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Free is a bit of a strong word. Nothing is truly free. However, there is something awesome about affiliate marketing. Site #1I have a website that I put up in December of last year. It has 9 posts on it. 9. And I did some pins for Pinterest for each of the posts. That's it. I haven't looked at it in months. And yet, it's been making me money. It's not thousands of dollars. Certainly nothing to write home about. But it consistently brings in a little here and there. Last month it made $30 from a
Welcome to another update for my website! In May, I had some bad news and some good news. But we'll get to that in a bit. For now, here's what I accomplished this month:Wrote 4 articles Posted 1 YouTube videoRedesigned all of my YouTube thumbnails so that they're consistent418 YouTube subscribers (up from 351 last month)My most-watched YouTube video has almost 18,000 views285 email subscribers (up from 268 last month)(NOTE: I also just noticed I have 300 posts on my website!) I know I need to u
I was exctied to make my April update post because my traffic was going up so nicely!You can see that here. Well, it was fun while it lasted!My traffic has dropped like a bomb the past week or so. I know Google is in the process of, or already did an algorithm update. So maybe it's from that. I may have also gotten bumped from some good spots in Google. Maybe I had some snippets and they're gone? I don't know. This is how it goes with Google. This is a reminder I really need to expand more into
Hello again! I can't believe it's already been another month. The days are all blurring together now, so it's hard to keep track what day or month it is. I feel like I wasted much of March, and I kind of feel the same for April. I didn't accomplish as much as I really wanted. And it's no one's fault but my own. With that said, it was actually an exciting month in terms of traffic, which you'll see in a little bit. My traffic going up has motivated me quite a bit, and I know that May will be muc
After my traffic dropping in mid-March (due to news of the pandemic spreading I'm sure - and you can read more about that in my March update, if you'd like), I was happy to see that my traffic was headed back up toward the end of March. Well, I'm happy to report that my traffic hit a new milestone yesterday - over 200 users in a day! That's really all I have, but I wanted to let you know because I enjoy sharing these milestones with you all. The next milestone I'll share is 500 in a day. I'll s
Wow. March. I don't know what to think about March. Pretty crazy, eh? This report isn't going to be super long because I didn't do a whole lot in March. I think like many others out there, I was glued to the news and social media for quite a while. (Not a great idea, by the way. I recommend stepping away, going outside for walks and not constantly bombarding your brain with bad news.) Then I wasted time going down a weird rabbit hole of watching hip hop fan YouTubers react to heavy metal music.
Happy March, everyone! Time is flying, as usual! I hope you had a good February.For me, as productive as I was last month, I feel like it was the opposite this month. It all started one fateful night. I was making a batch of meatballs and I had too many things on the counter top. Including my computer. And a glass of wine. Let me also tell you I'm a *little* on the clumsy side. I went to grab a tray of meatballs off the counter to put in the oven and I knocked the bottle of wine over. Thankfull
February 02, 2020
Yesterday in my Operation Vegas post, I mentioned that my site has been close to hitting 3k users in a month, but I've never gotten there. Until today. It finally happened!This was a real sticking point for me because I could never seem to cross that threshold. Now that I have, I feel like my traffic will just continue moving up more and more! I have tons of article ideas, so I think it's going to be great. Let's see what happens. :) - Christina
Welcome to February! I hope all of you had great a great January. Time is flying by, as usual. I thought with the new year, I would switch things up a bit. I created a new banner and I'm also going to be including information from my other sites along with my WA site.I'm doing that partially so you can see what's going on, and partially so I can keep track of things! :) Let's just get right into it!My Main WA SiteI'm pretty happy with the way things went in January for my WA site. You'll see th
I was watching YouTube one day and it really hit me. Reaction channels! If you don't know what a reaction chanel is, they basically watch other YouTuber's videos and then they create their own videos reacting to the original videos. It's genius! They create content using other people's content! I love this concept so much because a lot of times we're sitting around banging our heads trying to figure out what to come up with next. Meanwhile, we can usitlize other people's content, put our spin o