My Huge Mistake. Don't Do It!

Last Update: March 03, 2017

In fact, there are two mistakes that I want to discuss here.

Mistake #1

I did not create enough content.

I don't know about you but for me writing is hard. And seems to me, it is pretty much a universial difficulty.

If you don' believe me, just google "writing quotes" and see what comes up. Let me give you some examples:

“We are weak, writing is difficult…” ― Robert Falcon Scott

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.” ― Jack Kerouac

Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness.” — George Orwell

“I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.”― Steven Wright

You can find more here if you are interested (no affiliate stuff)

However, I like this one here the most:

A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” — Thomas Mann

Again, I don't know about you but seems to me - for me writing is way more difficult than for other people (even for other people here in WA). That's why I like this quote. Somehow I find consolation in it.

But because writing is difficult, I tend to avoid it. And that's the first huge mistake. I'd rather do whatever other tasks at hand, than writing a new piece of content.

  • I'd rather redesign my website logo
  • I'd rather reorganize my sidebar
  • I'd rather find a better font size and color for my default body text.
  • etc., etc., etc.

And again, it seems to be an universal difficulty:

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.” says Stephen King. And because it is the scariest, I have found a rather natural force in my to escape from it. It's uncomfortable, I don't want to face it.

And that's why I choose some other activity. Something easier, something that does not cause such an uncomfortable meaning in me.

That secondary activity keeps me busy, fills my hours and gives me a reason to bat myself on the back while telling,"Hey! You did a great job today!"

I did. The only problem is... I did the wrong thing. That's the big trouble.

Remember this - redesigning your logo or reorganizing a sidebar does not bring more traffic to your site. Neither they increase your authority in Google's eyes. You need content.

But it is so human. So Human! Have you heard, when (yes, even large) companies are in back foot and panic mode, they begin to redesign their logos?

Don't do it! Focus on writing and creating an awesome content. Yes, it's hard. Yes, it like bleeding (Hemingway). Yes, the scariest moment is always just before you start (Stephen King).

Do it anyway!

Mistake #2

Because writing is hard but it must be done (if I ever want to succeed in content marketing) then it sunk in - I cannot escape it. I need to write.

But again, my human nature found an easier way out.

I don't know about you but for me... writing reviews is somehow hardest. And being a human being - weak in flesh - I found myself picking up easier topics. Topics that I enjoyed and kept me motivated. That was the good part of it.

I kept publishing new content frequently. Finally the traffic began to build up. The increase was slow but steady.

I was excited... Very excited...

... Until I discovered that it was the WRONG traffic. I had worked hard to attract the wrong audience.


Therefore, figure out what's your niche and create content for your niche only. Even if this is the hardest part for you.

In fact, it is quite a mystery for me - we choose our niche according to where our passion is. So it should not be hard.

Then you start working and creating content for your niche and suddenly... It is hard. The hardest part in the world.

Like... If writing was hard for Hemingway, he could do something else (sell shoes for example). He loved to write. And yet he describe it like bleeding. Sweat, blood, and tears.

The same with me. In fact, I like writing. If I did not enjoy it, I would do something else. Yet when I start doing it, I find it hard.

That's how life is.

Be very encouraged, writing has always been hard. At least for writers, and especially for great writers.

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HCM Premium
Very true in what you say. For me it is hard, but we do get better as we write more.

:) Heather
egonsarv Premium
Thank you, Heather. I have found that too - the more I write, the easier it becomes.
JewelCarol Premium
Thanks Egon, I feel the same, it is not easy fo me to write and I struggled a lot, lol. But you are right, at least 3-5 times a week contents will be awesome.:)
egonsarv Premium
Thank you Jewel. What I have learned from is that you are very kind and caring. I don't know whether it's because you live in the sunny Singapore or

I am always very impressed by your soft and friendly expressions in your posts. :) Then I feel like I am a block of ice from the North hahahahaahaha
JewelCarol Premium
Hahaha... You are nice, thanks very much for yr kind words! Singaporean women are pretty kind and helpful, lol. Appreciate it, Egon.:)
ChrisTowers Premium
Great information here and I can relate to some of it ... but I noticed you did not have a problem writing and finding the words here :)

Thanks for sharing :)

egonsarv Premium
Thank you for encouragement, sir. Maybe this comes out of desperation. And... Out of practice too.

It's been long and weary road. Often it's like, I know what I want to say but don't have vocab or phrases to express myself in English.

So finally, what I did was, I took a new Excel spreadsheet and created a database with some great phrases, connectors, similies, metaphors, etc.

When I read great authors and see something beautiful, I copy and paste it into my database.

This way, over time, my own English has improved and hopefully become somewhat more interesting too.

I just give you some examples from my database (phrases I could never spell out myself):

1. "I don’t recall anyone promising a rose garden."
2. "Trump was never some kind of knight in shining armor"
3. This is just shifting another deck chair as we hit the iceberg,
4. I almost choked to death when I looked...

Or on money:
1. ...has just poured its money down the drain.
2. Somehow that doesn’t sound like Joe Voter digging deep in his Levi’s;
3. When Stein first started passing the hat around, she said $2.5 million would be plenty, thank you very much.

It's a lot of hard work, sir, to improve my vocab and language.

But thank you again for your encouragement. It gives my hope - maybe I am not that hopeless after all :)
Goson Premium
Hi, my friend, I feel the same way as you. Please hang in there, May the Lord strengthen you on this, and lead to your success.
egonsarv Premium
Thank you for your prayers. I need them :)

God bless you too!
Aandzia12 Premium
You are right quality over quantity. Anyways you are actually saying you have traffic. Traffic equals success. Maybe you Just are perfectionist. If not there is always Videos if you d prefer.
egonsarv Premium
Agree, even wrong traffic is better than no traffic at all. But I still prefer the right traffic. Like this famous example (let me refresh my memory):

If you run a car spare parts store on the street corner, which group of visitors would you prefer - 1000 random visitors, or 100 visitors whose car just broke down few blocks down the road?

As for the videos... that hurts the most... lol

To tell the truth, I fear making videos more than plague... Because I am not native English speaker, I am afraid of being embarrassed.

I know, I should not but I still am. I need to have some motivational boost and try to do at least one...
Aandzia12 Premium
Im not Native either who cares. Its What you say not how. How about that. Say you discovered cure for Tiredness and Videoed about it. Would people say no wont listen to that he is not Native?