What's Your Work-At-Home Style?

Last Update: Oct 22, 2014



It's something many work-at-home folks may not think too much about. And, no, I don't mean that you have to have jeans with someone's name scrawled across your butt.

Coming From The Corporate World

I worked in the corporate world for quite some time and I taught. Keep in mind this was a long time ago when you were expected to dress.

When I first came home to work, in 1993, I was thrilled! No more playing dress-up and slapping on Mommy's makeup every single day. I could just be me. Wrong-O! My productivity shrank to less than zero!

After about two days of feeling totally useless, I decided to get out of my pajamas and go look for another job. I had failed! I got dressed up, sat down at my computer to do something quick and. . . BINGO, BANGO, BOINGO. . . I was working and at a really good clip, too!

Realizing That I Had Certain Expectations Of Myself

One of those expectations, apparently, was that I needed to get dressed to "go to work." Having my hair done and full makeup on helped a lot, too. I simply could not work in my pjs!!!

This may have something to do with me being raised by a mother who gave you a whopping 10 minutes to get out of your school clothes and into play clothes after school or face the wrath of the wooden spoon!

Fast Forward To Today

Do I still put on a business suit, do my hair and put on makeup? Yes and no. I still can't work in pjs. So I get dressed. It may only be a tee shirt and jeans nowadays, but it's dressed. I still prefer my hair done and my makeup on, but it's no longer absolutely necessary.

I can work in my slippers! But I have to have socks on with them or it doesn't count. LOL

Your Turn

What's YOUR work-at-home style? Can you do the PJ thing or do you like to be dressed a certain way? How do you work best?

Recent Comments


Great question Carla, when I worked for a "real" company, but from home, I did always dress up the same as if I was at the office. It put me in the right mindset for working.

Now, that I am working online, I don't do that so much anymore because, if I wake up at 5:30, I start working, and I ain't gonna dress up then. And, often I will work late at night, and I ain't gonna dress up then either. So now, it's a different kind of mindset.

That's what works for you, Ruth, so it's right. If I'm up very late, then I'm usually in pjs, but don't get near as much done. I tend to save easier things or maybe answering emails for late at night or super early morning.

Hi Carla, very interesting topic and great post. Personally I can work in either my street clothes or pajamas.

Oh, I envy you! I would love to work in pajamas!

it is absolutely true that we need the right mindset to perform.
the way you dress is undeniably a big part of your mindset.
for me here in the tropics, shorts and a T-shirt are fine for at home.
shoes and/or slippers remain at the door. (something to do with bugs)
so yeah i'm without those or socks...
but i always make sure that i can open the door to anyone anytime.

You nailed it there, that it's a big part of your mindset and it has to be climate-appropriate, too. I can do shorts and tee shirts on really hot days in summer, but I prefer a pair of lightweight slacks and a short-sleeve blouse. Just a little more formal. I figure in another 21 years, I'll be able to finally do those pjs!

Ok LOL! I have to tell you that I work best in my Pjs. Or well not really Pjs, but my sleepwear. I just want to feel free and no limitations that I feel jeans give to me. I'm no fan of make up or other girly stuff and there's a underlying reason to this. Long story and I think I'll blog about it after I've been with WA for three months.

I have my tomboy moments, Muriel, but I'm basically a girly-girl. . . or glittery old lady. Take your pick. LOL Glad you can work in sleepwear. That's one of my goals, but I think too many decades of dressing for work will never allow it.

Well with me it goes wayy beyond "tomboy" moments Carla. I think it's best when I write a blog about this in the future. Then all WA members know.

My routine from working outside my home to working at home hasn't changed. Maybe the hours at times, but I'm showered and dressed, even at 3 AM. Working on my laptop has allowed me a change of scenery. I love working on my patio or any other place in the house. I've even gone to a local coffee shop and worked there. I love the freedom.

Me, too, Sharon. Like you, I'm dressed. I so wish I could work in PJs. I used to do a podcast with a friend years ago. She called herself the "PJ DJ" and could go like crazy and never get dressed. I had to be dressed on the other end of the phone or it was disaster. LOL

I don't use make-up at all, and I work best in leisurewear, with a pair of terrible woman unfriendly Uggs on my feet :)

Uggs aren't comfy for me, but I know many who love them! If I'm not in slippers, I wear Skechers GoWalks or my New Balance athletic shoes.

I love that lady. This is what I look like when I work....no, just kidding. Makeup lasts me forever because I wear very little and most days none. Scary I know..... I'm not productive in my jammies though.

Chalk up one more for the dressing up cause! Glad to hear it, Debbi. I think I look like her, too, when I wake up. . . minus the ceegar, that is. LOL

They say only 2% of people can work on their own. It's a gift.
PJ's to me would be getting all dressed up. ;^)

LOL, Phil!

I really like this! When I was working in the Salon for someone else we were taught when you look good, you feel good and you will do good. I still believe this is true with working at home. I still get myself ready even though I am working from home but it keeps me motivated. I also look good opening the door for the UPS guy. LOL

I believe that, too. Our UPS guy is used to me, so it's okay. LOL

I find that I often do my best work at home if I try to mimc my old work routine as a nurse. I will even go as far to put on scrubs if I'm having a particularly unproductive day.

Aha! Thanks for confirming, Tony, that I am NOT the only one! I applaud your choice of profession. I had a long bout with a lot of things and nurses saved my life more times than the docs did.

Thank you for your appreciation. I loved my profession until it turned into more concern for lawsuit prevention than patient care.

Another confirmation here. Annoyed to realize I have to be showered and dressed, house tidied up and rubbish put out, etc., then I am ready for action and much more productive. So Mondays - Fridays, alarm is set as usual, and I am dressed at my desk by 8.30 am or earlier. Footwear is comfortable, though (but not slippers). Hats off to nurses! (sorry, no reference to yours, Carla.............)

That's awesome ;)

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