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June 03, 2014
Hello All!!!! It has been almost two months since my last blog, WOW!!! My first quarter as an Wealthy Affiliate has come and gone. My three month anniversary was May 29th, and I'm still here...YAHHHH!!! It has been a roller coaster. There are moments of excitement, moments of discouragement but all in all there is always persistence. I have not been spending a lot of time engaging in the community, and I really miss you guys, but I have been spending a lot of time working on my website, researc
April 13, 2014
When I first came into Wealthy Affiliate, I was attracted to the possibility of making money, the freedom of becoming my own boss and being able to have and expand a business. But when I picked my niche, created my website and started to build content (that I am passionate about), my priorities changed. I am now more interested and focus on giving good information, resources and connecting with people for personal reasons to build relationships and networking to expand. So I been stuck, because
Hey WA family. I have noticed that I am either spending too much time staying focused on my own work or spending too much time helping and engaging in the community. I need to balance my time here on WA. So I have come up with a solution :) Since I am on WA for about 10-12 hours daily, (time fly's when your having fun), on and off, I will spend my mornings helping others and my evening hours to myself. I know how it was for me when I first started out. I had a million questions, and I used to c
March 29, 2014
I have been here for a month now, precisely one month and four days and I have not made on penny. Now some may say, "give it some time", "keep working", "be consistent" and things like that, but in my opinion it's really not about how long you have been a member at WA, but more so how much time you are spending on your website. Two people could have joined WA at the same time but person "A"is putting in double the amount of hours as person "B". In the weeks that I have been here, I have seen su
Hey WA. So all that trouble I was having with the FTP program and the company I was trying to affiliate with turned out to be really awesome. It turns out the the program is actually an affiliate network "Avant Link" and they have some of the top leading marketing companies in the industry. One of the affiliate programs (the one I wanted the most) offers 20% commission All that work, worry and stress turned out for my good!!!! Thank you so much Welshy for walking me through the steps of s
Since I been a wealthy affiliate member, (now for 21 days) I have learned that re-thinking is over thinking and time wasted. In my time here, I have put in an estimated 200 hours. I'm usually logged in for 10-12hrs a day, with on and off activity throughout the whole day. In that time I have actually realized that, I was wasting a lot of time doing way too much thinking, analyzing, researching and trying to PER-FECT my site. I was reminded of Kyle's words "this is my first website and more than
I am so excited. I finally got my website right where I want it. I was struggling for several days trying to figure out the configurations of the menu but everything is just how I hoped it would be. All I have to do is fill in my content for the rest of the site, add a another widget or two and I will be ready to affiliate Wow!!!I It feels so good to see my accomplishments. My deadline to have my site ready for affiliate programs is March 31st. I think I will meet that scale by a few days, jus
March 12, 2014
WoW!!!! what an exciting journey thus far. I have only been a member here at wealth affiliate university for 15 days and the knowledge I have gained in this short time, would have taken me at least 90 days to accomplish. This is the best investment that I have ever made. It feels to good to watch my success grow. I have my own website, with several pages of content and images (which I learned how to do here at WA). I'm gaining so much knowledge in terms of internet marketing I have a whole
Hey WA fam. So since I started weathlyaffiliates I'm always looking for new ways to promote or help promote another member. So I was out using public transportation today and came across a billboard advertisement for a new grocery store that provides service online. Of course I automatically thought of members that has a niche pertaining to food. Whether your promoting nutrition diets, recipes or maybe just a particular food. I checked out the website to see if they have an affiliate program,
March 10, 2014
I'm so excited!!!! I have created a really good foundation for my website "The Virtuous Woman". I picked this as my first niche, (as I will have more,my mind is racing with ideas) because I love the Word of God. I love teaching and sharing whatever knowledge and understanding GOD has blessed me with. This site, www.thebiblestudycafe will be the one that is most personal to me as I will be spending a lot of time creating lessons and having live discussions, (if that is possible). So I lik