Rejected by Google AdSense?

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So, have you been rejected by Google AdSense, or perhaps initially been accepted, and then had your account paused?

I am not going to explore why that may be, as I have previously covered that.

However, one of the most annoying things, is that Google is very vague in their rejection, they don't specifically tell you what the problem is.

They have now introduced a new service, where they are going to add screenshots to show you where the problem lies.

This may also be worth checking, even if you have an approved account, as it will show any issues that require fixing.

Log in to your Google AdSense account and click Policy Center.

Hopefully, you should see this message.

If not, you should see an Action column, and you need to click Fix.

This will take you to a page called Issue Details.

If there are screenshots for your particular problem, click Choose Image.

However, as you might expect, Google says:

"Note that screenshots may not show every issue, so check your entire page to make sure it follows our policies. Some policy issues won't have an associated screenshot."

I hope this helps some of you, but at the end of the day, AdSense pays very little unless you are getting a huge amount of traffic.

And if you are receiving thousands of visitors, you would be better off looking at other ad networks anyway!

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Thank you.


Thanks for the heads up but I hear it all the time to avoid Adsense and like you mentioned only worth considering if you are getting loads of traffic.

I know it's another income stream but doesn't it go against the user's experience when they come to your site?

When I go to a site and it doesn't load quick enough and they never do with these adverts trying to load then I am straight out of there.

I am currently having issues with Core Web Vitals and it's an absolute nightmare but I personally don't have an issue when trying to access it through various devices, mobile and desktop.

But Google thinks otherwise!

I can't understand how sites with adverts loading up aren't having the same issues.


I totally agree with you here, Mick.

They may be using a premium caching plugin to speed up the loading. One is WP Rocket.

I do without, just don't like clutter.

Thank you for your notes.

I have heard of WP Rocket and was going to give it a go but these things aren't rectified overnight.

Besides, it is just another plugin that can add to the problem!

Hi Diane, that helps me a great deal. I am not really interested in Google Ad sense as they have too many rules and regulations regarding ads on your website. Have a great day, take care.

Thanks Diane, more good advice.

Thanks, Di, mine is good so that is one thing

however, I will never get rich.

What is better than Adsense in your view.

Peter H

Hi - it depends on your traffic, as some of the other networks require a specific number. For example, AdThrive requires a minimum of 100,000 monthly page views.

You could consider Ezoic, who have recently removed their traffic requirement, but realistically, unless you are getting a minimum of 10,000 page views per month, then no ad networks are really going to be worth your while.

Thanks, Di

Had a look at this but I need to move off Wealthy Affiliate to do that. Not sure if I can take that big a leap.

Peter H

You don't have to change nameservers but have a chat with Partha, he's your man when it comes to Ezoic.

Hey Peter,

I'll go through the main ones, but as Diane mentions, in reality, ads aren't really worth your while unless you're getting some decent views, and I include Adsense in that too.

I know some people wish to see something coming in, even if it is only $0.01 a day. There is a sense of achivement.

However, it can also be extremely demotivating having to wait months and months for a potential payout.

Tbh, Adsense isn't all that bad, if you have optimized the ads properly, but most people will rarely make much more than $2-$8 per 1,000 page views.

Ezoic no longer as an entry requirement, although their lowest tiered offering is quite basic.

Still, you'll probably earn slightly more than adsense, and perhaps even up to $10 per 1,000 views using the basic module.

You no longer have to change nameservers, they now provide a code snippet, which you place in your header (the same way you do with Analytics, GSC, and Pinterest).

However, it does muck about with CSS and Javascript, so it can slow your site down terribly.

On one of my externally hosted websites I do have Ezoic, but it's in the top tier of 80,000 page views and above, plus I pay around $30 per month. This also incldues a Site Speed Accelerator, which guarantees a minimum of 80 on mobile speed.

I typically earn between $19-$53 per 1,000 page views (October, November, and December are HUGE for ad revenue, whereas, January, February, March, and July are pretty poor).

I have been lookig into Monumetric, and although they seem very prefessional and reputable, most reviews aren't that great about income earned.

Again, you'll earn more than Adsense, but not as much as you probably think.

Their minimum requirement is 10,000 page views and they have a one-off $99 fee to join.

Then onto the main ones that I like to use:

Mediavine - they have a minimum traffic requirement of 50,000 SESSIONS (this is typically around 40,000 unique visitors and 60,000 page views per month).

No fees, but their onboarding process can be a pain, typically takes about 6 weeks. They also have a 2-month testing period, so you won't be earning much more than adsense during that time, but once they have "got used" to your site, they are fantastic.

My top month saw me receiving around $70 per 1,000 page views (December).

Finally Adthrive - requirement is 100,000 page views per month.

Mediavine and Adthrive are pretty much equal in terms of customer service (you have a dedicated person to look after you) and revenue/income earned.

But again, although ads are my main business model, I hardly ever monetize a website until I'm getting a very decent amount of traffic (usually 8-12 months down the line).


Thank you Partha, and as usual great insights.

Is it really realistic that we can get 10,000 page views a month, or is this only a small proportion of WA members?
Is 100,000 a month just an unachievable dream?

Very very useful thank you Partha

Partha, can I ask, you say this: "But again, although ads are my main business model, I hardly ever monetize a website until I'm getting a very decent amount of traffic (usually 8-12 months down the line)."

How many websites do you have, and do you notice that there is a traffic explosion around the 8-12 months so long as you keep contributing to your site?

I ask because I have a new site, and I'm just looking for some encouragement really.

Currently I've got about 40 posts on it, I'm starting to see regular rankings on Google, but only a couple at a time, but starting to be within top 60-70 now. Bing and Yahoo seem to love my site, my posts are regularly top10 on them.

Would you say I just need to wait for the 'magic' to happen?


Hi - you may be aware that Partha and I are collaborating on a couple of sites. Our first site is now 8 months old, and has 108 posts, and around 1000 page views every day. We are now looking at starting monetization.

I see you have asked Partha a question, and you can look forward to a detailed reply tomorrow!

So very helpful, thank you.

thanks, Partha
I training lesson for every budding blogger.
Guess it's back to Keywords for a while.

We all appreciate your detailed reply.

Peter H

That's encouraging thank you.

Hey Matthew,

Just had a read through your various comments, so I'll do my best to answer them all.

I also note that you have read my conversation with Eric on my profile page, which in my mind actually puts your firmly ahead of the vast majority of people who do try affiliate marketing.

It shows an inquisitive mind, as well as a willingness to research, read, and understand - that's all good in my book.

Okay, 10,000 monthly views in reality is just a starting point.

Plus, there are many "average" bloggers who achieve this.

Then again, there are many "fairly decent" bloggers who achieve 100,000+ monthly page views.

In effect, it is something that is very, very achievable for the vast majority of people.

However, for me, there a few things that tend to hold people back.

You'll note from my conversation with Eric that I mentioned that following the training and having a detailed direction to follow are actually NOT the most important thing.

And this actually goes for ANY walk of life, not just online business.

You can give someone all the tools they need to succeed (once more in ANY walk of life, e.g. how to be happier, how to change your car's engine oil, how to ride a bicycle, etc.), but everything comes down to that individual person.

Just because you have a definitive roadmap does not guarantee success.

That is ALWAYS in your own hands.

Secondly, and far more focused on Internet Marketing, Blogging and SEO, is choosing the correct topics to write about.

Something that I have mentioned on the platform, literally hundreds of times (if not thousands) before, is that building a niche website is NOT ABOUT YOU.

We, as humans, whether wish to admit it or not, are fairly selfish creatures and typically caught up in our own problems and issues.

And unfortunately, this is how many people choose to start blogging.



The aim of any niche blog is help OTHERS with their issues and problems.

This is also why ALL my WA keyword research blog posts focus solely on finding out what QUESTIONS PEOPLE ARE TYPING INTO THE GOOGLE SEARCH BAR.

If I know the EXACT QUESTIONS THAT PEOPLE ARE ASKING then I can help them to solve these problems and provide solutions.

But, as I say, most people will typically go to a keyword tool, find what they BELIEVE is a decent keyword (more often that not IT ISN'T -perhaps harsh, but also very true), and then set about writing an article around that keyword.

By doing this you have completely removed the human element.

This is why I always say to visit forums in your niche (simply type the name of niche + forum into the Google search, e.g. Weight Loss + Forums), plus use Quora and Reddit as a source of research.

These are REAL people, with REAL problems, asking REAL questions, and looking for REAL solutions.

Okay, as for traffic, this will only really ever happen if your keyword research is on-point (and you writing about topics that PEOPLE IN YOUR NICHE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT).

Once more, in many, many, many of my WA blog posts, I have spoken of a new website allowing EACH article around 8-9 months to reach its full potential.

Plus, I have also spoken of the "hockey stick" effect of traffic.

Basically, you are new to Google (which accounts for over 92% of internet searches in 2022), so they are literally "feeling you out" for the first few months.

Many people talk of the "Google Sandbox", although I've never been convinced of this - the thought process is that Google literally "holds you back" for the first 6 months of any new website to see if you're the real deal and are going to see this through (again, I have mentioned numerous times that approximately 87% of websites are abandoned in the first 12 months. So, Google is used to seeing websites come and go, so why should they "reward" a new website, based on past experiences?)

The "hockey stick" is typically what your Google Analytics grpah should look like at the 12-month mark.

Almost completely flat for the first 6 months and then it curves up and up and up for the next 6 months (this only happens if your keyword research is good and you have mainly focused on writing what PEOPLE REALLY WANT TO KNOW, as opposed to satisfying your own needs and writing about what you want).

Okay, I've been doing this a while now obviously, but I would expect to have every single website I ever create to be receiving 20,000-50,000 page views by the end of the first year (depends on niche, keyword research, and sometimes the number of articles produced).

However, I can guarantee that most of my websites will barely be at much more than 1,500-2,000 visitors per month at the 4-month mark.

if you've "got in right" in terms of everything I've mentioned here, you should generally see at least a 50% increase in traffic month-to-month from months 6-12.

With that being said, there are literally millions of bloggers and website owners who NEVER see these kind of figures.

This once more comes down to all the different factors I've mentioned above.


Much appreciated thanks a lot

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