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Hi I'm Chris, that's me and my son over there on the right. I've been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for about three years. When I joined I was unemployed and desperate. On top of that, the only real skills I had were building houses, driving trucks and playing music.

I’m a single Dad so driving trucks and playing music didn't work for me. Both kept me away from my son too much. I had to find something different.

My Dad has been marketing online for many years and my brother is a programmer. And I have helped them with various projects before. I did things like answer the phone, write ads and cold-call scripts. I even made a few sales.

They must have seen a spark because they started to ask my opinion about new projects and strategies they using. I found it a little odd that they would ask me but I was learning about marketing online, so I didn't care.

Eventually one of them (not sure which one) sent me an Ebook and told me, "if one of us doesn't learn the stuff in this book, we are all F#@%&*."

Of course I decided to read the book and I was instantly captivated. The ebook was about article marketing and SEO (written by two guys named Kyle and Carson).

Once I told them what I learned from the book, we talked about joining wealthy affiliate. No one could afford it at the time but I convinced them I could learn SEO if I was involved with the right people.

As my Father was paying for the first months membership my brother looked at me and said, “You are not going to sleep for months are you” and the answer was NO.

For about 2 months I didn't sleep at all, I watched every webinar read every training combed the forum (which no longer exists) and almost crashed the live chat. (Remember when it was sticky all the time? Yeah, that was my fault):P

Now with the help of everyone here I've managed to create a few profitable websites. I also work as a freelancer, doing SEO and content marketing for several local and national companies.

So, if you want to know if Wealthy Affiliate is worth it - my vote is a Definite YES! They have helped me be able to stay home with his son, instead of being stuck on a empty highway or some dead end job.

And if you follow all the training here, they can help you too!

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GaiC Premium
Welcome to WA. I will look forward to connecting with you here. I would suggest looking at Jay's WAbinars, looking through the training modules and the 30 success club as a place to start. If I can help in anyway please shout out. Gai
Ulli2 Premium
Hi Clouiter, thanks for following me. As I’m new to WA there’s lots to learn, but it seems to be a great online community with like minded people. Great to see you here and congratulations on your success, Adrian :))
thanks for the follow
veronica.l Premium
Hi there, thank you for joining the local chat today :) you had a great link to creating videos with Google, could you please send me that link again. Forgot to save it ... thanks a lot!
christopherM Premium
I don't know if Jay has put it any where else. But here is the link, I have had some fun with this http://searchstories-intl.appspot.com/en-us/creator/
Praise Premium
You have very cute children :)