Are you distracted by the wrong things?

Last Update: Mar 13, 2015


Lately I've been noticing that people that get into this business are very excited about all the new technical skills they have learned here at WA. And that's great! WA makes it very easy for anyone to create a website in a few steps.

Then they give you some great training on how to manage and change that website very easily. But I'm starting to wonder if it's a good idea to give people this much power.

New Shiny Object Syndrome

One of the things I've noticed with newbies is that once they realize how easy it is to change their websites they become fixated on all the new things they can do such as:

  • Changing themes
  • Installing plugins
  • Messing with sidebars
  • Adding banners
  • etc.

I know how exhilarating it is to know that you have the power to adjust your website so easily with all this cool functionality. But this becomes a detriment to your business if it is an unhealthy fixation that stops you from taking action on more important things.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day here's what you need to realize about this business. It boils down to your content! Ain't no more to it! It's not adding a social media box to your sidebar or making your header perfect, or messing with the font so it's exactly the way you want.

Outside of the basic technical settings taught in the training many of the other little technical things that folks become fixated on isn't necessarily going to help you show up in google or convert people into buyers. Ultimately once you get your website up and running, you really need to focus on writing engaging, useful optimized content regularly.

If you're spending hours doing anything else then it's pretty much a huge waste of time. The exception to that is if you're spending time on analyzing your stats, running tests or actively promoting your site. But fiddling around with your theme to get it perfect is a huge waste of time in most cases.

Stop Lying To Yourself!

I think a lot of time people become fixated on other things with the guise of being busy and working on their business. But I think it's just another form of procrastination because so many people are intimidated by writing. So they focus on less important things to delay the fact they do have to get cracking on writing. And I totally get that.

It's a real fear. I've been there and done that. But the only way to conquer this fear is head on. It's not with distractions. The sooner you can start writing and doing it consistently the closer you will be to success. Trust me you will get better. But not if you keep fiddling around with your theme.

Once you're consistently writing you can always go back and mess around with your site as I do. But writing content consistently should always be your priority and come before everything else when it comes to this business.

Keep your eyes on the prize!

So my suggestion is to take a step back and look at your current activities. Ask yourself, is spending all this time on said activity bringing me closer to attracting new visits or helping people solve their problems so they will convert on my site? If you can't answer yes to that question, then whatever you're doing should take a back seat. It means you need to re-prioritize your energy on the activities that will bring people to your site. And I can tell you from experience it's writing content.

Your two cents..

So tell me what you guys think. Are you guilty of what I've discussed above? Has this made you re-evaluate your own activities? Chime in below. Even if you don't agree with me I want to hear it.

Thanks for reading. I just felt compelled to write this article because I keep seeing newbies focused on everything else but writing and it frustrates me because I know the other things they're fixated on isn't helping their bottom line. So now I'll be referring them to this article. Feel free to do the same!

Let's get people back on the right path so they can experience success sooner!

Eddy with a y

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I totally admit to this "squirrel" mentality. I try to stay focused but at the same time I'm distracted. My site I have now, I feel like I have wasted so much time on it because it' s not targeted towards a certain niche, yet people. And as I continue to fondle with the themes, I'm just getting further and further behind on reaching my goals. But, I will press on because this queen will not be defeated from the "squirrel" mentality, lol.


Well, at least you recognize you are guilty of this. Now it's time to do something about it. In terms of your site, you may want to read the following:

I did read it and it brought me to this post you made and a few others. You are the bestest for all of the information you provide Eddy! Thanks so much, keep doing what you're doing!

** SmileBright**

You're very welcome. I'm glad it helps.

Definitely guilty of the above, albeit the distraction not being my theme, procrastination in any conceivable form will try to creep up on you if you don't keep it in check.

That's why my golden rule action sequence is: Wake up, wash, breakfast, write.

Any deviation from this order WILL eventually end with procrastination! XD



This is a very good article. I have to agree and disagree with you here.

I agree that most of the time when a new person joins WA, it's because they want to learn how to get visitors to their website. They want to run a successful Internet business. When they get here they find out how much "you got to write". Oh, the fear of writing. I'm way past that kind of fear, brother. You sent me this article before, which helped nudge me in the right direction.

New Shiny Object Syndrome, am I a victim? Perhaps I am. When I joined WA I was clueless. I had no real idea as to what I wanted to do and how to get there. (we both know that to be a lie) I'm all about the building of the church. You have read my profile. My original plans are still there, just below the updates.

Sometimes it takes the shiny new objects to help a person see the light, as in what they want from WA. Learning how to use those object can become a distraction, and at times may make a person look disorganized. WA has a way of pulling it all together, and that's why I keep at it.

Thank you for the article, and the push.

God bless you Brother Eddy with a y


As I mentioned in your post I think your situation is unique. But for most of the people that are here, I think this article is true and the advice should be headed since most people are here to make money and do it by blogging.

Point well taken, however content isn't my problem or writing often, it is getting it to stick in the dern website... I have created websites for some of my clients using GoDaddy and I was able to figure that out, I'm sure webpress is much better and I will get it, but so far I struggle with it - I have two pages completed and )as an example) can only view one at a time in my site.
Has to be a way to place a menu at the top...
I will figure it out - working on page three now, so content is coming along, if I can make it look like a Blog or website I'll be very happy!

Remember what I said in my help article. Be sure to use all those resources I laid out. You shouldn't spend too much time getting hung up on technical issues when you have tech support, live chat, etc. So be sure to make full use of it so you can get that content out asap.

This is brilliant. And somethiing I fell for in the past but now know that its so important to get content out there. I wanted a banner on my website and I am now 4 months in and it sitll hasnt got one. But I didnt let it stop me writing and adding content every week! Good stuff Eddy - thanks for writing about it!

You're doing all the right things Sharon.

That is good to know Eddy, will just keep on keeping on!!! Thanks again

You're welcome Sharon.

Its also important to write correctly and learn how to write articles that convert. I have 205 posts on my website but no sales or referrals that have converted. I also don't know exactly what my problem is but sometimes changing your theme and little things can increase views. Don't learn the hard way like I have!

If you've written over 200 hundred articles and they don't convert at all that's a huge issue which could be related to your content, lack of traffic or a technical issue. A theme may increase views in that it may be less bloated and busy so your site loads up quicker and people stay on longer. So from that respect it may help. But unfortunately newbies tend to gravitate towards themes that have all these unnecessary bells and whistles that may slow their sites down or have a huge learning curve.

Mine was a pretty basic theme. No bells...small whistles. Its been up a year. It gets good traffic, bounce rate pretty low. I'd be willing to bet 100+ bucks if I let a guru get their hands on it they could do wonders with fixing it up. The content is there, 100 percent on all the site trust..etc. My problem is I come from a blue collar background meaning I'm terrible at selling. To me its just bait and hook. So maybe my conscious holds me back idk. But my site does get some good views and has tons of content.

At least I don't rely on this as an income...not yet anyway. Glad I worked for the man for 30 years just because I paid into a 401/k and taxes. Plus VA healthcare is zero bucks for me. If this worked it would just get me over the hump is all...

I am thinking about hiring a guru though to work on my site. Thanks Eddy with a Y.

Some of these I can relate to Eddy...with a Y. The last one is the best but I do try and so a subtle push on the majority of my blogs. Not too in your face like "Buy my sh&% man!" Lol
I will keep looking at what I can do to improve the site...maybe some more comments or something idk. I am seriously considering hiring a content guru though and not a Fiverr
writer! I'm talking a serious content marketing guru!...Lol....

Great article. I don't know if I am guilty of "shiny object syndrome", but I am trying to get 3 sites up at once. Maybe I am not focusing on one at a time like I should. I was just telling myself this morning that I just need to start cranking out articles, lol. Then build the other sites one at a time.

Thanks for the reality check Eddy! Keep up the good articles.

You're welcome Jason. At least you're honest with yourself. Just keep in mind what I wrote above and apply it accordingly.

Will do. Working on a post now and another level of training.

Sounds good.

I am guilty of this, I'm thinking you also fell victim too lol! its in the way you express it, but we need people like you who have had experience here to share some light, and indeed you have hit the nail on the head. I sometimes get distracted because I like to invite people to my site and make it appealing and in an organized manner.
I really have to get busy and back to writing, thanks for this man.

I'm just starting my second month now here at WA ;

Yes I have experienced it and definitely why I can write about it to help you guys avoid it. lol
I'm glad this article resonated with you. You may like the other articles I've written here:

I am partly guilty of this. Although writing is no problem for me. I've always enjoyed. Both creatively and professionally. However, consistency is something I need to work on. Its tough when you're managing a full time job and have a commitment to the gym. Aside from those things, there's also a social life to tend to. So my articles get dotted about from time to time. I have set goals to work on this issue however. Then there's my YouTube channel too...

I hear you Nick. We're all juggling multiple things in our life. You may want to read the following to help you with that:

I spend about 1 to 2 hours a day writing on my website and studying lessons. So far in 8 months I have 150 posts on my site. And it's gaining as an authority in my niche. So, I would just put in a little at a time, it's not something that has to be done in one failed swoop. Take your time but definitely be consistent. Best. Dave

That's exactly how to approach it David! 1-2 posts per week is good enough. If you can do more then that's great.

Personally I like to write. No take that back. It's become an obsession for me. When I got real sick in 05 with menegitis I lost some cognitive skills. My doc said start writing a journal. So I did but to make some extra cash I started writing on Fiverr in 2012. To date I have written over 1000 article/blogs for people on the site. But more importantly is my cognitive skills improved. So idk...Im not intimidated by writing even though I'm no expert.

That's great for you David. Unfortunately most people are terrified of it and just distract themselves. So this post was really meant to remind those folks what they should focus on.

True but being 52 now my focus is more staying healthy walking and trying to eat right. Its weird how in the space of 20 years your priorities change ...The writing helps keep my mind engaged because it has a tendancy to

Excellent post btw!


In 20 years your priorities do change, but that't not weird in any way. There's no reason a 22 yr old would have the same priorities as a 2 yr old.

I have another 20 years on you and I can assure you that your priorities will be massively different again at this age. I certainly expect mine to be massively different 20 years from today.

If you change nothing in 20 years that's pretty frightening.

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