No, Not Goodbye

Last Update: May 17, 2017

I have been struggling to balance my new job, my website, my farm, and all my animals, and have just been gifted more animals, I like to rescue. But I will have to find other homes for them for the time being. It's just become too much for one person to keep up with. I'm exhausted. So, It's not goodbye, per se, it's just see you a little later when I can get things under control and myself back on a schedule, I haven't even been able to write more than one to two posts a month and I'm just too tired to put my all into it, I will still be on every so often to help, because my membership doesn't actually expire until the 12th of June so I will still see you all around and thank you for your support. And remember to learn at least one new thing a day and you will succeed. Best Wishes for now. :)

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CarmenJS Premium
Thank you all for the support, it really does make it easier to get my mind on what I need to get done right now, so many things came up all at once, and I had 2 deaths in the family in the last 2 months along with everything else, so I will get back on track and I truly thank you all for the kind words.
Best Wishes to you all
PeterVX Premium
Carmen, I wish you all the best with finding new homes for your animals.
KYMDAWN01 Premium
I wish you all the best until your return.. :-)
accad Premium
That is life, you are not the only one who needs it, others need it too. If we cannot cut ourselves into halves to attain to things at the same time, we only prioritize.
MKearns Premium
Hope to see you back soon!
Happy12 Premium
I understand it is a challenge to do everything. Best wishes to you! : )
Marlene2 Premium
I understand you perfectly. All the best and God bless you.
Mo1786 Premium
All the best Carmen and truly understand your position to focus on your primary job, besides our body has a right over us . I too grew up on a farm and thus aware of the consistent commitment that is required to keep the 'Windmill turning'. It will be sad though as I just joined WA and after just saying 'Hi it's now Bye'.We await your return to WA. Stay strong and come back 'Farm Fresh'.
HarveyBrown Premium
All the best Carmen
AlexEvans Premium
Best wishes to you Carmen, we all of us lead busy lives these days, sometimes we all have to take stock and do what is right for us. WA will still be here should you decide that the time is right.
drcmaint Premium
Hang tough, and good luck.
jtaienao Premium
Totally understandable Carmen. Priorities are priorities and we mustn't neglect them. It surely sounds like you have a handful. Take your break and take care of things. WA will always be here for you when you manage to have more time on hand. Good luck to you moving forward.
botipton Premium
In my world the critters come first. We just downsized our farm in December for the same reason that you have. I completely understand why you are doing this. The farm had got to be to much as I got older. Besides downsizing gives me more time to aggravate people on Wealthy Affiliate.

It is good that you are following your heart and taking time to get things under control. We will see you when you come back
Pernilla Premium
Carmen, thanks for telling us why you are going to step back from WA at the moment. I think it is sad when a WA member just disappears - I'm always wondering if he or she are alright.

Take care, enjoy your animals and your farm.
Hope to see you here at WA again.
Kyle Premium
You have to do what makes the most sense for you and your situation Carmen. We are not going anywhere, nor is the Internet so whenever you are in the mind space to do this, we would love to have you back.

All the best!
Blackiecharm Premium
Hey Carmen

It's good that you realise that there's only so much a person can do. Good luck to you and hope to hear from you in a while

markr0675 Premium
I hope things work oit soon for you. Keep positive thoughts and things will work out. They always do.
We'll see you soon I hope.

Take care for now.

DaveSw Premium
I wish the best for you and hope things settle down. I do understand how things can start getting to be a bit much...

A little pause may be just the ticket to refresh yourself and be ready to come back ready to hit it again...

Whichever, I do hope that you find some equilibrium that will allow more peace and happiness (and no stress) in your life!

Dave : )
HowardFR Premium
Good luck to you Carmen.
kasage00 Premium
I hope all goes well!
CarmenJS Premium
Thank you Karin, I just need to focus on my farm and my animals and my job, it's alot to care for.
Best Wishes to you
kasage00 Premium
I can imagine, that would take time and work.