just for fun video i made

Last Update: March 10, 2015

I was doing some personal change work awhile back and was offered the chance to make a free video through mind movies. Doing this was supposed to help me change my beliefs about money being too scarce - you know the kind of negative self-talk I mean. So I did a lot of cut and pasting then made this wee video courtesy of Mind Movies. It was fun. I love the song. The only way I could show you is to load it on youtube. I am feeling a little down right now, so I went back and played it. Decided that I would like to share it with the great folks here at WA. Hope you enjoy it.

Just for fun

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dickw Premium
Hi Daisy,
Thanks for the video. Loved it. Played it twice and have it bookmarked.......dick
DaisyB Premium
Awesome Dick, it was fun to make.
DaisyB Premium
Thanks Everyone!!
SowAndReap Premium
I love your Video, it was fun and I too love that song too. :) Great Job! Keep smiling and be happy. You should be proud of yourself. :)))
gadifi Premium
I looked at your video and it was really good for a start so it was a big plus job well done keep up the good work
Loved the video.