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It's gone midnight and you've been working for hours on the best post you have ever written. You have added your media, done your spell check and are ready to publish. Experiencing a mix of trepidation and excitement you hit the 'Publish" button and........nothing happens.You know there is likely a simple explanation and, in the deep recesses of your memory you recall this might have been the subject of a post, or maybe covered in a simple Q&A. But it's late and you are tired, and probably
We all have different dreams of what we want to achieve in life. Our dream was to live in a beautiful place whilst working in a field we enjoyed and which would give us the financial flexibility to pursue our passion and, at the same time, be able to help others. Living in EcuadorAfter living and working in many parts of the world (Belize, Palau, Hawaii, Saipan and St. Lucia to name a few), we now find ourselves living in the beautiful city of Manta, Ecuador. Serendipity led us here and we kn