My Inbox has Gone Google

Last Update: June 26, 2014

Hello, WA'ers!

Just want to share how you can now organize and streamline your Inbox. This is my Flutterby Inbox menu. LOL.

You can now drag all your stuff you follow into tabs. Click on them and have a short list of mails viewed within that tab to address.

No more long lists of received mail taking up so much time and or become so distracting.

Can now focus on what I want within a short time and poof - get back to writing research, content writing and creating image graphics to drop into my website posts and pages.

Move what you want into each tab, trash it, or mark it spam (have decreased to a one or two if any), click on the star to teach gmail what you want to do with each piece of mail you receive from your clients, your affiliates, your friends, your socials,.....make your inbox yours.

Utilize the gmail to-do-list (TDL) and add stuff to do later or I add to my quadrant plan.

Another tid-bit is to click on 'more' and permanently silence any distracting frequent mailer (anyone who sends you mail more than twice a week) without having to go through unsubscribe. You 'mute' them. LOL.

You can always go back and unclick mute and put them back in your inbox or decide to unsubscribe them later if you want.

You can also create your gmail as an auto responder connecting to comments received via Wordpress plugin Contact Form 7 or create the contact form as a pop-up rather than on the page or menu item on your website.

My auto-respond email goes to my visitor, then I can go to my tab later to comment quickly and go on to the comment. Gets you up close and personal to all your visitors.

In my social tab have new comments from websites I follow. It's like a having a chat box in slow motion, but so efficient to keep close and personal with what is important daily.

Now I can market daily and save time to write, create and spend more time for WA'ers who blog, question, add training and catch up on trainings and stuff I've marked with our yellow star.

Now if I could only figure out how to organize all my WA notifications the same, but then I couldn't pop into chat when someone or something catches my eye. LOL.

Just a glimpse of what I can do within a half hour in my daily plans in the morning and afternoon, or maybe after if I have completed my TDL.

Once you take time to do all of the above once, your daily work day will become simpler.

Welcome your comments, questions, opinions or what you do to slim down time consuming stuff we do everyday urgent or important. Wish you success in just marketing daily. ^_~Lynn

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edensbox Premium
That looks very interesting. Does it work with other email clients besides Google?
caylynn Premium
I do not know. Am happy with Google, no need to search elsewhere for internet business. However, my private account is set up in a similar fashion - streamline time to read, reply and follow later.
necopam Premium
Great information but I think you know.....a bit out of my depth at this stage lol
caylynn Premium
Hope you can change your mindset love. Nothing is out of my depth. Conquer it or find a way to work it out another way, step by step.
Mark Tait Premium
Hi Neil.

The transition to GMail is well worth 30 mins figuring it out (with any help you need from me, and I'm sure anyone else here).

The Spam filter is worth it's "free up to 15Gb" price alone :)

I think we can either embrace Google, or work against it - and I for one, sorry if I disappoint some people, really like Google. It lets me hook up all my email addresses, and send/receive as if it were from that email directly.

My experience of locally installed Outlook has been fine - but you have to setup a filter for everything you think is spam. With GMail - because it gets so much input on what users tag as spam, it does a fantastic job of knowing what is spam, and sends it to your spam folder.

I personally can't fault it - and will use it for a long time to come. If you need a hand, please just ask.

Cheers, Mark
Karyskis Premium
Good stuff, Linda.
KatieMac Premium
Now that is very organized , my next task utilize gmail better.. thanks for sharing this
caylynn Premium
Thank you, you are welcome. Work on it, you will be pleased.
masirois Premium
That's pretty cool. I never really took the time to figure out all of the features for organizing my Gmail, but I knew Google had them. Since I use Thunderbird to manage multiple accounts, I never really took advantage of the features...It's good to know they're there though.