Do You Have Style?

Last Update: July 30, 2018

No I'm not talking about your fashion sense or lack there of. I'm referring to your content and how it's laid out. I tend to babble off at the mouth when I write and it can get pretty lengthy! So to accommodate this verbal diarrhea, I've learned to break up my content into manageable and enticing chunks. Let me walk you through how I do it!

Yummy Bite Size Goodness.

I'm pretty certain when you sit down to a meal, you don't try to shove the whole plate down your throat. If you're like most Human beings, you're taking bite size portions of your meal. Well your content should be the same way!

Break up your content into small paragraphs of 4-6 short sentences and use some enticing subheadings that are bolded. You can find some great headlines reading magazines, newspapers or other news sites. Use some of this for the sub headlines in your content. Those headlines are written by experts and are designed to pull you in! So make them your own. Catchy Sub headlines and short paragraphs will help people easily scan the information and will likely to get them to read it more if you do a great job with your headlines.

Check this out Want To Attract More Readers? Check Your Headlines for more help about headlines.

A Picture is Worth...

Use images or videos when possible to break up your content. I never understood why grown up books had to lack images. But then again I'm a simple simon type of dude. That said I always felt images helped enhanced what I was reading. Chances are your audience feels the same way. Get in touch with your inner child and use images or videos to help tell your story.

Images can sometimes get your point across a lot faster than your words or it will pull people in because they want to know the context of the image. So it's a powerful way to enhance your writing. Cue my image now...

"Ain't Nobody Got Time For All That!"

Ironically the information age has actually led to a shorter attention span. Folks are so bombarded with emails and websites they try to quickly filter that information as quickly as possible. So what do you think happens when they see your huge jumbled wall of text? Do you really think they're going to stop and read all that?

In most cases the answer is "Hell to the nah!". Don't believe me? Think about your own surfing habits. How appealing is a big wall of text to you? Even if the information will help people most won't read it if you can't make it a bit more digestible. So be sure to format your content with the tips listed above so you increase your chances of keeping folks engaged!

Is it Time For A Makeover?

Hopefully now you'll look at the way your content is styled and give it a makeover based on what you've read here. If you need a little more guidance, just look at the way I've set up this article or my other blog posts here on WA or my blog: I'm not only a client, I'm also the president of this when I write. LOL Okay maybe not the president but you get the picture.

Let me know what you guys think. Do you have style? Did your writing always have style? Are you turned off by articles that are just a huge block of text? Chime in below.

Until next time...

Eddy with a Y! (Is it really that hard to remember? LOL)

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annikaerbe Premium
Another great one! Very helpful stuff - that is fun to read too!
EddySalomon Premium
Thanks Annika!
terryellen Premium
Thanks Eddy, you are right on, now I have to measure up!
EddySalomon Premium
Thanks Terry! I'm just happy it gives you some insight to help you when writing your blog post!
Anewcreature Premium
Thanks Eddy you seem to always provoke me to thinking.
EddySalomon Premium
Thanks Rob! That's always the goal while entertaining you in the same breath. LOL
nomda ploom Premium
well Eddy, you sure have style- seriously, this is a great summary, Andy
EddySalomon Premium
Well thank you Andy! I appreciate that!
ar20746 Premium Plus
Thank you very much for the instruction. I totally agree with you. But it is the fact that only great minds can afford a simple style.
EddySalomon Premium
You're welcome Joze! I've never head that observation but now I don't feel as bad as being a simple simon. LOL