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Last Update: February 19, 2021

So, I often see members who are puzzled as to why they have not been accepted for the Google AdSense program. Let's take a look at everything you should have in place before you apply, and why you might be turned down.

Posts and Content

First of all, your posts should have unique content that's relevant to your visitors and provides a great user experience. You need around 20 to 30 posts, and everything should be original, nothing copied and pasted.

Consider the arrangement of your text and images, does your layout look inviting? Is your navigation clear, can visitors easily find what they are looking for? Do your drop-down menus work and do they all have content within them?

Do you have comments on your posts? Have you moderated them to ensure they have no inappropriate content?

No posts that have more advertising than written content. In other words, if you are already using affiliate links, do you have enough content to support them? Not just pages and pages of links with no content.


You need to comply with Google's program policies. No abusive content, no links to content that doesn't exist (deliberate or broken links), no adult content (nudity, sex, Viagra, illegal or recreational drugs, weapons, guns, explosives), no shocking content (blood, gore, bad language), nothing relating to the sale of alcohol or tobacco.

And you need to be over the age of 18.

Affiliate Disclosure

Very important! If you already have affiliate links, then this should be in place already. However, surprisingly, when you apply for Google AdSense, they expect to see the disclosure even if you haven't yet got any ads or affiliate links.


So, to summarise - wait until you have 20 to 30 posts, make sure all content is original, nothing copied and pasted, no adult content and make sure your Affiliate Disclosure is clear and visible.

What Happens When You Apply?

You will be asked to insert a piece of code into your website. This does not mean you have been accepted. AdSense uses this code to allow it to inspect your website to see if it meets all the above criteria. This can take anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. You will then receive an email - either "congratulations" or "you need to fix some things".

Good luck with your Google AdSense application!

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WilliamFW Premium
I've been using AdSense to monetize my blog for a couple of years. This was even before I joined WA. It's an okay program; but, there are a lot of hoops to jump through, a lot of rules, and the payments are pretty small. Unless you have a LOT of traffic it's tough to make a lot of money with it.
Jessiefido Premium
Cheers Diane, another highly informative post.

Just a quick question, when you say between 20-30 posts are needed, would you recommend applying when you have hit 20, or is the chance of being approved more likely when you have 30?

Thanks for your help and time.
DianeScorpio Premium
The more content, the more likely the chance of approval. They need to see that you are capable of attracting traffic.
Jessiefido Premium
Ok, thanks a lot Diane.
davebux Premium Plus
Ad-Sense is good Diane. Easy to set up as you say. If I remember right my vetting period was about 4 days.
I use it for my YouTube videos and each time I upload a new one, Ad-sense automatically scans the new upload before allowing ads and monetisation (it takes about 10 minutes once you are a member). Nothing for me to do except check the bank each month.
Good Post.
JEaston Premium Plus
Thanks for the reminder, Diane
edhozubin Premium
Excellent Post & Share Diane I am saving for when I get there.
edhozubin Premium
Diane - I just put in for 10, thanks so much...