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Last Update: October 07, 2019

I have often seen members wondering about outsourcing and hiring writers. You may have seen my answer, which is usually "you get what you pay for". What if there was an open marketplace, where you could look for articles on your niche, pre-written, guaranteed error free with no copied content? Lead me to it, I hear you reply! Let me introduce you to

This is a marketplace where professional writers add their articles on any subject, of any length and set their own price. All submissions are thoroughly checked by editors and believe me, they are extremely picky and you have to know some very complex grammar rules! As a disclaimer, I do occasionally submit articles here, but I am not advertising my services. You won't be able to search for my content as I use a pseudonym. (Not that my real name is Diane Scorpio anyway!)

So, on your behalf, I had a browse through to see what was currently available. You're welcome!

I picked a search term familiar to us all - affiliate marketing. This returned 690 results! There are various ways of filtering the results, by price or word count etc.

The cheapest one I could find was $15 for 469 words - "5 Great Money-Making Tips for Stay at Home Moms". Obviously its a little on the short side, but once you have purchased it, you are free to alter it or to add to it any way.

Now, here's the good bit - you are allowed to see the first couple of paragraphs to see if its what you are looking for, before you buy.

The longest article, and consequently, the most expensive was $180 for 1886 words - "a Guide to Affiliate Marketing on Facebook".

I am not suggesting you use this platform for all of your content (unless you can afford it of course), but perhaps you may be lacking inspiration one day or need an occasional article just to give your site a nudge. Or, as another bonus, have a look what others have written, as an idea for your own future posts. Do be aware, before purchasing, you need to load your account by a minimum of $25, paid by PayPal. Enjoy!

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Cali Premium
Not a bad idea. I was already thinking about the part of getting ideas.
CandP Premium
You are amazing! Thanks for another fantastic resource!
Colette and Philip
Nancy29 Premium
I've bookmarked the URL. Thanks for sharing!
android6706 Premium Plus
Useful content as always Diane
Jules73 Premium
WOW...who knew there was a site out there...not me!

Thanks for this snippet of information, I've found since i started my won website that I actually enjoy writing, but I'll certainly take a sneak peek and see if the writing style is similar in my chosen niche...can't hurt to look eh 😉

Thanks Diane great post 👍