Operation Vegas 2021: March Update

Last Update: April 01, 2020



I don't know what to think about March. Pretty crazy, eh?

This report isn't going to be super long because I didn't do a whole lot in March. I think like many others out there, I was glued to the news and social media for quite a while.

(Not a great idea, by the way. I recommend stepping away, going outside for walks and not constantly bombarding your brain with bad news.)

Then I wasted time going down a weird rabbit hole of watching hip hop fan YouTubers react to heavy metal music. I kid you not.

At least it's entertaining and something better than the depressing news!

Anyway, I digress...

I will tell you that my traffic did suffer for a bit as things started ramping up in the news.

But it's back to where it was last month.

I have been getting back on track and will continue to do so in April.

I'm semi working from home for my "regular" job (I work at an elementary school), and since we can't really go anywhere, I have an abundance of time on my hands.

(Sort of. Time seems to fly away from me anyway!)

If you're in the same boat, I suggest focusing on your business and coming out stronger at the end of all of this.

Anyway, I have bad news and good news for March as far as my site goes.

The Bad News

I only wrote 4 posts for my site.



That's it.

That's not cool and I know it.

The Good News

I got another nice featured snippet from Google:


This was my best month yet in terms of sales.

Let's get into this report!

Traffic & Stats

February Search Console:


My average CTR is down, but clicks and impressions are up.

You can see that dip when things started ramping up about the pandemic.

Totally understandable. I actually thought traffic wouldn't bounce back as quickly as it did.

I guess like me, people are probably tired of hearing the same things in the news over and over and want to move on to other things again.

Let's move on to traffic.

February Traffic:

March Traffic:

Pretty similar to last month. If the pandemic wouldn't have happened, I would have been up from last month.

Day / Week / Month Traffic:

You can see that things are coming back up.


  • January 2019 = 10, 0 Premium = $0
  • February 2019 = 11, 0 Premium = $0
  • March 2019 = 25, 0 Premium = $0
  • April 2019 = 30, 2 Premiums = $39.50*
  • May 2019 = 25, 3 Premiums = $47.50
  • June 2019 = 37, 2 Premiums = $63.00
  • July 2019 = 35, 3 Premiums = $118.00
  • August 2019 = 24, 4 Premiums = $149.50
  • September 2019 = 12, 2 Premiums = $157
  • October 2019 = 32, 4 Premiums = $164.50
  • November 2019 = 29, 4 Premiums = $149.50 (+1 Black Friday sale)
  • December 2019 = 32, 2 Premiums = $157 (+ Black Friday sale payment = $282)
  • January 2020 = 34, 4 Premiums = $220
  • February 2020 = 17, 1 Premium = $219.50


(P.S. I also have 142 credits, which is worth $71. I'm just letting those build up for a while.)

This is what I love about this business.

Once you lay the foundation, you can keep getting sales even if you're not doing much for the month.

Obviously, this amount of money isn't where I want to be, but I knew things would slow down once I started working outside of the house again.

So, I'm OK with it.

I love that it's growing every month. I'm having fun with it all.

I know that in order to get more people, I need to put out more content or improve existing content.

I plan on doing that this month.


I'm thinking I won't be doing a TON on this site because I want to work on some other sites.

Let me just give you a quick overview of those and what I'm planning.

Other Sites

I don't have much to report on my other sites because I didn't really do anything with them this month.

The one site I restarted (PickPlants) did make 2 sales this month, but I won't get paid on those until next month.

So it's possible that the people who signed up will cancel. I'll let you know how it turns out next month.

There's another site I'm going to be working on that has to do with Law of Attraction. I think what I'd like to do is not make it into a blog necessarily, but maybe turn it into a simple site that promotes one product.

I may have to look into PPC in order to get traffic to it.

I'll keep you posted!

Your Turn

That's it for my March report! Let me know how your sites did this month. Did your traffic and sales go up, down or stay the same? If you have your own blog report, feel free to link it in the comments below!

Stay safe out there!

- Christina

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BobMargroff Premium
Hi Christina, great stats even with everything going on this month as far as what we are dealing with. The best part is it is recurring income and as long as that keeps coming in...then you are still on your way to bigger and better things.

I think I will take you up on the offer to link my March report here as well. I wouldn't have done it otherwise, but since you offered... Keep up the good work.


As always, I wish you all the best!

cld111 Premium
Thanks for stopping by, Bob! I'm off to read your progress report. (I love reading them too, which is why I'll gladly ask for them here!)

- Christina
BobMargroff Premium
That’s not a bad idea. I thoroughly enjoy reading them. It’s one of the things I look for from anyone here. It spurs me on to do more as well.

Stay safe!
CordeliaN Premium
I love progress reports, my overall favourite.posts.....
Christina thank you for doing such a thorough job of explaining where your head and goals are at.

It’s just a lovely normal progress report and right now I am liking the normality, if I get stuck watching the news I end up down a rabbit hole, (not a fun one) and end up chasing my own backside, going nowhere just an ever decreasing circle.......😳

So thank you good to read, good luck, and I’m sure you will nail it.. look forward to reading April’s... 👍🤞
cld111 Premium
I'm glad you like progress reports. I love reading them from others too. I also think they're fun to make. It's interesting to look back on the month to see what you've accomplished (or didn't).

And yes, try not to watch the news too much. I get stuck doing that too and it's never good. That's why I want to focus on my sites instead. It's a better use of time!

- Christina
mbouteiller Premium
Great featured snippet Christina. Good work and much deserved congratulations.

My site has not been doing well at all... I moved just recently and that's a huge adjustment. Family business, yarrrggg...with the kids is so messed up the past 6 months. Staying positive though.

I don't have much to report other than I decided to start the SAC challenge over again and started following Jay's March 13th and 20th webinars on research strategies and taking action on my research info. If you haven't watched them yet, they're definitely worth watching.

Writing reviews are becoming more enjoyable.

Keep up the good work. You're getting more referrals so that's fantastic. I know you'll be going to Vegas. Thank you for sharing.

I have your story saved in my Success Stories.

cld111 Premium
Thanks so much for commenting, Monica! I haven't been able to watch Jay's webinar recently, but I will definitely check out the ones you mentioned.

I know moving is a huge adjustment, so give yourself some slack there. You can only do so much.

- Christina
ValerieJoy Premium Plus
A great report, Christina. Congratulations on your success with your affiliate site.

My niche site traffic increased significantly in the last week of March. It's quite incredible in view of the pandemic.

Oh dear, my affiliate site has been well and truly ignored by me for too long. I intend to turn things around starting from now.

Keep doing what you are doing and I'm sure you'll get to Vegas in 2021.


cld111 Premium
Glad to hear your niche site is doing well! A lot more people are online right now, so it does make sense at least for some inches.

Good luck with your affiliate site!

- Christina
FKelso Premium
Only did some small sales on Amazon; nothing on my WA site yet. I guess I just have to keep plugging away.
cld111 Premium
Great job on your Amazon sales! If you can make a couple of small ones, you can make even more and bigger ones too.

Lots of luck to you for April!

- Christina