kept a journal will know the cathartic effect writing our thoughts and feeling down can have on dealing with them. Writing an article may do the same for you.

2. New Knowledge -

"The more research you do, the more intelligent and better informed you’re going to be. The best content out there is material that’s been exhaustively researched, so make it a point to include facts and statistics you didn’t know before you started writing the article—it’s an easy way to keep yourself sharp."

Research is a great tool to assist growth in our depth of knowledge and wisdom in any given subject. How has Kyle and Carson and the other gurus developed such wisdom? Research, research and more research. Their new knowledge adds to the fabric of their lives.

3. Articulate Conversations -

"Writing more frequently will challenge you to develop and refine your vocabulary, as well as how you put your sentences together."

I know this to be true. As I have researched more information for articles I write on my Samsung website, I find I can be more conversant with people in cell phone stores and when chatting with other technology lovers.

4. Better Memory -

"Writing is a mental exercise; just as your muscles need exercise to remain strong and durable, your mind needs exercise to remain in good shape too. Writing frequently and challenging yourself will help you store and recall more information from other areas of your life."

As we get older, our brain can tend to struggle when it comes to remembering. As Larry said above, exercising it is a key way to protect it. Writing and writing after researching and researching certainly helps me a great deal.

5. Productivity -

"Writing is a process that demands focus, attention, and goal-oriented work. As a result, writing regularly can actually help you be more productive in other areas of your life. Think of this as mental practice, giving you the opportunity to exercise your ability to get things done within a certain amount of time."

If you had asked me two years ago, how productive a writer could I be, I would have laughed at you. Now, here I am enjoying the journey. I love the ability to put ideas down, edit them and then see the impact they have of others. As I have developed my experience in content writing, I find that the ability to punch out a few posts per week, is not as daunting as it was before.

Now the above information was just a summary of these benefits. I am sure you will want to read the whole article, so if you do, here is the link:


Naturally, after reading the above, you will have some opinions about the benefits you have received. It would be wonderful to hear how content writing has changed you for the better.

Please share your views in the box below but if the article has left you speechless, just click the LIKE button.

Till next time,

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july2014 Premium
Hi Duncan, My journey with writing has been a steep learning curve. I attended a comprehensive school in the UK and I was not taught the rules of grammar. Therefore I was not equipped with the tools to write good English. In my first year at university, I failed miserably most of my assessments. I was advised that it was due to poor written skills. I felt as though my whole world had collided because I lacked the tools to write well. I made a decision to teach myself. I purchased all of the books on grammar and English language. Over time my results improved dramatically and I began to write like a pro. The humiliation of being told that I had poor writing skills was damaging to my confidence on the first year of a degree course. Writing has now become one of my passions and something I do really well. I have since completed post degree studies and lectures are highly commendable of my written work. Yesterday I did an online grammar test and achieved one hundred percent but it wasn't always that way. Tracey
Funkydunc208 Premium
Hi Tracey,
That is one inspiring story. It just goes to show that if we have a strong enough desire for something, we can overcome the hurdles that are in front of us. I think in your case, you moved some mountains, not just some hurdles.
Congratulations on the grammar test. Now I am scared that I am writing in the presence of Tracey, the grammar guru!
AdrianPrince Premium
Writing is quite stimulating as it get you to think about what you are writing.
Funkydunc208 Premium
Yes, it can be stimulating. Very true.
Karax Premium
very interesting. i have always loved to write.:)
Funkydunc208 Premium
Then you are going to love this career as a website builder.
LH-CLUB Premium
When I wrote with a pen it was a bit of a chore but now since I have been in Wa and are writing more and more on a keyboard I am finding I quite enjoy writing and my spelling has improved tremendously.
Funkydunc208 Premium
Great news and another benefit from writing.
paulgoodwin Premium
Excellent post Duncan and I grew with everything 100% also I think that writing improves your communication skills and makes you more able to accept change!
Funkydunc208 Premium
Hi Paul,
Yes they are some added benefits that make wiring even more enjoyable.