My Site is Worth $458.95!

Last Update: December 30, 2014

I was checking my new web site's SEO and found this site in about the 6th position on the first page. I haven't even made my first post yet, but according to, my site is already worth $458.95 and traffic is estimated to be earning me 15c per day. I am theoretically earning $4.50 per month right now.

How about that?

Just imagine what will happen when I add posts and product links!

I have no idea what this site does or how they come up with these figures. However, I am super motivated and happy right now because my new little starter web site, which I thought was worth zero at this point, actually has a perceived value. My work is already paying off in print!

If you are curious about your site's perceived worth, simply type in the url and check it out.

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dhayman Premium
Not sure what it means either. My site came up with the exact same worth.
AndyJ Premium
Way to go Debbie! :-)
keymanmd Premium
Great news! Good for you!
Shawn Martin Premium
steveo5770 Premium
These things are fun to check out once in a while. While it's almost impossible to calculate the real, intrinsic value of a site, it's like watching you investment grow in value over time. Kind of like looking at a 401(k) statement.
Dfishell Premium
Hey, it made me feel good for a few hours today, so I'm not complaining. My site will be worth what I earn from it monthly...someday.
steveo5770 Premium
I believe the capitalization rate on the open market is typically 10 times monthly earnings. But like you said, it's worth what it actually puts in your pocket :)