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So, we now come to my favourite writing agency and the one I recommend above all others. Welcome to! This agency is based in Sweden, but accepts writers from all over the world, even those who speak languages other than English. The application steps are the same as usual, spelling and grammar tests, followed by a 300 word article on a subject of their choosing. You will be pleased to know that the subject usually revolves around marketing, SEO strategies, blog writing etc. All
I do hope the image above represents a glass of wine and not a soft drink!So, in my previous blog, I left you with the idea, that you too may wish to become a freelance writer. Lets take a look at the agencies I recommend, where there will be no drama, lots of available work and on-time payments.GreatContent If you remember back to one of my previous posts, you may recall that I was given the high score of level 5 on my first attempt at joining an agency. Well - this is the one,
Yesterday I discussed some of the darker aspects of freelance writing, and the traps which await the unwary. Thankfully, I have put all those experiences behind me, and now move on to happier times. Private ClientsSuprisingly, after I mentioned the pitfalls of, that is where I gained my first private clients. Some clients actually specifically require writers from certain countries, in which case, you stand a better chance of being selected. (That doesn't deter dozens of others f
So, having got my foot in the door of the writing industry, was I satisfied? Unfortunately not - I fell victim to shiny object syndrome. Thinking that as it had been so easy to join my first agency, why put all my eggs in one basket? So, I applied for lots of agencies and other methods of acquiring writing gigs, and learnt a few interesting lessons, and made some mistakes along the way.The Bad GuysYou may have heard of the phrase "content mills". These are platforms which churn out lots of cont
November 17, 2019
So, where was I? Oh yes, I left you with the exciting news, that on my first application to a writing agency, I was graded level 5, with the highest score possible being level 6. What did I do next? Well, I went into panic mode! Despite being a confident person, I was shocked that somebody considered my writing to be good enough, that they would actually pay me for it. However, I completed my registration and took a look at the jobs board.Jobs BoardsI will digress slightly here, and talk about
So, yesterday, one of our lovely members said she was interested in doing some freelance writing, and was wondering what to charge. After giving some advice, I thought it might be fun to discuss what being a full-time writer entails, how I got to this position, and what you can do if you wish to join me in this never dull career! Obviously, there are lots of writers on this platform and of course, their experiences may be different. I am aso a proofreader.My BackgroundJust as background, I work
November 14, 2019
Look at the title of my blog post. How many times have you heard that phrase? Its known as acliché, which is defined as an opinion or phrase which is overused and lacks original thought. Too many of these in a post can be irritating and seen as filler content, perhaps a lazy way of adding to the word count. How many of these are you guilty of?When it’s all said and done …Back on track …Level the playing field …Par for the course …In this day and age &hel
November 14, 2019
So, here is a super quick idea for updating old posts, and adding to their word count. If you have any posts such as "five ways to avoid sports injuries", "seven ways to beat stress" etc, then simply add another tip to it! An extra couple of paragraphs can add another 200 words or so. So now you have "six ways to avoid sports injuries"! This also works with "top five products" or "the seven best" type of posts.
Have you spotted the section which appears in the middle of the results page, when you search in Google? This is "people also ask", and as it sounds, it is a selection of related questions to what you are typing in when you search. It may spark some ideas for a new post, or can be used as suggestion for subheadings. Let's see it in action.So, I am going to search for "how to grow air plants". This is what I get.As you can see, "people also ask" has brought up four other similar questions, all o
November 04, 2019
So, have you heard of this phrase? Do you know what it means and how it relates to your site?The concept of above the fold goes back centuries, to the beginnings of the printing press. Newspapers, due to the way they were printed on large sheets of paper, were folded once they hit the news-stands. This led to only the top half of the paper being visible to the passer-by.The newspaper industry quickly worked out that to attract an audience, they must present attention-grabbing headlines, content