Writing Tips Revealed - part 1

Last Update: Oct 28, 2016



Do you remember as being a four-year old, how you wrote the characters of your name?

Anyone can write! We learn it early. It seems good news that everyone can do it, and everyone does it. But there is a difference between just writing and writing thoughtfully.

We learn writing at a very young age. But thoughtful writing is only taught in the last years of primary school. Then you start thinking about something like a story, a coherent set of text.

At an older age you learn that different types of texts exist and have different goals. For example, an informative text is highly different from a poem.

That's why I start with one important advice: Think before you write!

Before you realize, you've already written forty pages, but perhaps don't know what it's all about and, if you're not happy with it, have no idea how to improve it.

To avoid confusion it's important to know for what purpose and why you write. It's necessary to think before you start. Writing begins in your head.

In other words, you can already be working on a blog or a book while you're working in the garden, sitting in the sun or taking a shower - that's why writers have such a good life (...)

As a writer or blogger you actually lives a double life!

(to be continued)

Recent Comments


I've seen some start to write because they can't think. Others write as they think. But thinking before writing works best for me! Thanks Desmond! You have a barrow in the market place! Lol!


Thanks so much Don, I'm glad it's helpful.


Good subject matters to give you great ideas and better writting skills.Thanks

Very good advice

Thanks for your kind comment Gaylene, most appreciated.

Great advice Desmond! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks so much Barbara, hope it's helpful.


It all starts in the head Desmond :)
Thinking a little bit here and there.

Indeed Papi, but unfortunately it sometimes sounds better in our head than reading it on paper.

Thanks for reading,

Very true Desmond, and also the correct word usage to go along with it. www.englishwordmeanings.com

Thanks Adrian, an opinion of an English language expert is much appreciated. English is not my mother tongue, so please feel free if you have some linguistic suggestions. I've bookmarked your interesting site, very accessible and understandable.


This is good advice thanks, my friend

Good to know Mike, hope it's helpful in growing your online audience.

To our success,

Good post. This is a new way of looking at writing for me.

Thanks for reading James, happy to hear that my blog gave you some new perspectives

To our success,

I believe it true, double life I'm living it

Very familiar and recognizable isn't Anthony? Thanks for reading and your positive comment.


Nice put it this way, a double life, I can relate to that, I am always writing ahead in my head Desmond, nice to see you again:)

Thanks for your kind comment and encouraging welcome back Loes, as always. Having been busy with my current business activities, but hope to be able to focus on my online study again.

Enjoy your Sunday,

Thanks, same to you, Desmond, looking forward seeing you around again

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