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I am new to all this website building. I served 15 years with the 1st Infantry Division and was in combat in Iraq.

June 27, 2016
With a country so open to changes, one issue is still being spread around in the media and social circles. I face the issues every day of my life, that I’m weird, unstable, and so many other phobias’. My childhood was very stressful. I have been a part of discrimination, violence, public accommodations, discriminated by family and friends. I believe that I should not have to face discrimination in any form. I don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression. I am a Christian and believe the bible 100%. With that said let’s read my thoughts. Religion is the cause of most hate and discrimination. Myself I have tried to commit suicide many times. Being transgender means that I was born male, which was completely the opposite to what I believed, I believed I should have been born a female. An example would be I dress as a female and live full time as Heather, (female). Most people fear what they don’t understand. Being on your own with no one to help you makes it very hard.
Additionally, media and social circles do damage to transgender individuals. A big part of the media has used the religious aspect of making me out to be a freak, I assault children in the washroom, and I'm a spawn of Satan. Right now many states are passing bills to limit what washrooms I can use. The fact is I committed no crime using the washroom. (Bryann Tannehill 2015) wrote in the Huffington Post, that said,” The Actual Numbers Make It Clear, (Luke Malone, 2015), Why Anecdotes are just Anecdotes When looking at this statistically, it is pretty easy to understand why this is true statistically. Over the 35-year history of NDOs protecting transgender people all over the world, only one case of a person abusing an NDO and committing sexual assault, (in Canada), has ever been found, even by those most interested in demonizing transgender people.” (P4) Question; Do you think it is safe for transgender individuals to use the washroom that fits their gender identity?[G1] [G2]
Further more[G3] my childhood and early adulthood was not a good time. My family, (father, mother, and three brothers), could not accept the fact I was acting more girl than a [G4] boy. When I would try to play with Barbie’s, little teapots, fairy wands, and anything else little girls played with, they would tease me and take anything away that was for girls. They always replaced them with boy toys. In my mind looking back, religion had a lot to do with how they perceived the gender roles. At such an early age of 5. I knew something wasn’t right. I always felt like playing with girl toys, and I was born a male. I started hanging around boys and never played with girl toys. I had to stop acting like a girl, which hurt me very deeply, but what choice did I have?
There is also the fact, I have many friends who beat up, murdered, or denied access to public accommodations. I faced the bathroom issue. I was hit by women and men because I used the women’s restroom. I have been spit on to name a few things. I have been to many trans days of remembrances, there they read all the names from that year of sisters and brothers that are transgender and had lost their lives. It was very emotional for us all that were there.[G5]
Furthermore, I know that religion plays a very big cause for the discrimination. I have had many friends that have said what I was doing was against God. I was born male and should remain male. My answer to this is; there are a lot of people born with something wrong with them and had surgery or counseling to fix themselves. So using their terminology if they have surgery to correct what is wrong with them. Then why would it be any different for me, being transgender is no different. Right now many states are passing bills to limit what washrooms I can use.
I have tried to commit suicide many times myself because I couldn’t handle the pressure of being alone. No family or friends. I have lost so much being me. Suicide rates are very high for transgender male and females. (Luke Malone, March 2015), “Ash Haffner died in North Carolina last Thursday—another transgender teen lost to suicide. His mother says the 16-year-old had encountered bullying, which worsened when he began to transition publicly. "Ash had been so strong for years," she said, using the female pronoun. “Ash started enduring the most bullying when she cut her hair short Haffner’s death follows that of Leelah Alcorn, the 17-year-old transgender high schooler from Ohio, whose suicide attracted international attention last December and ignited a broader debate about early transition and conversion therapy. But perhaps most troubling about the deaths of these two young people is that they’re part of a broader trend in the U.S., which sees a disproportionate number of transgender and gender non-conforming teens and adults attempting suicide. The most recent, comprehensive data on suicide attempts was gathered by The Williams Institute, in collaboration with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Its report, Suicide Attempts Among Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Adults, analyzed responses from 6,456 self-identified transgender and gender non-conforming adults (18+) who took part in the U.S. National Transgender Discrimination Survey. The results are staggering. Beyond the overall number of suicide attempts, the rates are consistently high from respondents ages 18 to 65, when they begin to recede. Trans men are the most impacted, with 46 percent reporting an attempt in their lifetime. Trans women are close behind at 42 percent, and female-assigned cross-dressers report rates of 44 percent).”
Additionally, I am on my own. The family and friends I once had are all but a few disowning me because I'm transgender. I have been beaten up by my family and friends to many times. When I needed them the most they weren't there for me. I was on my own except for a few friends. My roommate is female and she is the most precious thing to me in the world. Without her, I would be lost and not have many reasons to go on. She is my rock, and I love her.

Let me introduce my daughter, she is 23 and has always been there for me and she is very dear to my heart. (Lee Ann, 2016),“Growing up my mom taught me to love everyone. Judging people was something she never wanted me to do. Love thy neighbor as thyself. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Never in a million years did my mom think I would actually be as excepting as I am today. When I found out my dad was transgendered, I was very shocked. But I knew there was nothing in this world that could ever make me want to stop loving my dad. All I was afraid of is everyone else in his life. Would they accept him? It doesn't matter, though, it's not [G6] their body. It doesn’t hurt anyone. What matters is his happiness. She will always be my dad. I will never stop loving her.” [G7]

As you can see the issues I face every day are hard to comprehend. (media, childhood, family, religion, and suicide.) There are good points to each side. Put yourself in my spot, do you think I should have to put up with discrimination, the media, religion, no support from family or friends. Not to mention, should family try to influence child development from one gender or the other? All crimes committed washrooms are committed by non-transgender individuals. Most crimes committed against transgender Americans do not get prosecuted as hate crimes, which have mandatory minimum sentences. Ask yourself this question, if your brother, sister, husband, wife, and told you they were transgender what would be your reaction? (Nicole Russell, 2015), her article said, “The Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPY’s, Bruce Jenner used his experience to discuss the next generation of transgenders", (Nicole Russel 2015) “trans people deserve something vital; They deserve your respect. If You want to call me names, make jokes, doubt my intentions, go ahead, because the reality is I can take it, but for the thousands of kids out there, coming to terms with being true to who they are, they shouldn’t have to take it”

There is a saying, (I was US Army for 15 years), that says that I fought for your right to ______ me.

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:) Heather
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