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DISCLAIMER:Please note that this is being shared for you to get a sense of what is possible in the online world. At my 20-month marker at Wealthy Affiliate (WA), there are still days when I wake up in sheer disbelief about what I have been able to accomplish.It is NOT intended to demotivate you but rather to keep you focused on YOUR goals and objectives and to keep you moving forward and pushing through.Success is imminent IF you make the necessary investment in yourself through education AND -
Yes. You read that right!Neil Patel's traffic dropped and his expectation is that it may drop some more after the July 2021 part 2 core update.Why should that bother you?Well, apart from being a dominant authority who the world listens to, he is a Content & Affiliate Marketer, like you and me. A slight drop in traffic for Neil is equal to thousands, if not millions, of dollars.He takes notice and so should you. We are building businesses after all, right?Just Give Searchers What They WantAs
Google is at it . . . again!Our friends at Google started to roll out their Broad Core Algorithm Update on 2 June 2021. It was supposed to only one core update but my understanding is that they could not get everything ready in time for June.So . . . lookout for another core update in July 2021. This is a VERY rare occurrence although not as rare as a Blue Moon which does not really look blue and may not necessarily be full.You May Not Notice A ChangeAccording to Danny Sullivan at Google, you m
What IS a Social Media Marketing Strategy?A Social Media Marketing Strategy is much more than just showing up with a few posts here, there and everywhere on the social media platforms. That hit-and-miss approach will not get you any meaningful results.Your social media strategy is built around 2 critical elements - knowing your audience and designing the appropriate content. If you get those things wrong, you are dead in the water from the get-go.Here are a few things you should know to help yo
Humans are emotional beings.Recently, I have been spending a lot of time working with human behaviour through my coaching interventions. I also observe the engagement that emotion attracts right here at Wealthy Affiliate (WA).For content to be compelling - to draw you in and keep you interested - you must appeal to our human senses, our emotions.Here are 4 ways to do that and an example of some of our WA members who use these emotions in their blog posts.1. HumourThere was a tie between Hugh an
What an amazing journey the past 18 months have been!It still feels like yesterday. The time starts to sink in as I review my progress this month to make sure that I am being true to my vision and mission.Getting to this juncture has not been easy and I do not expect it to get any easier for a while yet.While my efforts are always being redirected, my focus remains intensely connected to my horizon.From Ground-Zero to 5-Digit IncomeLike everyone here, I started at ground zero.Wealthy Affiliate
574 days since joining Wealthy Affiliate (WA), I have FINALLY completed Affiliate Bootcamp training!This was tough!Similarly to completing the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training, I took my time. Areas that I did not understand, I researched and learned from others.I do not plan to begin Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns until Q4 2021 or Q1 2022 but I have studied and internalised the training well.The most critical thing for me in the first half of 2021 was launching my YouTube (YT) C
Here's the thing: It is what you DO with what you have that makes the difference.One-third of 2021 is gone. Finished. Done. Kaput!You cannot get it back.Whatever you had planned to DO and did not, for whatever reason, now has to be thrown into the wish I had, wanted to but, should have done bucket.You choose which one.On 1st January 2021, we were all given 119 days.What did you do with yours?We All Have Challenges To FaceThis year is my make or break year for building my online business. I knew
Traffic!Most of us hate it. But, when it comes to online success and profitability, traffic should be one of your very best friends.After writing your blog posts and opening your doors for business, you WANT traffic And, the more, the much merrier you will be.Last Thursday, I took the plunge and launched my YouTube Channel, Cassi Of Troy.Much like finding Wealthy Affiliate (WA), I am now asking myself: "Why didn't you do this sooner?"Allow me to share some quick stats and a simple strategy.The
As many of you may know, I launched my YouTube Channel, Cassi Of Troy, on Thursday 22 April 2021.It took A LOT to push past my fears and just get it done. I must thank you for your support, encouragement and the confidence that you expressed in me. I may have done this alone but knowing that I have our Wealthy Affiliate (WA) community surrounding me, makes it all so much easier.Some Quick StatsJust a few quick stats to share as I kick off my week.Not bad, in my humble opinion, for a complete Ne