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I have read that sometimes newbie members here in WA get banned from SiteComments because too many of their comments have got disapproved.As a result, some WA members are afraid to give comments (they don't want to get disapproval).So therefore, I just wanted to confirm you - if you don't use hate speech or do spamming, I will accept your comment.You can conflict with my world view, you can disagree with me, you can oppose my article, argue with me.... I will approve your comment. That's my pro
In fact, there are two mistakes that I want to discuss here.Mistake #1I did not create enough content.I don't know about you but for me writing is hard. And seems to me, it is pretty much a universial difficulty.If you don' believe me, just google "writing quotes" and see what comes up. Let me give you some examples:“We are weak, writing is difficult…” ― Robert Falcon Scott “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” R
February 22, 2017
Both of them are connected with blogging and hopefully you can learn from them too.First, the good newsThe good news is that my site has slowly started to get organic comments. Not organic traffic but organic comments.As you know well, comments coming through WA Site Comment are not organic. That kind of comments are not so difficult to get - just go out and offer few comments, then ask comments yourself.But for long time I was wondering why my posts did not attract organic comments. Maybe it'
I have noticed that my website loading speed was not awesome. Sometimes it's a little bit better, sometimes it's worse but the frustrating part is that I don't know how to really improve it.And I don't really have time for learning it. Because creating quality content takes a lot of time (at least for me).Therefore, the slow loading speed is like a heavy burden on my shoulders and, as much as I understand, better speed means better Google ranking, means more traffic...So, like it or not, I must
Last week I wrote that I had achieved the best result for my blog from the WA Site Health. Almost all of the metrics were in green (100% or close to it).I felt completely relieved because for too long I had to live with all these red and yellow circles.It's not so hard to stay in greenNow, a week later I have found that once in green, it's not so difficult to keep it in green. Just add a bit every day to make the metrics happy and that's it.Don't get me wrong here, though. My priority is not to
Just a quick note:This is the best result I've ever had from the WA SiteHealth doctor:It's difficult with plugins. I deleted few that Kyle recommended me to remove... And my site speed improved because of that. Which is good. But on the other hand, I still need some plugins so I have to live with it. It's difficult to keep the number under 5.Site Speed metricsI'd like to add one more metrics here - Site Speed. I don't know how complicated it is to add it here but I know it could be pretty compl
Hey, WA topguns!This morning I stumbled upon an article about Webster Tarpley, a 71 year old blogger from Maryland who was forced to pay a "substantial sum" to Melania Trump for reporting an unfounded rumors that Melania had once worked as an escort.Here's the problem, in Webster's own words: "I had no legitimate factual basis to make these false statements and I fully retract them,” Tarpley confessed in his statement. “I acknowledge that these false statements were very harmful and
Hey, WA topguns!Below is an important takeaway lesson for you from this year Super Bowl and its superstar Tom Brady.Those of you who follow American Football, know the Super Bowl LI (2017) had a stunning ending, to say the least. The New England Patriots who started the game with an awfully painful 0-21 score, and in one point were trailing 28-3 (the point where president Trump called it a day and left), Patriots, by sheer willpower, still managed to turn the tables and win the game.Jaw-droppin
Yes, it can be done - It's possible to turn a blank Wordpress installation into a $10,000 a month passive income stream within half a year.I have seen (read) it quite a many times how people have done it. And in this post I will reveal you their secret on how they do it. And how you can to achieve the same results.But first, let me describe how I tend to feel when I read/hear about another such example of a mega-success (for me 5 figure income a month is a mega-success).Our problem (almost alwa
Hopefully it won't happen to you. But it happened to me so just for a future reference, I will write it down - what happened and how could I solve it.There were quite a few problems connected to it.First, I noticed that I could not request comments (via WA Site Comments) to my latest articles. All the older posts were in the list (the one where you choose your article to be commented) but the newer ones were not.Second, when a comment was generously given, I could happily approve it in the Site