Wealthy Affiliate, Ecuador, and Manta Rays, what do they have in common?.Us!

Last Update: June 22, 2018

We all have different dreams of what we want to achieve in life.

Our dream was to live in a beautiful place whilst working in a field we enjoyed and which would give us the financial flexibility to pursue our passion and, at the same time, be able to help others.

Living in Ecuador

After living and working in many parts of the world (Belize, Palau, Hawaii, Saipan and St. Lucia to name a few), we now find ourselves living in the beautiful city of Manta, Ecuador.

Serendipity led us here and we know that, after all our travels, we have finally found our home.

The countryside is gorgeous, the climate is fantastic (year round temperature varies between 70 and 85 degrees) but what really makes it for us are the people, who are amongst the friendliest and most welcoming we have ever encountered.

Of course, this is not everyone’s idea of paradise, but it’s ours.

Our Passion....Scuba Diving

Even though we worked as scuba instructors (and believe us, it is very hard work!) for many years, diving is still our greatest passion. For us, nothing compares with that first moment that you descend below the surface. Our breathing slows down, our bodies relax and our hearts and minds open to the wonders of the underwater world. We enjoy everything we witness from the tiniest critters to the magnificent Manta Rays that are visiting our part of the coast right now.

The Pacific Ocean is right at our doorstep and this affords us the opportunity to feed our passion whenever we choose.

Unfortunately, we are not retired and, to continue to enjoy our current lifestyle, we still need an income.

Enter, Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate

From the moment we discovered the Wealthy Affiliate program, we realized we had found that missing component which would allow us to remain in Ecuador, enjoy our passion, and have the opportunity to help others.

We joined Wealthy Affiliate in April of this year and became Premium members almost immediately. We are now progressing steadily through the Certification Course. The most constant advice that we are seeing from other members is to stick with the training and do things in the correct sequence. We believe this is absolutely the best way to achieve success.

Most people have preconceived fears and doubts when starting anything new whether it be learning how to scuba dive or embarking on a new career in Affiliate Marketing. If you have a solid training program to follow and the right support and encouragement, you will achieve success, whether that is your first dive as a Certified Diver, or that first check from Amazon!

Because of the quality of the training here, the many tools that are available to us and the incredible support from other members, we feel confident that we will succeed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and, whatever they may be, may all your dreams come true!

Your friends in Ecuador,

Colette and Philip

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RobertDoyle Premium
Nice post. I would love to see Equador. I lived in Belize for a time. How is the humidity in Equador? Wow was it humid in Belize! Esp. during rainy season. The equator really makes it a nice temp. year round. I am sure your expenses are much less there than in many places such as the U.S. Are they? I think your decision is a good one as long as you are safe and have friends there.
CandP Premium
Thanks so much for reading, Robert! We are following you now as we see from your bio that you are a kindred spirit. You are so right, people are people everywhere and we all have the same desires and needs, just a few cultural differences that make things interesting.
We lived in Belize as well, St. George's Caye, where we managed a dive lodge. Many moons ago....the diving in Belize is spectacular.
Yes, expenses here are less and medical care is excellent as well as being so much cheaper. There are lots of expats living down here from all over the world.
Ecuador is totally safe (there are of course bad areas in the big cities, like anywhere else). We really feel welcome here.
Thanks again for your comments and we wish you every success!
Colette and Philip
RobertDoyle Premium
No problem. Enjoyed reading it. Thank you as well for your thoughtful reply. Great to hear good things about Equador. Maybe one day I will get down there--if I can make enough money here! :)
NicoleO2 Premium Plus
Love. Love. Love. You both are living a version of my dream. I will be diligently plugging away at my training and hope to have a steady income soon. Then I hope to spend time living in various areas. I am not crazy and realize my soon is not the same as many others' soon. I know it will take awhile and am prepared to go the course but I keep soon in my heart, so I know it is within reach.
CandP Premium
Oh thanks, Nicole! Everything takes time and we are also working diligently to become successful through WA. Let's go on this journey together and see where it takes us!
Wishing you every happiness and success,
Your friends,
C and P
onmyownterms Premium
Wow, that sounds like my idea of paradise as well. That is the perfect 'Mel operating temperature.' I hope I'm able to visit Ecuador someday, it sounds amazing.
CandP Premium
Thank you so much for your comment Mel.
If you ever get the chance to come here, your friends are here waiting to show you around.
ThimGraFort Premium
Hey PPepperell,
How I wish I could visit the aquatic world with you one day!
However, I'm happy to be connected with you now.
I wish you all the best here at WA!
God bless you.

Boaz Ethan
CandP Premium
Boaz, we thank you so much for reading our post today.
The wonderful thing is, is that anyone can learn to dive at any age.
We need WA to be able to continue and hopefully, share it with others. Maybe one day, you will get a chance to see the miracle that is the underwater world.
Follow your dreams, friend.
Colette and Philip
ThimGraFort Premium
Thank you Collette & Philip?
I earnestly desire to see that miracle happenning to me very soon so that I could appreciate God some more for His wonderous deeds!
Thank you once again!

Pastor Boaz Ethan
Trujunco Premium
As your story unfolds, I learn to respect the opportunity Wealthy Affiliate provides for people in their personal freedoms

Thanks for the view of the ocean and your happy faces while
enjoying your passion. I look forward to a day when I can share in that experience as it appears to be an amazing adventure.

Best wishes for an awesome Week ahead...Enjoy

Kind regards David
CandP Premium
David, thank you for commenting. Yes, you can see how much we enjoy diving. One can learn at any stage of their lives, which is one of the things we love about it.
We hope some day you will give it a try.
Best of luck to you on your journey with us at WA.
Colette and Philip