Why I signed up for Premium Yearly Membership

Last Update: April 03, 2018

Joined WA slightly over a month ago. Since joining, I have launched my first website, learned so much about internet marketing and most importantly, I have met some amazing folks in the community.

Why did I decide to take the leap and signed up for the PREMIUM YEARLY Membership?

I took two weeks away from WA to explore all the "FREE Internet Marketing" workshops that were offered on social media. Many offered the magic steps to success for a massive sign up fee but were not able to show a progress learning path to ensuring long term success.

In my first 30 days in WA I learned more through the affiliate bootcamp and put the knowledge to the "test" to see if these free workshops could offer the same. Conclusion? The knowledge gained from WA far outweighed the learning offered by these workshops and at times I even found myself saying "I know this stuff already" ; )

Here's to the next 365 days of contiunous learning!

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SeasideFunk Premium
Good decision. I recently did the same.
newmarketpro Premium
Well done Charles
Go yearly subscription also signifies your commitment to build your money site and succeed in the business.
All the best to you.

Roybretton Premium Plus
Well done Charles, it sounds like you're really making great progress, it's amazing what we can learn when we are given the correct information/

Enjoy your day.

phakacha8 Premium
Very good and awesome step.
You would now feel like giving whatever you've learned from this training.
And this is how our Internet University keeps growing with each composite effort.
Note that old members who had left keep coming back as everyone here looks for helping any other members.

Loes Premium
Congrats Charles, go and grow!