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So, yesterday, I started my new series on understanding Google Search Console.If you didn't see it, click the link below, it will make more sense if you read it before today's post., we learned where to find your impressions in Google Search Console, and what the figure actually means.Now we are going to go a little deeper.When you log in to your Search Console, uncheck the first box Total Clicks.(The next blog post will co
So, when answering questions, I have often noticed a lack of understanding of how to properly use Google Search Console, and worse still, not using it all! It really does offer a ton of useful information and helps you truly understand how well your site is doing, and where improvements can be made.I thought I would do a series of blog posts that break it down into small areas, so as not to overwhelm you!(And that's a random stock image photo above, I have no idea whose site it belongs to!)Fir
So, you may have thought that the only domains available to purchase at WA were .com, .net and .org.However, there are plenty of other options.The ones I have found so far, are .io, .co, .shop, .info, and .xyz.Please feel free to add any others to this list that you know of.They are more expensive, though.For example, .info is $24, .shop is $35.And please don't ask me if they will rank!I have no experience with this, but according to Google, the domain extension makes no difference, they all ha
June 14, 2022
So, what actually does that mean, be the last click?When you finally hit the heady delights of getting on page 1 of Google, the story doesn't end there.On the positive side, Google clearly considers that the content of your post matches the searcher's intent, it appears to answer their question.But what if it doesn't?The reader eagerly devours your content, only to realise that it hasn't answered their questions in full.So, they go back to Google and select another post.That is bad news for you
So, this isn't related to your business or your website, but I thought it might be interesting.When you go to a website that is partnering with Google AdSense, did you know that everybody will see something different in terms of the ads that are shown?You may perhaps have expected the ads to relate to the niche subject of the website, but that's not the case.Google looks at your personal ad settings in your Google account to decide what to show you. And it can be quite surprising to see what i
So, even if you have never heard this term before, I am pretty sure you will have seen numerous examples of Indented Search Results.This is a feature that Google rolled out in October last year and could be beneficial to you. Essentially, it means that Google has actually found two or more posts on your site that may match the intent of what somebody is searching for.The most relevant result will be displayed first, and the second result will be slightly indented.Let's see an example.For the se
So, if you are using any of the popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube, you will no doubt be familiar with hashtags.The use of hashtags can attract interest in your social media, and ideally, you should use 1 or 2 in each post for the most engagement.Did you know that you can find what hashtags are currently trending, even on an hourly basis? is a free platform that shows which hashtags have been trending over the l
So, I often see a lot of confusion over understanding what stage in the buying process your reader is at.And many people add affiliate links in what should be a purely informational post.But your readers are not ready to buy something yet, they want to learn.A good example of this is a "how to" guide.If people are searching Google for how to do something, that's precisely what they want, a step by step guide, they don't want to buy anything.So, don't be tempted to stuff a load of affiliate link
So, that's a pretty strange question, right?If you follow the WA training, then your "About Me" page will be the first thing you write for your website.Did it send you into a panic?Especially, if the last time you wrote anything was at school.Maybe you rushed it, just to get something on your site, so you could get on with the next lesson.If it's more than 6 months ago since you wrote it, why not go back and have a look at it?Does it accurately reflect what your website is about, now you have a
So, I have previously written about reading your Google Search Console messages, see below. do you know that they send you an end-of-month performance report that contains quite a bit of useful information?May's report is now available, and to access it, simply click the bell notification icon when you are logged in to your search console. The first thing you will see is the number of impressions and clicks.Other information incl