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All The Coffee I Want

In October 2019, I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate (WA) while researching about coffee one Sunday evening. Instead of finding coffee, I found Nathaniell's website which shares insightful blogs about how he built his online business and brand.

Nathaniell wanted to be able to enjoy one more cup of coffee at home each morning instead of having to face a daily commute of traffic and struggle to get to an office. The agony of having to do that journey again, at the end of each day, made it even more agonizing.

His success opened my eyes to the possibilities of working online.

One year later, I have been able to build a solid foundation for my online businesses and create 8 streams of income, (so far).

Now, I have the luxury of enjoying as many cups of coffee in the comfort of my home/office, or anywhere else that pleases me, while I learn, earn and grow.

Ask And You Shall Receive

There is no way I could have achieved what I have in this past year without the support and guidance of WA and, everything that is available to us on this platform.

It is my intention to continue to invest with WA in our mutual growth and to support our WA Community as much as I can. This "home" now means the world (pun intended) to me.

I do not ask for much but, when I do, there is usually a compelling reason.

This past week, following the roll out of our WA platform upgrade and the introduction of Premium Plus+, I reached out and asked for a way to be able to afford this investment that I did not budget or plan for.

I stretched out my hand to Carson and Chrystopher for guidance and clarification on what this investment would do for my businesses and for me - personally and professionally. They have both been nothing short of inspiring and enabling.

The value of our WA Community support is priceless!

With the deepest gratitude to them both, I am ecstatic to share that I was able to invest in Premium Plus+ Yearly Membership until 2022.

Enhance Your Clients' UX

One of the current services that is very profitable for me is the management of websites for Clients.

Over the last 2 days, I have been able to re-work my strategy for this service and identify how it will support my consulting and lead my businesses forward.

I presented a proposal to an existing Client for the hosting of their domain and website, (thank you again, Chrystopher), which will include the provision of unlimited email accounts for their team and all the security and technical services that we enjoy at WA.

My proposal cut their current annual spend by 50%!

It was a no-brainer for them and provides me with the additional income I need to invest in upscaling my business services. They have also given me 2 new referrals for the same services.

I did not think about these expanded services until I started to explore the additional possibilities that Premium Plus+ now offers in my effort to justify investing in it.

Every opportunity offers the potential to change, grow and become stronger. It is up to you to look for the possibilities and use your courage and resilience to push forward towards what you want to achieve.

I was not going to invest in Premium Plus+ without the financial and strategic justification. It was not an expense that I had budgeted for and it was critical that I found a way to afford it.

Thankfully, I have been able to and will be expanding my services and growing my income almost immediately.

This is an insane opportunity that I am blessed to embrace.


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Recent Comments


Everything you write is oh so inspiring. You're unlike any introvert I have 'never' met. I guess because I tie introversion to my own personality and actions/inactions.

My story of being here isn't unlike your own. I searched for something (can't remember what right now) and ran across a WA post. I'll have to write about that on my blog later.

As a faithful servant, I understand that everything happens for a reason. I was wasting my life away before finding WA. I was playing online games and literally throwing away thousands of dollars on a "pay to win system," a system that actually got me no wins.

The result of that search brought me here where I have become RE-inspired to live out some old dusty dreams. I am here because this is where I am supposed to be at this very moment in my life.

I am learning so much more about myself, and I am learning more about this niche (introversion) that I have chosen to explore. Each conversation with you, each article I read, and each interaction with this community of beautiful people all serve as great life lessons.

Wow, Barry!
This is one inspiring comment. 🙂

Thank you, very much for your feedback.

Very quietly, I do believe that we introverts have a lot to offer the world.
We have our challenges in owning our introversion, in a world that seems to award and promote extraversion, noise and busyness.

We do everything differently BUT, when we own and harness the power within us and start to IMPLEMENT and DO, we become a power to reckon with.

A biased opinion, I know.

Thank you again, for your very kind and uplifting words.


Good morning Cassi,

I hope you're doing well, it looks like you are! Congratulations on all your achievements, it's always good to see people doing well.

I haven't upgraded to Premium plus yet, I'm still deciding! I haven't been around on Wealthy Affiliate quite so much lately, just due to the fact that I am focusing on several projects at the moment.

It looks like you see the benefits of premium plus. What are the biggest benefits for you, please?

Have a great day and well done.


Roy, my investment is primarily to grow my Web Hosting Services for my Clients.
I can now host 50 xxx.com websites.
With the Advanced Security and all that WA offers, it will be a VERY lucrative part of my business offering.

I am yet to explore Jaaxy but will do that soon.

In addition, the Expert Training and 1-on-1 support will get me closer to my objectives, faster.

Let me know what you decide.

It's awesome to watch your journey and see how you grow, Cassi. Obviously, the Universe has your back, everything you touch turns to gold, at least to me it seems so.
I don't see myself upgrading to premium plus but I'm also very excited about my journey and the entire year of 2020. I keep writing and creating videos and have a vision of my future in mind.
I'm thrilled to see what 2021 will be like!

Lenka, your support is DEEPLY appreciated.

I have reworked everything in my Business Plan to incorporate this opportunity.
After building a strong foundation in my 1st year, I intend to really, really maximise this opportunity.

Everything I need is right here and our WA Community is the wind beneath my wings and my cushion.
The support we give each other means the world to me.

Thank you.

Awesome, Cassi, but I see none of that potential for the cost. My passions and business plans are directed elsewhere! For you, it seems to be a good fit, for me, not so much. I don't use very much of anything I have right now because I am still creating the products I joined this platform to promote!

Best success to you in your new endeavor!


I fully understand, Jeff.

While looking at my Client's needs on Tuesday, (which was quite coincidental), the issue of their web hosting and email support for their employees came up.
I am already writing for their website and they are aware, (from my blogs), that I have invested in WA.

It was a lightbulb moment!

Their 2 Referrals may well come on board also and that would be thick icing on the cake. 🙂

I am happy it worked out this way otherwise, I would not have been able to justify the investment.


Again, the stars aligned, and best success to you in this grand endeavor, Cassi!


Hi Cassi,

Though Premium Plus may not be for everyone (myself included), you made a wise decision. It's a great investment in yourself and your businesses. It sounds like you’re on the right path, and well on your way to success.

I’m happy for you- you’re doing what’s best for you.

Great post worth reading- thanks for sharing!



You are very welcome, Eric.

It has given me an opportunity to scale and build my business faster and more robustly than I envisaged at this point.

Thank you for your support.

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