Writing Tips Revealed - part 3

Last Update: Nov 3, 2016



Having an idea in mind, sooner or later you will notice that there is still no overview.

This could very well happen and it means that your idea is not mature yet and it's better to postpone the writing. If your mind is not clear, on paper it will also be confusing, not easy to follow, not something to enjoy.

Of course you have to deal with many different thoughts when you are busy. It may be figments of your imagination. Cool inventions. Motivating conversations. Issues seen on television or encountered on the street. Memories. Knowledge. Science.

Perhaps there is a lack of knowledge that requires you to do more research. Thinking about the big picture, what it's all about? And gradually the thought of not getting any further comes to mind. But this is a misunderstanding. Now it is a matter to hold on, not to give up!

You are dealing with something that is called the 'creative process' which is not bound by rules. Please don't expect any quick solutions, although sometimes they will just come up.

Just keep the chaos a while in your head. More idea's will come up. These thoughts are significant. Some you forget again, but that doesn't matter.

Some thoughts are becoming more clear in your mind. Although it seems that you are not making any progress, you will find yourself with better ideas. There is obviously a difference.

Make a note of this difference, for yourself, to keep spirits up and meanwhile postpone writing.

(to be continued)

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Great title,and it's exactly what's going on in my head sometimes. So I appreciate the great advice.

Think it's familiar to most of us Gaylene, that is why it's so important if you're able to focus on a certain subject.

Thanks for your kind comment,

Hi dear. To keep you going, I've prepared a Dose of Encouragement specially for you and for all my other loved ones. Here it is: Hope you will appreciate it.
Have a nice day.
Best Regards

Great posting Umsizi, well done!


You therefore deserve one more like my dear. Here it is.

Great lecture. Thanks a lot.

Great compliment Louisa, much appreciated, reason to continue.


Thanks for this information, very helpful.

Happy to know that it was helpful Juliet, thanks for reading.


Thank for sharing.

My pleasure Roger, hope it's helpful.


Great tips, thanks.

Thanks Mike, hope the tips are helpful.


Hi Des, thanks for the info. Irv.

Hi Irv, it's my pleasure, thanks for reading.


Hello, thanks Des for sharing.

Hello Carol, you're most welcome, thanks for reading!


Thank you Des for the link I will check them out.

Thank you Des for the link I will check them out.

Hope it's helpful Carol!

Hope it's helpful Carol!

That is so true Des, many thanks for sharing :)

Many thanks for reading, and your kind comment Chrissie!


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