Spammified means Horrified!

Last Update: February 26, 2015

If you have not read this, do so now:

Spam will destroy the integrity of the WA website and membership. Don't do it!

I am posting this because I see more spam in the last week than I have in the last 3 months I have been a member here.

Unfortunately, almost everyone who reads this will probably have already read the above policy on Spam. However, I would encourage everyone to not only report spam, but share with everyone that Spam is not and can not be tolerated at WA!

There are many types, shapes, and sizes that spam comes in, but when someone posts a commercial directly to "MY Space" wall here at WA, it is time for us to all start reporting it especially when it is a blatant violation.

The integrity of this website is so important to your business, and if we don't maintain it, your business will lose credibility if found to be associated with this website if spam continues to be allowed.

Please do not spam on members websites and do not spam at WA!

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LittleClaire Premium
Hi David

Maybe we need to petition Kyle and Carson to make spam part of the training.. once you've gone premium, you can't access the rest of the courses until you've watched a clip on it..? Or maybe that's a bit draconian.. :)

David-Salt Premium
I think with the surge in membership and everyone coming into WA at different levels, that that is an excellent idea!
WKnoepp Premium
Some new members don't understand the philosophical intent of this community and need to be educated in it - they don't necessarily mean to encroach. Then there is always that element that will spam everyone and everything in a futile and ignorant attempt to turn a buck.
David-Salt Premium
Agreed! Just like sometimes I will purposely leave a comment of "I don't know the answer". I will try to add something helpful and useful as well, but the point of doing so for me is to get notified then later when others leave a comment so that I can learn what the answer is.

However leaving a commercial on a person's wall or on their website is clearly very different.
LolaAJ1 Premium
Thank you....At this early stage of my membership, I have not seen this as of yet.
Hopefully, you and everyone who can identify SPAM, will send these alerts out as a policy reminder. If members choose not to be rule abiding..not only do we eradicate the SPAM, most likely the offending member. That would so unfortunate given the incredible opportunity WA gives to all.
Thanks David-Salt.
David-Salt Premium
It would really be unfortunate if a few destroy it for the mass!
DamonKinney Premium
Well said!
jvranjes Premium
It is good to point this out from time to time, thanks. Jovo