No more riding the wave on Facebook

Last Update: Mar 23, 2014


Surfs flat for those who were enjoying the cool marketing waves of Facebook.

There has been talk about this and it is glassy now, they are slowly wiping out the organic reach of pages. Posts from pages are reaching less users, even meme photos will be pearling as Facebook focuses on paid marketing.

Reasons? It is said that the typical grommet is being bombed by 1,500 posts per day from friends and Pages. Facebook wants to concentrate on content that is strictly off the hook.

What does this mean for the companies/marketers? Apart from being rag dolled by the change, they will have to make a re-entry into paid advertising to keep up the numbers.

After all, 7$billion dollars worth of paid ads in 2013 (estimated to be 10.8$billion this year) was not gnarly enough for Facebook.

Hang-loose members!

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I've never been a big fan of FB. I have the bare bones of a professional page set up, but I admit that I struggle just to loggin to my account and try to do anything with it. Socially, I'd rather talk to WA and media/professionally I'd rather use G+, Pinterest and Twitter. I guess FB just isn't my cup of tea...but I have a good community of other IMs that I've connected with there.

Amen to that!

Glad you found other tools! :) I was counting on it to be a good place for business, it's not "over", but they are definitely not helping with this move. They are not alone anymore, but I find the others very specific (Pinterest=visual, Twitter=140 characters...).

Very interesting I do not have fb page, and I have noticed the steady increase of ads, that quite frankly annoy me , I agree WA is a good place to be

They will certainly have members turn their backs on them and run to other social media. They are not alone anymore and are loosing monopoly. We don't have to worry about that on WA! :)

Typical greed stretching its tentacles........that is why I am grateful for WA where training is free from all its members!

The rich are getting greedy & stingy, not good karma if you ask me!

Abe Lincoln would just have referred us to death and taxes if we wanted certainty- move on, nothing to see here LOL

Andy you are so unique! Only you can bring up Abe Lincoln from a Facebook blog, lol!

figuring you for an Aussie, might be wrong....just like the directness and the lack of guile, which I think is sophisticated- as for writing styles, yours is great and mine is simply a reflection of the jumble that passes for daily thoughts. I liked this one, for sure.

Thank you Andy, much appreciated! :)
Nope, I'm a Canuck! Dreaming of beaches and waves while enduring yet another snowstorm and -15 temperature. I like reading your comments, I read them twice to make sure I got it, lol, my Canadian lingo being different. ;)

Just another pothole on the social highway. No biggie! we will just build a bridge.

Yep, good attitude! :)

Awww, will miss 'em dearly.....Not, smiley face smiley face

Lol! I take it you weren't a fan... ;p

horrid platform my friend (oops, did I say that on live tv)...err, sorry fb fans, though we can do much better...

No offense taken, I don't even have a personal fb page. We should start a platform of our own! ;)

I've heard there are some semi decent communities on the www --- Just am at a loss to think of any right now... Have to get back to you on that one mate...

Aaawww I just worked out this $$##% facebook thing now I have to work out pinterest ... thanks Genevieve (go up 5 points)

Oops, sorry, lol! Nah, it doesn't mean it's worth ''nothing'' to have a Facebook page, but they have tightened up their belts and businesses are noticing the side effects. Better have more than 1 social media option. Pinterest can be good, but not for all, it is visually driven and some businesses cannot relate or use it to their advantage.

Yes, I also get suggestions to pay for promotions. Haven't tired pinterest yet but that will be my nxt step

Good idea! Here, maybe this can help:

And there goes facebook! Another something will pop up!

Lol. Sure, it'll be my next blog subject! They are given us material. ;)

Funny I was just checking my page on FB to see how many views today's post received when I got an e-mail with the title of your blog. My first thought was, how did she know I was on FB?? (No no please don't answer that. I am just that tired.)
I had a feeling that this was why so few people see my posts. I am constantly receiving suggestions from FB to pay to promote my page. I honestly get more response from G+ and Pinterest.

Lol, I have eyes on all you members! ;p Yep, that is what's happening. Your readers news feed may not show your posts. They will have to go to your page on their own, which is sure to bring traffic down. At least you have G+ and Pinterest working for ya, Facebook will learn it's not the only social media!

Oh well!

That's right, too bad for them and their billions of dollars! We can find better ''free'' solutions. :)

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