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The short answer is, you don't! To quote Estée Lauder:"No one ever became a success without taking chances.One must be able to recognize the moment and seize it without delay."Success, like life, is about taking risks. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.My Love Affair With PerfumeMy first perfume, as a teenager was Estée Lauder's, Youth Dew. Like many people, I was of the view that perfume was only worn when you had somewhere to go. But, Estée Lauder changed that for
The Caribbean Connection To Labour DayLabour Day (Sorry. Our Motherland is England.) is a United States federal holiday that is celebrated on the 1st Monday of September. That means today is Labour Day in the United States of America!For Americans, it is a day that recognizes the American labour movement and the many contributions that human labourers have made to the development and accomplishments of the land of the free and brave.For us Caribbean people though, it means Labour Day Jam, prefe
In my role as a Coach and Mentor, I spend many hours helping people learn how to simplify building a successful online business. Our business can be overwhelming when you are starting out and it is easy to fall into the traps of distraction and complexity.Here are 3 pointers that have helped me to stay focused and on track. Perhaps they may be of benefit to you as well.1. Stick With The Training - ONLYWealthy Affiliate (WA) offers immense value and opportunities to learn, get involved, share an
For the past four (4) months, I have been working on how to get your analytics heading in the right direction. As I have been sharing, I am now implementing my medium-term strategies which involve building out my MMO (Making Money Online) brand, Cassi Of Troy.In April 2021, Prince Partha started sharing his Potions. The timing was perfect for me as I was in the process of completing a website audit to determine how to prioritise the actions needed.I have been following his pieces of training an
What You Put In Is What You Get BackI want to share with you why being a Wealthy Affiliate (WA) Ambassador for 1 year means so much to me.Yes!1 year - 365 days - have passed with me not missing a beat as a WA Ambassador and I am truly, truly grateful for you and your support in achieving this milestone.Why?Well, simply put, I do believe that what you put into something is what you will get back. Better yet, if you invest your time, energy and efforts with a good heart, mind and intent then the
A Weekend of Self-EducationEvery year, I re-invest from my business earnings, in my self-education. This weekend, I am completing 30 hours of self-education immersion with Anthony Robbins and Dean Graziosi for the Mastermind World Summit 2021.It is nothing short of phenomenal!!This is not a sales pitch in any way but just a reminder to not neglect your own development and personal growth.Preparing to Coach An important aspect of my business construct is being a life-changing Coach to Solopreneu
Have you ever scrolled through blogs and wondered how to get FEATURED COMMENTS at Wealthy Affiliate?Well, if you have been following Prince Partha's Potions, then you will realise that, apart from getting more traffic and becoming a better blogger, you will get other benefits as well.Top 10 BlogsThat's me, making sure that I stay close to the Prince so that I do not miss anything.Thankfully, food is always available, so I was able to nibble on some cheese in the process.Featured CommentsSo back
If nothing else, Prince Partha's Potions' learning curves and growth have been very steep these past few days.I love learning but catching up took some effort.And just when I thought I had caught up, he published a threatening blog post today.Nothing beats a good Stilton with a bottle of Chianti but the Prince is pushing the limit here!The Return to Being HumanFinally!Maybe, it was the block of cheese that made him speechless. Whatever it was, I am very thankful because it gave validation to th
This may well be one of the shortest blog posts I have ever written in Wealthy Affiliate. If you have ever been over the moon tired and still hit a bullseye, you would understand.Turning Night Into DayIt is now 11:01 PM on Thursday 5 August 2021.Between Catherine's 'Do It or Ditch It' challenge and Prince Partha's Potions, I have been burning the midnight oil for a couple of weeks now.In addition, I am attending quite a few Premium Plus classes which play here at 8 PM.Today was a full-on day wi
How to use Time to Your Advantage at Wealthy Affiliate?Simply put, it is all about HABITS and not goals. You must have a plan, prioritise and keep distractions at bay. Learning to manage your time effectively is a skill that you should master just as you do with anything else. Time is not infinite but it is, by far, THE most abused resource that human beings have.Time Gives Me An AdvantageOne of the questions that I am asked the most in Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is "how did you do so much in such