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February 27, 2021
So, here's an interesting statistic for you. Did you know that 49% of searches in Google result in no clicks whatsoever? But, what exactly does that mean and how does it impact you? Well, this is all down to Google's featured snippet.As you may know, Google has a featured snippet at the top of the page that it deems to be the best answer to your question. Let's take a look. Say you are searching for "what plant is best for a bathroom"On the results page, at the top is the featured snippet. See
So, I plan to address some of what are considered to be ranking factors and discover whether they are true or false.Today, I will start with the age of your domain. Does it matter? Will an older domain rank faster?Well, the short answer is no. And John Mueller of Google has confirmed this with this quote - "domain age helps nothing"It certainly used to be a ranking factor, and as such, people were tempted to buy "pre-aged" domains to get them ahead of the competition. This itself can be fraught
February 19, 2021
So, I often see members who are puzzled as to why they have not been accepted for the Google AdSense program. Let's take a look at everything you should have in place before you apply, and why you might be turned down.Posts and ContentFirst of all, your posts should have unique content that's relevant to your visitors and provides a great user experience. You need around 20 to 30 posts, and everything should be original, nothing copied and pasted.Consider the arrangement of your text and images
Just a quick post to let you know that if you would like to use the Site Feedback feature, that you can currently request up to 20 without having to use any of your precious credits. I have no idea as to when this offer will end, so get in there fast! Click the link below. if you miss out on this offer, you can always use the thread below.
So, I am assuming this is new because I have never noticed it before. To become a certified commenter and earn cash for leaving comments, the requirements are to leave 50 comments in 30 days, have at least an 80% approval rate, and less than 20% skip rate.However, it also now states you have to be a Premium or Premium Plus member for 90 days before you can be certified. This will hopefully deter those individuals who join the platform simply to make cash through commenting and subsequently leav
So, just a quick post today to introduce you to a new tool. You may have been using Jaaxy to search the ranking position of your posts. However, as you are aware, it only shows a result if you are on the 1st page of Google. In other words, the top 10. While that may be our ultimate goal, it's nice to have a bit of encouragement by perhaps finding out if we are even in the top 100, the first 10 pages. Like a fairy Godmother, I am here to your rescue!Take a look at bas
So, you may have heard that a good way of proofreading your own content is to read it aloud. It may then become obvious if your sentences are too long or don't flow naturally. You can also pick up missing words or phrases that don't make sense.However, even when doing this, you are obviously aware of how it should sound, and may therefore add a pause automatically. But if that natural pause isn't indicated by a comma in the writing, then somebody else reading it would be lost in a rambling sent
January 28, 2021
Just a quick post to let you know that Jay has scheduled all his upcoming webinars right up until June. You can subscribe to any of them right now!
January 27, 2021
So, do you find yourself keep writing the same old style of posts for your site? Want to change things up a bit? Here are five must-write blog topics that can be adapted for any niche.Seasonal ArticlesThese are more suited to product niches and you need to plan well in advance for them. This allows for the post to be indexed and ranked. For example, Valentine's Day is coming up, but if you haven't already got your post out there, you have probably missed the opportunity. In that case, you could
January 26, 2021
So, I am simply going to copy and paste what Kyle said in response to a member's question. Not sure why he didn't create a blog post on this, as it addresses some concerns about the WA ranking system. The implication is, that members who respond to questions with a simple reply such as "I see you got your answer" or "thanks for asking, I have learned something" will not be ranked as high as those who actually answer the question.Of course, I am sure we all know that there is nothing to be gaine