Our Biggest Design Update Yet!

Last Update: Sep 16, 2022

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Hey Everyone,

It is an exciting week here at Wealthy Affiliate as there is a lot happening within the platform with regards to updates and refreshes to some of the most widely used areas by everyone!

As you read this post you are experience our new WA Blog interface and you're hopefully noticing the many significant updates to all aspects of the experience.

I'm going to get into the full details of this in just a moment, but first I want to talk about what went into this update.

In November 2020, almost two years ago we released a major update to the WA Platform with a refreshed dashboard and brand new overall look and feel to the members area. We rolled out a huge update (our biggest at the time to date).

Over the course of 2021 we refined the initial release of the new UX, and we began building the next phase of the release which included some far more integral parts of the system. For the past 12 months we've been working diligently to improve all elements of WA, but also working on the BIG update to the most widely used areas in WA that we've released today.

Today's update affected the following main areas:

  • Blogs
  • Questions
  • Profiles
  • Comments
  • Guest Experience (When not logged in)
  • Blog Editor
  • Dashboard
  • and many other key components within the platform

With the goal of creating higher user engagement and a better experience on both desktop and mobile devices, we went to work on 100's of redesigns of elements and components. From font styles and sizes, to button layouts and colors, navigation, speed, and usability.

We've redesigned these areas from the ground up and just released our biggest release in our 17 years. 10's of thousands of programming developer hours went into this update and we now have our most widely used areas of WA on our latest technology, newest servers, and running our new codebase.

So, What Exactly has Changed?

1 - Blogs & Questions:

  • Blogs are now displayed in a new design
  • Increased readability
  • Designed for all devices
  • 500%+ Faster page load times
  • Back to Dashboard feature (a favorite of mine)

As mentioned above, the blog experience has been completely overhauled. On desktop and mobile devices there is a new menu that allows for seamless movement between elements owned by a user.

For example, when viewing a blog post by Kyle, you'll see a left hand menu (desktop) or expandable menu (mobile) with links to his profile, blog roll (list of blogs), training and questions. Any page that you are on that is related to a fellow member, you'll see their profile box in the menu.

Additionally, the WA blog and Question design has come with significant performance improvements showing 500%-800% faster load times. Switching between pages in the new platform is incredibly fast on all devices. This allows for seamless switching between the WA Dashboard, Blogs, Questions, and Profiles.

There has always been an option to expand a Blog post right from the WA Dashboard, but it's good to focus on longer content by browsing directly to the actual blog page to see it in full. Plus, links from email notifications load blog post and question detail pages. This can be done from the WA Dashboard seamlessly now that we have a "Back to Dashboard" button!

This means that after you've consumed the content on the blog page, you can click "Back to Dashboard" and it'll take you right back to where you left off...even if you were 5, 10, 20 scrolls from the top. This is one of my favourite updates that makes navigating WA and consuming content far more seamless and natural. I look forward to hearing what you all think of this feature :)

2 - New Blog Editor

The new blog editor has come with some really cool new updates, and things that are really going to lead to some exciting future integrations and implementations.

Below is a look at the "Create a Post" component of the new dashboard blog creator. This has been completely redesigned from the ground up.

Some of the key updates include:

  • Brand New Editor
  • 1000% Faster to access
  • Improved Image Management
  • Works on All Devices
  • What's On Your Mind Card (Dashboard/Profile)

Central to everything at Wealthy Affiliate is creating content. We've created a brand new blog editor that we are really excited about. The new blog editor can be accessed in a number of ways.

  • From the WA Dashboard via our "What's on your Mind" Card
  • From the Quick Action menu.

What's On Your Mind Card

Quick Action Menu

There is also a brand new interface for adding cover images, and formatting your post.

It's been fully redesigned from the ground up and creating content in WA now works beautifully on all device screen sizes!

3 - Content Categories

  • Categories allow for organization and content association
  • When you'll need to tag
  • Future plans

When creating content at WA whether it be Classes (for our training Experts), WA Blog Posts, or Questions, central to organizing these is our new Category tagging system. We have future plans for content organization in WA and this starts with adding up to 5 categories each time you publish.

When creating a blog or question at the bottom before you publish you'll need to pick up to 5 categories. Choose categories that represent your content for the purpose of organization in future WA platform updates. Whether it's one category, or five, you choose what works best for your content.

You can type to refine the list, or browse through the list and click a category to add.

The categories are not entirely new as they have been used within the Classes platform for some time, but the ability to tag blogs and questions with these same categories is new to the blog and question publishing process here in WA!

And of course if you cannot decide on the perfect tag or if your content is about something completely different , just it with "Other"!

4 - Real-Time Comments

  • Updates happen in real time
  • See who's typing
  • Two-way conversation capability

A brand new comment platform was released in the Classes platform recently and we've brought this same platform over to blogs, questions and profiles. Already today in the conversations that I've been part of, I've seen new comments stream into questions and blog posts and I've been able to engage with that content without leaving the page. Communication has become more efficient with this update to the comment platform and I can't wait to see how this affects how we all use WA!

5 - Member Profiles

  • New Goals Section
  • New Comment Area
  • New Navigation Menu with links to Blog/Training/Questions

Everyone at WA has an entirely newly updated profile. From your about me section, to your images, to links to social media accounts and websites, to your network section. Members profiles are brand new from the ground up and offer us the platform that we can use to continue updating your space within WA.

Guest Experience & SEO

  • Speed
  • More SEO Friendly
  • Focus on Joining/Creating Accounts
  • Earn from your blog posts here at WA when they Rank
  • Improved Mobile Experience

Another significant update has been to the Guest Experience of Wealthy Affiliate. This is the experience for those who are not logged in.

When creating content in WA, it can rank in Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other major search engines. That content can attract SEO organic traffic and create referrals for you as the publisher.

Any content that is joined through without an affiliate sharing link will attribute the joining member to the owner of the content. While this is not new to WA, it's an added benefit of blogging and asking questions!

Guest Experience of a recent Blog Post by Kyle

The new guest experience is far faster and scores well with Google PageSpeed insights, it'll rank better, and ultimately attract more people to WA through the content that you publish. It was created with a mobile first approach and works well on all screen sizes.

Sharing Content in WA with your own friends, family, or on social media is greatly improved with this update! You can expect better engagement and increased referrals though shared content WA.

The guest experience also comes with brand new login and create account designs and finally includes the option to login with Google!

There's literally so many things that we've updated in WA and its going to pave the way for many future features that we've wanted to built into the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

With any huge update like this there are going to be some hiccups - we had a hiccup when releasing this morning due to a misconfiguration on one of the servers but it was quickly patched up and our metrics point to things running extremely well!

If you're still reading I apologize for the 1500 word post, it's longer than I expected but there was a lot that needed to be mentioned.

I'm going to turn this over to you now to get your feedback on this latest platform update made today.

So, what do you think?

Chat soon,


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Recent Comments


Featured Comment

It sure looks incredible. However, I just noticed the question replies on the main dashboard do not count the same as in the actual question on the page.

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this too!

But overall, it really looks great. Thank you for all you do, guys.

Edited: I also just noticed when I answered a comment, the other comment on the question disappeared. However, the question has 14 replies already.

Also right click option disabled on the questions (WA dashboard) for them to open in a new tab if required.

We lost the ability to add an image to a question; we were able to click the cogwheel and edit to add an image. Now, with the new format, we cannot.

(see images and please mind the caps within images)

Wealthy Affiliate is looking classy. How was the size of the script decided? I would have liked a 25% larger font size. Apart from that, I like it,

I may find things that were removed that I miss as I delve into the site further. The Blog editor looks great. When the content editor is rolled out I hope it goes a gad further in capabilities.

Thanks for all you do.



I agree, the font is still too small my end in the comments. I changed it to 16px in my browser & it looks way nicer - similar size to Reddit & other sites I use. 14px is a little hard to see.

Hi Dale,

Did you change the font size in your browser preference? I increased the font size in my browser but it made no difference. Normally I increase the font size using the zoom feature. But there must be a better way.



I noticed that the fonts in the left menu margin and the live chat have become huge. But the fonts in the middle section are still small. Are you experiencing this too Dale?


I just did it in inspector, it's not a permanent change, just wanted to see what it looked like.

And yup, they're not huge on my end but they're larger than the font on comments.

Hi Dale,

I adjusted my fonts on Google Preference to return to their original. I want to wait and see if WA makes any changes and don't want to misinterpret what I see.

All of this is minor to what I expect will be the start of several updates to come.



Hi Edwin,

We moved from 12px font in the old comment system to 14px font in the new system. There is no "Default" that sites use, but Facebook and Instagram use similar sizes to 14px for comment text.

Hi Carson,

Sad to say I can't notice this increase. When I copied and pasted the text from this comments section into Google Docs, it came out as 10.5.

This is only a minor issue for me compared to all the positive things done.. If I have to, I can always use the preferences to zoom up.



Has site content area got any bigger to write on because it was always too tiny and waiting for that change - so far finding things harder and being forced to read more bloat [typical internet trend] with a widget panel on the right instead of letting me get straight to writing a blog which is what I came on to do

Hey Mary, SiteContent is next up for a big refresh :) It was not updated this week though. A focus on writing is the KEY with SiteContent as we want to maintain the slogan "Just Write".

Some of the functionalities you removed are really going to be missed!

I can no longer see who I am following and who I am not following on individual comments. That's going to make it almost impossible for me to find new people to follow, as I don't have time to click through on each member to see their profile. I will now only maybe follow back people who follow me. I'm following close to 5k people; I can't remember them all, and I don't have time to check each person to see if I am already following them or not.

I miss not seeing who is in the Top 50 or Top 100 or Top 200. It was a symbol of credibility when I answered a question ("you must know stuff to be ranked that high"). Now people who have been in the industry for 15 minutes have the same amount of credibility as the ones who have been actively involved in WA for 5 years (like me!). Only having it in my profile is a waste of time, as few people will take the time to look. Why work to stay in the Top 100 when few will see it?

Yeah, the design is cleaner and nicely attractive, but deleting these functionalities gives me a lot fewer reasons to come to WA each day.

Sorry, but that's what I see.


I can still see them on the home page. Your names are glowing wonderously in the evening light. Lol.
But yep, they are still there.

Hi Jeannine,

We are considering re-added as I too miss it within the comment areas. It was removed to simplify the UX but it's certainly nice to see those that you are not yet following so that you can follow them as they leave comments throughout the system.

In regards to the rank labels, Ambassadors all have labels next to their usernames in the comment area, and we have plans to use other metrics to label and get the best answers the most exposure.

Some great feedback and we're collecting all kinds of notes like this that will help us with the next round of updates.


Hi Jeannine,

When I click my rank tab on the left margin the list of the top 200 does appear. Perhaps I misunderstood what you meant when you said you couldn't see who is in the top 200.



I can't see them when I scroll through the comments on a post. They have been completely removed.

The home page is a nightmare. There are so many sub-sections that are highlighting "top performers" that you have to scroll and scroll and scroll to see any actual posts and comments. I don't have time for that and most of the special sections aren't anything I'm interested in.

Best answers don't really matter to me. It's fine to occasionally be the Best Comment, but more often than not, that designation belongs to Kyle. I already follow the Ambassadors (at least I did when I could see if I was following someone or not), so I don't care about that either. Just because a bunch of people like a comment doesn't really mean it's the best answer either. Remember herd mentality! Losing the rank labels was a bad choice.

What are you seeing? I just clicked on someone who I knew was ranked via the home page; there was no designation on the home page though he is ranked #70. Are you seeing anything else other than Ambassador???

Yes, in the comment section of WA the labels that are displayed are for Ambassadors only at this time, we're considering the other labels.

I sincerely hope so, thanks!

It looked the same, I saw rank etc. Will look again. You got me worried now. I am of your opinion, it is great for future WA denizens to see the ranking of those that introduced them. It looks good. Obviously you have seen Carson’s reply.

Who's rank did you see and where did you see it?

Me, and on the home page. Currently on iPad so may display different, but all information is there. I can see others as well. I would send you an image, but it seems my images that I can send are limited and I have gone over the allowed limit..hmm.

Thank you, Carson. This is all very exciting. I especially like what you described as "guest experience and SEO". I remembered reading once that WA blogs were SEO'd just like any other blog, and I try to keep that in mind when writing one here, but I hadn't heard anything about it lately. To hear also that it is an improved feature is encouraging, a great affirmation.

What do you mean by "earn from your blog posts"?

Thank you for all you do. I am so happy to be here and be a part of Wealthy Affiliate's community and future.

Hi Donna, I think what Carson means is you can potentially get your WA blog posts ranked on Google and the others (using keyword research). Then when people find your post via the search engines and subsequently sign up for pro, you get paid :-)

Thank you for that answer, Robert. Now it makes sense.

That's exactly what I meant Rohan, thanks for chiming in to clarify for @deelilah :)

The layout explained, with images helps, Carson!
After examining the new changes via the desktop view, I can see how the mobile view is set up. To try to add everything seen here into a one-column layout requires the use of drop menus.

Question, though, about the right column widgets that appear at the end of the blog (Affiliate Boot camp, specifically).

Is there an affiliate link attached to that, and if so, who is credited, the blog writer?



Really loving the updates. Especially the speed and back to dashboard features.

As a screen reader user this update has improved accessibility for me massively.

It would be good to have at some point the option for alt text on images in WA blog editor.

Thank you so much for all the hard work the WA team have put in behind the scenes to make this happen.

It's great to be a part of this brilliant inclusive community.


Carson this is the best thing that could happen! I love, love, LOVE the new content page. It's BIG and it was my number one complaint to work in such a small writing area before.
This is beautiful and far beyond what I expected in this change. It is now streets ahead of what it was.

I have not seen all the changes yet but I went to content first, I was so excited.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to us.

Definitely faster, and after hovering around on this blog post for a few minutes I finally just got to see the "live comments". That's pretty neat.

Would be cool when a live comment comes in if it's highlighted for a second then the highlight quickly fades. Seen this happen on a few other sites and it makes it feel even "live-r" lol.

Also the profile username/photo at the beginning of the blog post not being linked caught me out. Not really a big deal though.

Those suggestions aside, it definitely feels MUCH better as an end-user. Way more interactive & less tedious to navigate. I feel I can already see greatly improved interaction just from looking around.

Update: now using mobile, username/profile photo definitely needs linking on blogs as it solidly caught me out there & it feels a bit more tedious having to go through the drop down each time.

Names are linked, profile images are not. I agree though and this has been a qualm of mine for some time, we will get profile images linked. ;)

Neither are linked on my end :(

We'll get this updated for sure - thanks for the report Dale! Anything else you find, just let us know because it's really helpful and our team is fully engaged with getting these things all sorted out :)

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