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So, back in July, I wrote a post letting you know about Google's product review update, and what they expect to see when you are writing a review of a product that you are promoting., they have now upped the game and added further conditions that they will be looking at when ranking your product reviews. Direct quote from Google below."Therefore we are introducing two new best practices for product reviews, to take effect in a f
So, Google has announced its annual Shopping Holiday 100, a list of the top consumer products that are expected to trend over the upcoming holiday season.The categories are gaming, health & beauty, fragrances, kitchen gear, sports & fitness, tech, and toys & games.It may be worth taking a look to see if there is anything you could write a review for.However, your site will need to be well-established for the content to index and rank in time for Christmas.New sites that are less tha
So, I have mentioned before that when it comes to product reviews, that Google expects them to be original and in-depth, not just a re-write of the Amazon description or copied content from your affiliate program. just how do you make your reviews more interesting, more unique, more authoritative than everybody else?This is a particular problem when you don't actually
So, in my previous post, I mentioned the potential indexing problems for those who host their websites at SiteGround.However, I have seen numerous questions from WA members, as to why their posts are not being indexed, regardless of where they are hosting.Many people have suggested that there is currently a problem with Google indexing.Not so, according to Google's John Mueller!He is adamant that there is no problem with indexing at the moment.It is simply that Google is being "more selective"
So, it has recently been confirmed that the two million domains hosted at SiteGround were blocking Google from indexing their content.The company announced that there was a “network issue between AWS Global Accelerator service and Google,” and this was fixed on November 12.The problem began on November 8, so there were four days when indexing was not happening.This means that any new content that was posted or old content that was updated was not visible to Google and could not be i
So, I visit Site Feedback on a daily basis, particularly looking for newbie websites. I believe that if you are making mistakes that could affect your future success, it is better to find out at an early stage when it is still relatively easy to fix.Let's take a look at the most common errors I see time and time again.No Affiliate DisclosureHaving an affiliate disclosure is a legal requirement. You must let your visitors know that you will earn a commission if they purchase anything through you
November 03, 2021
So, I happened to notice that the Black Friday banners have been added.I see there is a discount figure, but I don't know what the actual deal will be, Kyle will be announcing this shortly.
October 24, 2021
So, as you may know, I spend quite a bit of time in Live Chat and answer as many questions as I can.There may be some of you who have perhaps not ventured there as yet, or have done so in the past but have not enjoyed the experience for one reason or another.I thought I would put together some useful advice as to how it works.We are all Members in Live Chat The first thing to know is, that all the people in Live Chat are just members like yourself. (Other than a daily visit from Kyle!)So, we v
October 17, 2021
So, I have written previously about Your Money or Your Life niches and how Google actually uses its E-A-T algorithm. See below for a quick reminder, or perhaps an introduction to these important topics. you can see, if you write about topics that could affect somebody's life such as a medical subject or fin
So, when offering feedback on websites, I have noticed a lot of them are using the pre-written product descriptions provided by their affiliate programs. Now, you may think that if your affiliate program is offering this material, then you can save time and effort by simply copying and pasting it. And, after all, they know their own product best, so why do you need to write anything else?Unfortunately, this won't work when it comes to ranking your post. If you think about it, there are probably