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January 20, 2015
On December 27th, 2012 I joined the WA community, a decision without regret. The WA became my place to learn and practice internet marketing locally and globally. As a freelance writer and an educator, many dreams became true by helping others create their own home business and their own education pathway towards excellence. My experiences have made me the wiser. Wisdom is all about quality not quantity. Writing articles earning money and facilitating learning gratis consumed me, yet I always f
August 31, 2014
Credit: Pixabay chefkeem member On Hump Day, Wednesday, September 3rd, WordPress 4.0 will be released. I have edited this first line three times. As usual, only the few seemed to know. So I searched for the right answer from the right person who really knows, finding I had it right in the very beginning. I wanted to make a point about a WP update - hope you have not unknowingly allowed Wordpress to autoupdate your sites. Didn't know about this automatic update that happens until you change y
June 26, 2014
Hello, WA'ers! Just want to share how you can now organize and streamline your Inbox. This is my Flutterby Inbox menu. LOL. You can now drag all your stuff you follow into tabs. Click on them and have a short list of mails viewed within that tab to address. No more long lists of received mail taking up so much time and or become so distracting. Can now focus on what I want within a short time and poof - get back to writing research, content writing and creating image graphics to drop into my
(Photo: Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY) The life span of Maya Angelou was 86 years. She has had such a profound impact on my life and on my heart. With her words and actions, she has been my supreme example of how we can make a difference and why we make a difference. Even more important was in how she made me feel and believe. Her quotes are posted on my desktop, framed and written in my daily journals throughout my lifetime. She was a phenomenal woman. Just a drop of her millions of words writte
(Credit: Los Cabos Arch - Every day I research surf, add a bookmark of stuff I come across to delay distraction. A place of no return, until I make time. Call it my 'Jacques Cousteau don't know how deep cove' ever since my first trip to the southernmost tip of Baja California. Before the Hilton built their huge monstrosity, they had to level ground before building. Where did they put all the dirt? Into the cove where no one knows how deep i
Robert Frost, wrote an epic poem "The Road Not Taken" in his 1916 publication of "Mountain Interval". Frost caused his peers to think carefully before making a decision or reaching a conclusion. The preponderance of peers amongst the debate was historic. Our brain is in a constant mode of ponderation. We think what if, how to, why to and what do we need to know to choose given the facts, or what we know at the moment causing us to choose. The human emotion of regret or realization can be a pai
Happy International Women's Day March 8th 2014 Go to the interactive Doodle. See the You Tube Video. See the #1 top of the Google Page. A global celebration for women. Why does International Women's Day matter? A United Nation's message - the He for She campaign. What it means to me. We remain women in a man's world where no business organization has an equal number of women compared to men at the top. We can change that, together. Having worked in the medical field and in the surgical aren
The first video on Fundamentals of GA. Quite humorous for one done back in 2012. The perspective in why keywords are so important, what our visitors are searching for, how critically important it is to make it easier for our visitors to find us. The milk search peril this bloke experienced made me do I make my site easier to find? I believe searchable and brandable are equally important as searchable and exact match domains. Our sites must be easily searchable to get our visitors to
February 11, 2014
Wishing for a shot glass of Bicardi 151 rum to say 'Cheers, hope for your success. When you need help, please ask", but to all of the 151 now following me that I have not been able to follow back, I am so sorry. While remaining premium, was off in 'the other world' critically ill, but so wanted to stay with my father. Without the help of my friends and family who saved me from what I now call 'healthcare gone bad', I would not be blogging now, so there must be a reason. Tried to get back to
Due to circumstances beyond my control have been Offline. My Rank dropped 20 points. Am Overwhelmed. Today is my first day back. Oh My My. While I organize, prioritize and fantasize "to uncover it, it's going to take a while". While I 'boogie and slide" through all the googles, blogs, posts, pages, comments, discussions, trainings, tasks, to-dos and new followings, please allow me to share Ringo Starr's most successful songs from his fantastic 1973 album RINGO. "Oh My My". without lyrics htt