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Joined WA slightly over a month ago. Since joining, I have launched my first website, learned so much about internet marketing and most importantly, I have met some amazing folks in the community. Why did I decide to take the leap and signed up for the PREMIUM YEARLY Membership?I took two weeks away from WA to explore all the "FREE Internet Marketing" workshops that were offered on social media. Many offered the magic steps to success for a massive sign up fee but were not able to show a progre
March 23, 2018Recently added a new user - Author - and the image in the profile was a ghost avatar. Here is a step by step guide to changing this image in WordPress:Step 1: Go to Plugins and select Add NewStep 2: In keyword search box (top right-hand corner) type in WP User AvatarStep 3: Click on Install Now Step 4: Click on Activate Step 5: Go to Installed Plugins and click on Settings for WP User AvatarStep 6: Click on Choose ImageStep 7: Choose an image from file and it will load as your Aut
I just returned from a short trip to Kunming (city within China) and I am pleased to report that I was able to gain internet access to Wealthy Affiliate. My concerns were not being able to log in to continue with my online training and to update my website. I am pleased to report that you can get access to Wealthy Affiliate from any local public wireless (hotspots) and also via your mobile broadband (roaming charges apply). It is a common knowledge that China's sensorship of the internet is per
When I started with Wealthy Affiliate a week ago I came up with a personal 30 day plan to accomplish the following:1) Complete the online training (Affiliate Bootcamp)2) Discover my niche (excellent link below) Launch my website (Site Rubix)Happy to report that I am one step closer. If I can do it (being in the corporate rat race) I hope this will encourage others.