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Last Update: April 05, 2014

Hey WA family.

I have noticed that I am either spending too much time staying focused on my own work or spending too much time helping and engaging in the community. I need to balance my time here on WA.

So I have come up with a solution :) Since I am on WA for about 10-12 hours daily, (time fly's when your having fun), on and off, I will spend my mornings helping others and my evening hours to myself.

I know how it was for me when I first started out. I had a million questions, and I used to community for all that I can, so I have to dedicate some time to helping newbies, especially and just engaging in the community.

The rest of my time will be to myself. I am getting further and further along with my website, so many ideas pop through my head throughout the day and I am coming across a lot of helpful people and networking so much. It just seem like GOD is presenting people before me and opening the doors of opportunity for me. I have to start getting more organized.

First step is cleaning off my desk. I have not done that since I started.

I need to write down all the task that needs to be completed and continue to make deadlines to complete them.

The weather is getting nice here in philly, so I am also going to share my time with my little one's out doors. Plan outings with them for the weekends and put some time aside for self pampering and spiritual refreshing's.

It all sounds nice right, and I'm saying it like it's really simple :) but all can be done through HIM who gives me strength and wisdom.

I'll keep you guys updated on the progress and let you know if we need to make some adjustments. LOL!!!

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masirois Premium
Great plan. You have to find a way that works for you to juggle everything. I find a clean desk and a list of priorities is a great way to start! Good luck!
CharlotteH39 Premium
yes, a clean desk is a priority. It will make my life and this business flow more easily
thriver Premium
Good plan. With 10-12 hours a day you are probably bouncing ahead in leaps and bounds. I'm glad you are so balanced and happy. That's what it's all about.
CharlotteH39 Premium
yes, I have WA on my pc about 10-12 hours daily, but on and off. plus i do a lot of my own researching :)
busy, busy, busy!!! YES that's what it's all about
Jenna7 Premium
I identify with a lot of the things you mentioned.
Good for you for cleaning off your desk, neatness and organization really helps you get more work done (in my opinion).

I need to go clean my desk lol.
CharlotteH39 Premium
yes and cleaning off the desk makes a really big difference. Small task big affect
Damien Lane Premium
It is tricky Charlotte, it's very hard to chop up your time appropriately to both work for yourself & the community ~ I think it seems you are aiming for a good balance. I hope this solution works well for you.
CharlotteH39 Premium
your right Damien and I will let everyone how it worked out and if it worked out, what strategy i used.
Thanks :)
Jen090 Premium
Thanks for sharing Charlotte, good reminder on time management.