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So, just a quick post to let you know about a cool program that can help you improve your writing. I would never recommend Artificial Intelligence or Article Spinners to write content, as not only do they give poor results, but Google is sophisticated enough to spot that they have been used. Therefore, don't be tempted to use this tool to re-write an entire post, just use it to sharpen up your writing in individual sentences. have this as a Chrome extension, but unfort
Hi - for those who use WooCommerce, you may wish to read this regarding updating your plugin. Not something I use, so I can't help with any questions, but felt that you need to know, in case it had passed you by.
So, I thought it worth reminding you about Google's product review algorithm that was rolled out in April. Several members wrote blog posts about it, but I am not sure if many people saw them. To summarise, on April 8, Google rolled out a new algorithm that specifically looked at product reviews, with a view to only ranking those highly that contained in-depth research. Many times, I have looked at websites to offer feedback, and their so-called reviews are simply just a few sentences of descri
So, those of you who follow the Search Engine Journal blog may already have seen this advice, but I thought it might be useful to summarise it.In a nutshell, as it says in the title, don't have too many internal links in one post as it may dilute their value. But why have internal links in the first place? They send a signal to Google as to what your most important pages are, they help the bots crawling your website discover new content and they allow Google to examine and understand your websi
So, following much discussion here recently, a member asked Carson for his views on the subject of write bans. I see no reason as to why this shouldn't be shared, as presumably, this is the definitive answer.I won't be commenting further on any replies, I don't have any more information to add. I have simply included the full response below for your interest."A write ban here at WA can happen in a number of ways.1 - Admin (Kyle or Myself) can issue a write ban if someone has broken "the rules"
July 02, 2021
No, don't worry, I am not trying to sell you anything, just trying to show you how to add a confident call to action (CTA). Don't hesitantly suggest that your reader may possibly be interested in your recommendation, tell them they need it now!Don't leave them with room to question your advice, tell them directly that it will solve their problem. It is your job to convince them. If you sound unsure, they will pick up on that and possibly go elsewhere.Here are some examples of hesitant phrases a
So, never forget the true purpose of your blog is to provide solutions to your reader's problems. And not only do they want answers, but they also want the solution to be easy, quick or spelt out for them step by step.These types of posts are likely to attract more visitors. You want them to think "this isn't that hard after all" or "this might be easier than I thought it would be". Do your blog posts promise that ease and simplicity?Perhaps you could go back over some of your posts and see if
Just a quick post today on a title generator that will give you literally hundreds of ideas from just one phrase. Do you sometimes think of a great keyword but struggle to turn it into a captivating title? This tool is worth a try. add your chosen topic, state whether it's a noun or a verb, and click submit. Within seconds, you will be presented with a list of ideas. They are categorised into different sections, such as lists, how-to, best, secrets
So, I thought I would do a few blog posts on Amazon. I do have to say that my title is kind of clickbait, because actually, I wouldn't recommend that newbies use Amazon. They do have a sales target that you need to meet or you will be removed from their program. This is 3 sales in 180 days. Unless your site is well-established and receiving daily traffic, this target is hard to meet.However, on the flip side, Amazon does accept new sites and that is why many newbies use them because they haven'
So, you may have heard that the "money is in the list" and eagerly added an option on your site for subscribers to sign up. Is this actually working for you? Or are you sadly disappointed that very few people are interested? What are you actually offering to your visitors? If all you are doing, is telling them that they will be notified of new posts, then they may not bother. After all, they can simply bookmark your site and head over whenever they wish.You need to give them a good reason to si