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My name is Bob Orow and together with my sister Candy Orow we actually joined Wealthy Affiliate over 2 years ago (2010).. We set up the name of Web Maestros.
I own a home Improvement company and my sister is a graphic artist and is in marketing.
Life hit us both with aging parent responsibilities that put our internet marketing desires on hold until now.
We are very pro-active in what ever we put our sites on.
I am a 4th degree black belt in Japanese style karate. I have owned several types of horses when I was in my 40's and very active in long distance endurance rides. Physical activities that keep you in shape always captures my attention.
I am here because with out a doubt this is the best place to be for a thorough internet marketing program.

My sister Candy is highly talented in the art of making specialized jewelry ----metals--glass beads creation as well as a design instructor and coach. She is the true gifted artist in the family. She is very talented in visual concepts for product and service presentations.
Candy loves animals of all types. She is a walker and loves taking her beautiful shepherd "Rudder" for challenging hikes.

We both are intrigued by the ability to have a "financially mobile business" meaning that we could go any where in the world we want and as long as there is an internet connection---WE ARE IN BUSINESS. That is exciting
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Thank You Ema. I have been a member for 2 years but because of family health problems on both mine and my wife's side--our parents needed us constantly. Now every thing has calmed down. My intention is to take my 40 years of in home direct selling in home improvements and my new training at WA and devise a revolutionary way that home owners can come to my website and get "TRUE INFORMATION AND PRICING ON THEIR PROJECT". My hope is to protect them and give them a reason to connect to me. If they feel comfortable they will invite me to their homes to show more.
I can show home owners how never to be bullied by high pressure sales people and never be tricked into paying $1200.00 for a $400.00 window. Or $12.00 per square foot siding for $5.00 per square foot siding. The same holds true for roofs--decks--sun rooms and doors. Most of this will be done by short to the point presentation videos.
This is a passion of mine---I believe I can be just as effective on line as I can be in front of some one. After viewing the video's they will know if they want to call me.
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Hello WebMaestros…Wealthy Affiliate is like a constantly evolving, growing organism… It's a place where the growth and the learning never stops. The learning never stops because technology is constantly evolving and Internet Marketing never stands still… If you are here to get rich quick, you are at the wrong place. If you are here to learn how to build, grow, evolve and succeed as an online business, ethically… you are at the right place. There are no magic beans to plant or get rich quick schemes here… just total focus on the correct steps it takes to build a successful online business. We are very happy to have you here and WELCOME to Wealthy Affiliate.

It all starts at the top with the guidance of the Founders (Kyle and Carson) They are very active here and are more than willing to help you when you need it. (you can often find them in live chat most days.) They also provide excellent guidance and wonderful training. Jay (Magistudios) is also another one that is very helpful... and does many WAbinars that are always filled with great up to date information. You'll also find yourself surrounded by 1000's of members (old and new) that want to see you succeed… Do not be afraid to ask questions. if you need help… members are more than happy to help you find solutions and share knowledge. Post your questions in live chat (from your dashboard), post right here in your own space or "private message" someone you think could likely help you find a solution, but be patient. Here is my advice to you..."When in doubt, give us a shout

Thank You for following me and I look forward to seeing you create success for yourself in the coming months. Julie
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Welcome to WA. There's lots of info on this site so don't let it blow your mind. Follow the 30 training offered here and also go to WAbinars and go to Affiliate Walk Through parts 1 & 2. There it will put it all together for you. I also suggest going to potpiegirls blog. She good. MUCH SUCCESS
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Hello Web Maestros. The first thing you want to do is DO THE 30 Day Training. It's free and will introduce you to this crazy business. And, it's fun. Next go to WABINARS on the menu bar and arrow down to Jays Affiliate Marketing Parts 1 & 2. This will get you started in the right direction. Take advantage of these FREE trainings. Any questions please feel free to contact me anytime. MUCH SUCCESS
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Thank you so much webkab. It makes it easier when you have expert advice that can put the task of learning aff mkt in a clear road map.
Are you saying the older system of starting at the "Getting Started Introduction" is now more up to date with your recommendation.
I want the most up to date method.
WebMaestros Premium
I was not clear enough ~I meant --Your suggestion was more up to date then the "Introduction Beginning" Program of last year under getting started.
I want to start out with the newest updated system ·
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Welcome to the WA family